#97 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I have insomnia because my mother died just four months ago. So I was awake watching Fox and Friends on Fox News network. They had just went to commercial from interviewing Rob Thomas' wife. They came back and they were like a plane hit the trade tower.At that time they were like a pilot probably fell asleep because its too pretty for him to not see them. Then this woman called in and she was tellin what she saw from her building.I was like whats that,and then the second plane hit.It happened so fast I had no idea that was a plane.My story isn't to interesting,but I was wide awake watching it all happen live via television.
Heather | 19 | Tennessee

#95 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
The weekend before. Nick Albanese, a Saint Rose sophomore had a heart attack sitting at his computer. The wake was Tuesday morning and a lot of students were there when the towers were hit. I really didn't know him so I wasn't.
10:00am, I got up and took a shower, half asleep like every other morning. When I got out of the shower I saw that I has a voice mail. Conti, "Yo, I'm hungry, wanna get lunch?" So I call him back, still in my bath robe.
"Are you watching this?"
"Turn on the tv."
"What channel?"
"Any channel."
I turn on the television, expecting to see something crazy, maybe even funny. NYC engulfed in smoke, the pentagon in flames. "Holy shit." That's about all I could say that day. I got ready, eyes glued to the tv the whole time. Now I have to go to class.
Halfway there I think, Jana. This is a recent ex-friend of mine who has an apartment in the village. I get to class and the tv is on, I'm hypnotized again, until the teacher comes in and turns it off. The teacher and some of the class had a discussion about what happen, why it happen, I just tuned it out. At least I didn't have to learn global history. Class dismissed.
I walk over to the campus center and think about using the phone, huge line. There are a bunch of people in the commuters lounge watching a big screen tv. I walk outside to smoke a cigarette, I smoked a lot of cigarettes that day. I hear "Classes canceled for the day." Book it back to Bru.
I sit in my room, tv on constantly of course, and I'm on the phone for hours. I called Mike about 20 times to see if he knew where Jana was. I called Kaitlyn in New Jersey, and Conti here at school. I talked to Nathan and Matt on-line. I talked to a lot of people that day. I just wanted us all to be back in Kingston, all together. I have to get away.
Taking caution not to go downtown, I go to McDonald's with Conti to get something to eat. Comfort food. I finally get a page from Mike. He seems normal.
"Have you talked to Jana?"
"Yeah, she's on her way home"
Everyone I know is ok, but I know by at least the 5th degree I know someone who died. I went to a candlelight vigil at SUNY, wanted to go to mass but I never got around to it. Classes were canceled the next day too. As the week went on, things seemingly go back to normal. Seemingly.

Mandy Lawrence | 19 | New York

#82 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I was getting a shower when it was actually going on. I had read someone's away message asking if someone they knew was okay because they were working in the World Trade Center. Then I saw a headline saying that a plane had hit the WTC. I tried to get to the news websites but could not. Then my friends mom called and said that the WTC had been bombed. I was heading to class and heard that the Pentagon had been bombed. I went to class and took a quiz, but we were dismissed quickly after that. It finally stuck me that I knew people in New York. My mom works in a Federal Building in Nashville. My aunt lives near DC. So, obviously I was worried. Well, I called my mom and found out everyone was okay.
Rebecca | 19 | Tennessee

#79 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I was getting ready for my 9:30 CST class in my dorm room at Western Kentucky University, when a friend of my roommate called to tell us to turn on the television. The channel he gave seemed odd - I remember recalling that it was the news channel and wondering why we would want to watch it. Then we turn it to the channel and there's a slow motion shot of a plane slamming into the WTC. I skipped my classes that day to keep up to date on the news as it came in, and frantically called everyone I knew that is in or knows someone in the military to check on them as well.
Nichole Murphy | 19 | Kentucky

#56 | Monday, September 17th 2001
My dad was supposed to have been at the Pentagon, but had happened to have rescheduled his meeting. Praise God.

I was at a friend's house, and I was terrified for awhile. His phone call sure made me feel better!

Aaron Shafovaloff | 19 | Ohio

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