#945 | Monday, March 11th 2002
That morning I was in gym class and afterwards we went to the commons area of our school where the TV was turned to CNN and just as we got there the second plane hit. It changed me a lot when I saw that.
Since then i have been more patriotic and kinder to others. There is a place in my heart for those lost in that horrific event and I will never forget it.

Justin Booth | 17 | Illinois

#847 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was already through a good part of my school day on September 11, when, just after walking into my third-period classroom, my friend Daniel walks in and says that a plane has hit the World Trade Center. At this point, I'm thinking it's most likely a small private plane or at worst a Leer jet. Being the news addict that I am, I turned on the televison and switched over to Fox News. I will never forget that first image I saw there- not one, but two WTC towers pouring black smoke from their tops. Everyone simply froze, even the freshmen, as we watched the scene unfold. That morning it seemed like the sky truly was falling in all the confusion. First the towers, then the Pentagon, then the crash in PA, not to mention the many other rumors that spread like wildfire. It was...surreal. At the end of third period, just as the bell rang, I had glanced away for a moment, heard a collective scream, looked back up...and there appeared to be only one tower standing. This, to me, was incomprehensible. I truly believed that this was the beginning of the end.

It was a bright, warm day, and in between classes, there were men and women of all ages crying. Those who weren't crying simply didn't speak, and hurried quickly to their next classes where they could continue to monitor the horrid events.

My fourth period class was acting. I flung the back door of the theatre open and rushed inside, to see a small semicircle of peers watching a TV mounted on the wall by the stage. Details poured in: all airports are shut down, all railways are shut down, stock market has been closed indefinately, both the president and the vice president are in a constant state of motion in an attempt to thwart any assassination plans.

The rest of the day was spent just as most others spent it: glued to the television. Curiously, the scene that brought to me the most distress, the most sheer outrage, was that of President Bush, reading a children's book to a group of elementary school students, being informed of the second impact. The contrast there, the everything that changed within that one minute...that was an image that I had (and continue to have) a difficult time dealing with.

Ryan Vance | 17 | Georgia

#843 | Saturday, March 9th 2002
9-11. A Date that shall truly live in our hearts and minds forever. I woke up at my normal time to get ready for another normal day as a Senior in highschool. Then I turned on the TV and my world froze. the first plane had hit the towers and moments after I turned on the TV, I saw live the second plane travel a perfect arc, centering in, targeted at the tower. I saw it in slow motion as the plane seemingly decintigrated, bursting into flames as the wingtip that cleared the building continued on, raking the side of the building with flames. I was beyond tears, in utter disbelief. Then I heard about the Pentagon, and I knew it was war. One of the first teachings of Tsun Tsu in the Art of War is to conquer and divide; crush the market, crush the control base and you crush the enemy. I just never thought in any stretch of the imagination that the enemy would be us. I'm not old enough to remember Vietnam; I didn't serve in Desert Storm, I don't have any idea what the world looked like during the World Wars, all I know is that in times of crisis, we come together. I never have truly liked America. I love America for what it stands for, for the freedom, the beauty of our laws, our justice. I'm proud of the country I was born in. I just never liked the way I saw it presently. everywhere I looked, there was greed, powermongering; even those in the government really only looked out for themselves. Why does nobody care about what America really means anymore? Then 9-11 came. My world changed. I saw flags flying everywhere for the first time, people with the WTC on their T- shirts. I saw Americans doing what our fathers wanted; shaking hands, crying on each other's shoulders. This is the world I've always wanted, I've waited for all my life. This is not the world of the president, or any true adult. This is our world. We, the future. Someday, we'll change everything, someday, we'll create a true utopia, without greed, without hate. That's our biggest problem now; hate. So much hate in so small a world. Well, the future is now. It's time to start changing. Godspeed, longlife, and, most of all and truly so- GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Michael Arruda | 17 | California

#826 | Wednesday, March 6th 2002
I remember every little detail about September 11th 2001. It Was just before 2 in the afternoon here in the UK and that week we had all just went back to school and I just had a major fight with my school because they canceld the subject I was planing on doing. Anyway I was walking home with 2 friends at about 2.30, talking about what I was going to do and my Dad came running out of my house and shouted ,"Rob Americans Under Attack" with thoses 4 words i felt sick, my mind raced think what had happend, and who had done it, Japan?? Chnia?? after a few seconds I asked what has happend and he told me about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, with out looking at my friends i ran in to the house and just sat their watching the news for the next 3 days, it was day I will never forget, we must not forget.
In Febuary 2001 I was lucky to vist New York and the World Trade Center and I cant wait to come Back.

Robert McAllister | 17 | United Kingdom

#813 | Sunday, March 3rd 2002
I was in cafe study, which ends at 9:55 am. Right before the bell rang, one of the administators came onto the intercom and said that he wanted to inform everyone that there had been two plane crashes-one into the WTC and one into the Pentagon, and he would update everyone with more information as soon as possible. As I was walking through the halls to my next class, I heard both teachers and students joking and saying, "Why would I care about a plane crash?" "What do these plane crashes have to do with me?" I couldn't believe that even teachers were so quick to jump to conclusions about the events before hearing anything. My first reaction was that plane crashes are extremely rare in the United States for one, and the fact that they had to do with these landmarks was a little strange. On my way to half study at around 10:50 am, I walked by a classroom with a tv on and I stopped in to watch as there was footage of one of the Twin Towers collapsing. All I could do was watch in awe, wondering what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.
Greg | 17 | New Hampshire

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