#808 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I was in school when all this was happening. I am a intern with the attendance officer at my school, so I hang out in his room for a period a day, helping out with the attendance and whatnot. He left the room, like he usually does a couple times, and I just sat back and watched the office. 5 minutes later he came running in and said "a plane just hit the world trade center!" I didn't think anything at first, because I couldn't. But I honestly thought it was a little private jet or whatever. We tried to log on to the internet but there was very little info to get. So he left the room again to find out more information. Again, he came bombing in 5 minutes later and said "they just hit the pentagon!" From that moment on, my day was changed. The principal made an annoucement over the P.A. stating NY was under attack but not to panic. From then on out, the school was in shock and disbelief. A day I will never ever forget.
Tim Osgood | 17 | Massachusetts

#763 | Friday, February 15th 2002
I was sitting in statistics class when my teacher turned on the TV. It was 5 minutes before the end of class, and she doesn't usually do that, so we were all wondering why. Suddenly images of smoke and fire filled the screen, and I read on the bottom of the TV that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. At first, I thought... "There's no way this was intentional. Someone had to be drunk, it's an accident."

Then came second period, where we watched the news and found out that it was no accident. Someone had attacked us.

Luckily, I didn't lose anyone in the tragedies, but they still hit too close to home, and I hope that nothing like this happens again. It's a little interesting to be able to live through history, but I wish I didn't have to.

Stephanie | 17 | South Carolina

#762 | Friday, February 15th 2002
I was in my 3rd period class at Riverside Military Academy. My friend from Echo CO. came over and told me that the towers were hit, my art teacher brought in a tv and soon after another class poured in, the photography class. We surrounded the screen. By this time both towers have been hit, and the Pentagon was about to be. We were astonished, thinking we were the strongest country, invulnerable, and now this. I called my grandparents because my uncle works for the US Government at a military installation, and travels to the Pentagon occasionally. He was okay, but I was still troubled. In the end, every cadet there who saw what we saw was ready to join up. The patriotism shown even in the cadets shady about being there was astonishing, it brought alot of people together. God bless those who lost their lives, and those who gave their lives that others may live.
C/PFC Ben Rosser | 17 | Georgia

#750 | Sunday, February 10th 2002
well i was 16 when it happened but i can remember it like it was yesterday
september 11th was a nice shiny morning in israel i went to school and we talked about how the wepon companies are controaling the world in economy lesson when i came back from school i was home alone and in few houres i had to go to collect groceres for the poor for roash hashana and go to my cosen's weding in the eavning i started makeing some phones to see how can come with me to collect the grocerees in the super market and i scatualed with someone there leater i called my frined and i started talking with her it was 15:48 or so and she ask me if i know what happened in new york i opened the tv and shooked and to minuts leater the second plaen hit the wtc 10 minuts leater i had to go and when i got to the super i heard the towers collepsed and about the other planes i found out with my cell phone and we also heared from another cosen that was in new york that she is fine when i came home i didnt want to go to the weding but my mom convinsed me so i went but i was very sad.

Ram Sitton | 17 | Israel

#742 | Friday, February 8th 2002
I was sat in a history lesson. Well, actually, someone I know said before the lesson "A plane has been flown into the Twin Towers". I didnt believe him. When I got to the lesson, I found out it was true. We spent that lesson gathered round the computer, with the BBC online website up..all of us in shock, all of us scared beyond belief. The media coverage was so distressing, so horrendous, but it hit home in all of our hearts. The sight that will live with me forever is a picture, of the 1st tower, with people jumping out of it. Inevitable death, but they were so utterly terrified, that they were prepared to do anything to get away.

Forever in our hearts.

Hannah | 17 | United Kingdom

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