#575 | Tuesday, December 25th 2001
I remember that morning I had to work at the college I attend (Durham College, in Oshawa, Ontario). I arrived just before 9am as I started at 9, and commenced my duties at the computer help desk. It was probably around 9:15 that I heard from one of the co-workers of the attacks on the WTC, and then a few minutes later she said that the second building was struck. At first, I thought she was kidding, and I wanted to ask her again, what really happened. I only thought this as it didn't seem real for something of this magnitude to happen. However, it was unfortunately true, and when I tried to visit any news sites, they were all down due to the amount of traffic on the net from others searching about the same thing. I had class at 10, and a bit later in the day I was informed by others that both of the buildings collapsed.
Mariusz (Matt) S. Cybulsk | 24 | Canada

#463 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I was at work when the horrible events took place. I work with a spanish woman,I do not understand spanish and she only understands little english. That morning we were listening to a spanish station and she had this look come over her face and all I could understand was NeW York and and plane.Then she got really upset and started crying, worried I walked into another part of the plant looking for somebody who could tell me what she was saying. I found every one standing around a radio and listening. I then knew something really bad had happened. One of my friends looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me a commercial plane had been highjacked and smacked into the Trade Center. Cold chills were all over my body and all I wanted was to get to my son and hold him. We listened and did not believe our ears. I went back to my spanish friend and gave her a hug and told her we would be okay. My friend is as much as a American as I am and we shed our tears together that horrible September morning.
Jennifer | 24 | Georgia

#460 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I was in bed in NE Phoenix when my alarm went off. I thought it was a prank that the DJs usually did, but then I heard "CNN." My eyes shot open, an' I turned on CNN to the second tower collapsing. I just sat in my bed in disbelief.
Daniel Stipp | 24 | Arizona

#447 | Monday, December 10th 2001
on the 11.09.01 i sat in my office in jerusalem checking business plan's and sometimes "jumping into the hebrew news websites to see what's new around...
it was in the end of the day, at 4:40pm i think

i should leave the office and i was quite tired after a all day of work

then i saw a little ad at www.walla.co.il
they said that a little plane has crushed into a tower in new york

i understood immediately that its a terror act, cause it couldbt be possibe being an random accident, my friend at the offive laughfed at me and said its just an accident...
well well
after 18 minutes when we saw the second plan and the unbelievable picture's from the site...

now i feel that those little bin laden's on planet earth , they killed my own american dream to work at those towers....
they killed the believe in the strongest core of the americans

what a pitty and crazy story!
fair well from Israel Jerusalem, which is another crazy city but 500 times less then the strike in NY!

Aviad | 24 | Israel

#427 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was at work. I remember all 50 of us sitting there gasping and crying while watching the breaking news on a TV in our Conference room. Working just a few miles out of Ft. Bragg, NC most of our families were military and the threat of terrorist attacks were very real in such close proximity of the Army base. At noon, our director stood with us. We joined hands and prayed for our nation, for the victims and for ourselves. We then left early and closed the offices to go home and be with our families.
Rebecca Gonzalez | 24 | North Carolina

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