#1551 | Thursday, August 15th 2002
On September 11th I was in my Computer class (1st period) Senior year High School, when my teacher had told us the horrible news. :(
Marissa | 17 | California

#1538 | Tuesday, August 13th 2002
Roger Lewis
I was in the Chemistry Lab doing an assignment when the Physics teacher came in and told us what had happened we went right to the library and watched what had happened

roger | 15 | California

#1533 | Sunday, August 11th 2002
Maybe it just shows my age, but there are few events in my life where I can answer the question "Where were you when...?"
A month from today is the one year anniversery of the day our country was even though horribly, I must say creatively, by a word I wish I never understood...Terrorist. Where were you when you heard 4 of our planes had been hijak and two were crashed in to towers that now burn, one into the pentegon, one into the ground. Where were you when you felt like this was unreal? I heard it from my friend Josh. He was staying at my house while he was out her visiting from Hesperia. I woke up and he was getting ready to leave.
"My mom called, we were bombed, we're going to war, she wants me to come home now"
Can you even understand how confusing that is to wake up to? I turned on the TV and..no, not bombed, planes, our planes, and fire, more fire, just lots and lots of fire...airplanes, goodness my school is literally one block away from LAX. I called my mom, I was crying, I didn't understand, I didn't understand how anyone could do something like this. Ever wake up in a horror movie? That's how I felt. No, school was cancled for the day. So I sat, I sat there and watched TV. Thank god for cable. Nothing can break the peaceful surrealism of Nickelodeon. But I still had to work on my project, I still had a project due tomorrow. At a school, one block from LAX and no one knew what was going on. I think that was the worst part...No one knew what was going on.

Stephanie Elizabeth | 19 | California

#1529 | Friday, August 9th 2002
I was temping twice a week at Callisto's workplace[my sister] while her boss was on vacation. The third employee had just quit. While I was getting reading, I turned on the tv as I do to get me awake in the morning, sometime either before or right after the 2nd one.

My mom was still sleeping; I told my dad on the way to the train station. A couple of people were talking about it on the bus.

After we dropped off our stuff at the office, we headed to the boss' house next door to feed the cat. While we were there, we caught some of the coverage on the cable networks.

It wasn't until later, when I read the stories and saw pictures of people jumping that I cried.

CC | 22 | California

#1499 | Friday, July 26th 2002
I was honorably discharged from the Marines after a successfull 5 year tour and arrived back to my home town in southern Maryland in June 2001. I went to work for an asphalt company and rejoined my local volunteer fire department that I had joined in high school. On the morning of Sept. 11th I was awakened by a phone call from some friends at the squad house saying we were under attack. Thinking it was a joke I just rolled over. I decided to get up for the day and go to the station house and that was the first time I saw the news and could not believe my eyes. I can't remember a time that I was more mad, upset, and emotionally torn all at once. My first thought was that I was going to be recalled immediately and I wasn't going to be able to marry the woman I love so much in December. Then when the towers collapsed the station got quiet, it hit us that we just lost not only helpless civilians but hundreds of our fellow brothers and sisters. After talking it over with my fiance I decided to re-enlist into the Marines and go back to California. All of us wanted to go over and do our part in catching the people responsible but I knew just doing my job here in the states for uncle Sam was helping enough. Although to this day I wish I could join my fellow Marines in the search for the terrorists. I am happily married now and trying my best to accomplish a lot more during this tour. I plan on getting back out again at the end of this 4 year term and become a professional firefighter in San Diego. I think of the events of that day almost everyday, some days it reminds me why I do the job I do. I have made helping people a goal in my life. Until the day God removes me from this Earth I will be out doing what I can to help people as a Marine and some day as a firefighter. My heart and prayers go out to the families and to the people who lost a loved one that day. I want you to know that there are those of us that think about you all the time and will never forget the sacrafice your love ones made.
Ronald Michael Teller III | 24 | California

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