#575 | Tuesday, December 25th, 2001
I remember that morning I had to work at the college I attend (Durham College, in Oshawa, Ontario). I arrived just before 9am as I started at 9, and commenced my duties at the computer help desk. It was probably around 9:15 that I heard from one of the co-workers of the attacks on the WTC, and then a few minutes later she said that the second building was struck. At first, I thought she was kidding, and I wanted to ask her again, what really happened. I only thought this as it didn't seem real for something of this magnitude to happen. However, it was unfortunately true, and when I tried to visit any news sites, they were all down due to the amount of traffic on the net from others searching about the same thing. I had class at 10, and a bit later in the day I was informed by others that both of the buildings collapsed.
Mariusz (Matt) S. Cybulsk | 24 | Canada

#576 | Wednesday, December 26th, 2001
Hi all,
I was at Stonybrook Hospital on Long Island, NY. Our baby Isabella was born 8 hours , almost to the minute, before the attacks at the WTC. When I first heard about it from my sister, who called to ask about the birth, etc..., I thought she had lost her mind. My wife Lisa and I had been living in the West Village, about a half mile from the WTC only two years before.
Needless to say, it was a terribly confusing day with part of me completely happy and another part horrified.
In many ways, I still can't believe it although I am writing this on 12/26/01.

Nelson,Lisa and Isabella
Nelson Sacristan | 41 | New York

#577 | Wednesday, December 26th, 2001
This act of terrorism is like a story that happen to my father you see my grandmother heard of the bombing of pearl harbor and got upset, she immediatly went into labor and gave birth to my father. I hear her story every now and again and it makes me cry. On 9/11/01 I was working for a construction company surveying on a construction site in Central Illinois. I was at the corner of (Ironically) Wall street and U.S. 51 in Macon Illinois. Setting up a total station, surveying the intersection when a mechanic came by and said that the world was going to hell. I was wondering what he was talking about when he told us that a Jet had crashed into the WTC. I didn't know the full spectrum of what was going on. we kind of took a break to listen to the radio. Just then the second plane hit the building. They immediatly talked about terrorism. About fifteen minutes later we went into the gas station there was only one in town, to get a cup coffee and see what was happening. On the way there we noticed that a jet was making a 180 degree turn apparently going back to St. Louis. we decided to go back to the work trailor and see the T.V.. When we got there our project manager was telling us the whole story and then it happened. The building that was hit second began to collapse. My heart sank with it. I have never had such a feeling of heartbreak in my life. I started to cry and all I wanted to do was drive to NY and help in any way I could. All I seen was people running from the buildings and trying to get out of the area. I will always see the picture of the plane hitting the building in my mind. It was then that I thought Of my Fiance' I told my cooworker that I couldn't concentrate and I had to get to my fiance' and tell her and hold her. he said go. And I did. The next few weeks the nation came together in a way I don't think any other nation can. I pray everyday for the people in those buildings and the others that were killed that day. On 9/12 we drove to another site and for the first time in a long time I REALLY noticed the sunrise I see it nearly everyday in this line of work but never really noticed it. And I cried just about all the way there. My heart just felt comatose. I caught myself looking the whole day and not seeing a airplane. You see you take it for granted when sometimes you look up and see a jet trail in the sky. But I didn't see one until they let them fly again some days later. Well that's my story about what happened that day and I will tell my children and my grandchildren someday about that day. And tell them how my heart broke. And not to ever take something for granted especially your freedom. I suppose that one day I will forget many of the details. but on the other hand I hope I never will. They not only killed thousands of people. They made a country come alive again with the spirit of humanity and patriotism. Thank your for this site and letting me tell someone else my story. Clint A Hymes
Clint A. Hymes | 31 | Illinois

#578 | Thursday, December 27th, 2001
In this world.. with so many worries everday...
War and hatred among us... our only hopes to pray...
Jesus lift us up... keep us strong throughout the fight..
Bless us with your love.. and guide us with your light...

Strengthen us and help us to be humble in our lives..
Teach us to be men and lead our children and our wives...
Lord.. when we are weak... comfort us and give us rest...
Teach us to be brave... help us to not regress....

Shine upon our soldiers who are fighting for our beliefs..
Help us not pass judgement... let us not be naive...
Mark our path to victory with the lights to heaven's gates..
Justify our actions with the hand of our lords grace...

Lord please make it swift... let the fighting cease tonight..
Send your Angels lord... guard the children.. ease their fright..
Blessed be the king... Lord of Lords.. Host of Hosts....
Shine upon the earth... mercy on evil men who boast....
anoymous | 25 | Oklahoma

#579 | Friday, December 28th, 2001
On September the 11th of 2001, I was just waking up with it being around 7 AM here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I didn't know about anything and I was very tired that day like usual though. I was my normal self, not wanting to go to school. I was waiting for a little girl to come over so we could get on the bus together she is in Kindergarten and I am in 9th but our schools connect. Well about 10-15 minutes before she was to come over, my mom gets a phone call from my step-dad who gets to work at 6:00 AM telling her to turn on the TV and told her everything else. I didn't have a clue what was going on cause I was still waking up while laying on the couch being half awake. Mom turns on the TV with her hands over her mouth and I didn't really know what the World Trade Center's were so when my mom said that they had been blown up I was like "wow", just in awe. After listening to the TV, Emily, the little girl coming over was on her way and we turned off the TV so she didn't have to see until her parents told her, herself if they hadn't already. While we were waiting for the bus, my mom asks me if I wanted to go to school, myself trying to hold back the tears for seeing the images, I said "No, not today" So I put Emily on the bus and went back inside. A little later, while my mom went back to work, even though I told her she shouldn't go cause all I would do is worry since she works at the Federal Building here, but she went. My Grandma came to pick me up, she lives out on the local Army base here so we had to take the long way since they were blocking everything off already. We got to her house and I turned on the TV, she has a satellite and every single channel was tunned in on CNN updates. It was the saddest thing, seeing the images of people jumping out of the buildings, the dust and the pain just in everyones faces. That's my day on September 11th and I just pray when I have kids that they will never have those images in there heads because of the pain it causes even when your not that close to where it all happened.
Amanda | 15 | Alaska

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