#1453 | Tuesday, July 9th 2002
On Sept. 11, i woke up to my mom crying and screaming "Oh My GOD!" I asked her what was wrong and she explained to me that the WTC was being attacked. I had never heard about the Twin Towers or the Pentagon until that morning. I had to ask several friends about it to fully understand what was happening. When I got to school that morning, my friend was crying hysterically. Her mother was in Boston that week, her flight back home was that morning, but fortunatly, she had woke up late and missed the flight. We later found out, that her flight was the plane that got hijacked. It was scary to see how so many people died that day, and I cant imagine how someone would ever want to comit such a crime.
Kirsten | 15 | California

#1444 | Friday, July 5th 2002
On the morning of September, 11, 2001, I was alseep, when my phone rang. It was about 0940 am and my alarm was not set to go off for another 30 minutes, so I just let the machine pick it up. I could here my boss leaving a message (I'm an RN and I work at a Nurse Advice Line). She sounded strange and she said: "I just wanted to let you know that we cancelled today's staff meeting in light of todays events". I'm laying there thinking: "what is she talking about? Today's events? She knows I have school all day on Tuesdays, so I don't go to the staff meetings. Before she hung up I grabbed the phone and said, "Hi, what are you talking about?" I heard her say to my other boss, "Denise doesn't know what happened? We are under attack. They are bombing the World Trade Center and the Pentagon". Talk about a wake up-call. I felt like the floor in my bedroom had just been pulled out from under me. I ran to turn on the TV in the living room and could not believe my eyes, there was a Hollywood-type movie of desctruction on every channel. I came back to the phone and prayed with my bosses and then felt another wave of fear. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles. What was going to happen here?
I called my mom and she said my dad had already left for work (of course it was almost 10 am PST). She was going to call my dad, so I called my sister-in-law. She had already called my brother who works for a cartoon studio near Warner Bro's studio. I was shaking and could not think of what else to do so as any other helpless red blooded American would do, I put my flag out on the front porch. I called my boyfriend who was also going to school that day, and he came right over. I called school and to my amazement they were not closing classes for the day (I'm in a graduate nursing program at Azusa Pacific University). Never mind that the news was reporting that all UC's in So Cal had closed for the day, as well as most private U's. The City of LA had basically shut down and they were asking people to stay home. I could not miss this nine hour class so I drove to school in tears and met my classmates. We cried, we prayed for our beautiful country and we watched alot of TV in our class room. In the afternoon we met with the rest of the school in the student union for an hour of prayer and song. That evening our professor stopped lecture so we could watch G. Bush on TV. For days I felt anger and fear.I am still angry! Words can't describe it. I realized some satisfication when one December morning I was sitting in mass with my boyfriend and the priest announced in a very somber tone "the president has authorized attacks against Afganastan". I wanted to stand up on the pew and shout "it's about DAMN time". I am an American Girl to the core and like Tom Petty sings: "I will not back down." I believe God has a special place for the people of Islam and they will know there fate when to their surprise they go to meet with St. Peter. Meanwhile, this is one county, UNDER GOD!.

Denise | 35 | California

#1443 | Friday, July 5th 2002
i woke up to the news all over the radio that morning. we talked all about it at school, so we would have a better understanding of what happened. for a few days after it, i had a repeating dream that i was one of the passengers on the plane, and it felt like i could actually feel the pain. but of course, my dream could never amount to the pain that the passengers felt or how their families felt once they knew they had lost a loved one. i'm so fortunate that i haven't lost anyone to this incident, but i still grieve for those that have.
holly | 14 | California

#1420 | Monday, June 24th 2002
I can remember September 11, as if it were yesterday, even thought it is now June 24, 2002. I remember I had a three hour drive that day. My husband and I and our two older sons had to take care of some personal business. My sister-in-law called me and told me to turn on the television. That the twin towers in NY had just been bombed. Then I turned the TV on and watched while I got ready. We put the radio on for the three hour drive and heard it all the way to our destination. But about 1 hour into our drive, we heard that Beyer school was being evacuated. That was the school that my youngest son went to. So we then had to call a friend to pick him up. It was a very tense day for all of us. It was like a dream. It was very scarey. I can remember the drive back and I remember the radio saying that all airlines had been on hold. No planes flying in or out. Then when we were about 1/2 hour from home in an empty field area. There were three planes flying right over us. My heart pumped so fast. At that time it was already getting dark on our drive back home. I remember being so scared when I saw the airplanes coming right over us and then my husband reassured me that they were not enemies. But just the paranoia that went through my mind was scarey. I will never forget September 11, 2001. My son just got out of the Army in July 2001. So I was very relieved and scared. My husband and I wanted to do something for the people that lost their families and for our heroes. So we decided to build a web site and keep it maintained and going for as long as possible. The website name is godlovesamerica.org. We felt so bad about the people that could not find their loved ones and had to wait in long lines to see the hospital lists, so we made a link to the hospitals. We just couldn't get our website out there. We continue to keep it maintained and will run it as long as possible. We feel that this is a good way for everyone to remember what we cannot forget! Remember God Loves America and God Bless America!
Thank you,
Marina and Ruben Franco

Marina Franco | 42 | California

#1416 | Sunday, June 23rd 2002
The morning of September 11, 2001 I was driving to the metro station. I was listening to Howard Stern and I could hear him describing what he was seeing on TV. I had no clue what he was talking about. I thought it was some sort of movie he was describing or just some sort of joke. I had no idea that something like that would ever be done.
Joseph Merfalen | 29 | California

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