#48 | Monday, September 17th 2001
I was in my fine arts appreictaion class when i found out... as soon as i had slowly learned all the horrifying facts, it began to sink in. I didn't know anyoine.. but being so close to a sub base and so close to new york i was nervous.... what if we were next? AS the day unfolded i got ahold of a good friend of mine in the marines.. and knowing how passionate he was to fight for his country made me feel better.
I feel now our country needs to go back to nomral. Even though the stock exchange plummeted today we need to continue to living a normal life... but live it with a deeper feeling of patriotism, and love for americans and our country, whether they be arab american, african americans or whatever americans. EW are about freedom and no one will take that away from us.

Azrael D'Vega | 19 | Connecticut

#45 | Monday, September 17th 2001
The day this horrible attack occurred, I was in my college classes. Sadly, I didnít hear about it until about noon time, when I was in my computer programming class. When this kid came in, and sat down next to me, he asked me if I had heard of what happened? What? Is there a program due today? A paper? He is on the internet trying to pull up CNNís web page. I tried to, all though it was slow because the network was being stressed at that point. The first thing that loaded was a small thumbnail of the WTCís smoking. It was unbelievable. There was no way that what I was seeing was true. What happened? I had to ask my self that over and over again. I skimmed over the story, all I saw was hijackers, thousands and thousands of peopleÖ My jaw dropped. I received an e-mail in the campus e-mail system. It was the president of the University. He expressed his feelings about what had occurred. Classes were optional today. I gathered my stuff and ran back to my dorm. I didnít see anyone outside sitting in the sun, reading books, doing their homework, or just talking to their friends like I do every other day. I ran op the 3 flights of stairs. My door was open. My roommate sat in the middle of the room watch CNN. I looked at him. ďOh my GodÖĒ thatís the only thing that we could mutter. As I sat and watched the towers crumble, I learned the fact that the pentagon was hit, and then there was the plan that crashed in PA, I could hear the echo, of everyone else in the hall watching CNN.
I was on emotion overload. Some of my friends were contacting me on-line telling me of how they had friends who had family there. Then it hit me. The US government isnít going to do nothing about this. They are going to get who did this. They are going to use the military, especially the US Navy. My hometown is in Ledyard, CT. Right next to that is a US Sub Base. I know people who all ready out to see, they were supposed to come back in October, I donít know when he is going to come home now.
My thoughts are with those who lost someone in the horrible tragedy of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

Matt | 19 | Connecticut

#31 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
When it all happened, I was working. I work for the electricity company here, and I was just doing my daily job, calling clients and the like, when a girl from the office screamed something about the World Trade Center..

We turned on the radio and listened when the second plane crashed. It was scary. We didnt know what to think. We could only hear what the people described, and my imagination was running wild. I thought it was the end.

I thought about my friends in NYC and started to worry a lot. I couldnt concentrate on the job and left earlier than usual. I sat here in front of the computer, watched TV, read the news online, called my boyfriend who lives on the other side of the atlantic (Holland) and just waited to see the new developments of the tragedy.

Josee | 19 | Canada

#27 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
I woke up the exact minute that the first plane hit. I laid in bed for a few minutes and I decided to get in the shower. Twenty minutes after I woke up I was in the bathroom, about to get in the shower, and I turned the radio on. The DJ said to get to a TV as soon as you can, so I quickly walked out of the bathroom and turned it to MSNBC.
September 11th is also my best friend's birthday. I got over to her house and woke her up to suprise her with her birthday presents. I felt really bad to have to tell her what was going on.

Staci | 19 | Virginia

#26 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
I was at my friend Emma's house. We were watching a film, Save The Last Dance, not that it matters I just remember. Her phone rang and I could see Emma's eyes grow wide as she listened. Obviously a result of what the caller was telling her. I began to wonder what was wrong. Emma told me to switch the video off and put the news on. I did, asking her "why?". She said it was her Mum on the phone and that an aeroplane had crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York. And as we watched, the story unfolded. The full horror became clear. Every day since then I have woken up in a different world to the one I woke up in on and before Tuesday 11th September. It still seems like a nightmare. My heart and support is with everyone that has suffered a loss at the hands of the evil people behind this x x x
Claire | 19 | United Kingdom

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