#662 | Friday, January 25th 2002
I was in Long Island -New york visiting.
Im from Israel & after all that been going on in my Cantry i wanted to get a way.but it didnt work. i had plaend to meet one of my friends from home at the WTC at 9:00 am.but i calld & told him ill meet him at 11 am.as i was gating rady my cousin told my to hopen the t.v. in my room "couz someony crazy got in to the WTC" i knew that it was no mistik.been a Israeli you know that staf like that happen at home but New York as been my "Island" way from all the crazy staf that go on in my cantry.i thing even now back in Israel i still can belive it.the sad thing is that staf like that happen every day in my cantry.& after it happend in N.Y.C it can happen every place & that sad.

Merav | 24 | Israel

#659 | Friday, January 25th 2002
I was in my classroom (denmark),

we immediately turned on the television and gazed in disbelief...

Axel | 24 | Denmark

#658 | Thursday, January 24th 2002
I was sleeping, when the first plane hit. My roommate came out of his bedroom and said "We're under attack!" and I didn't know what he meant, I just thought he was being annoying.

He turned on the TV, and I opened my eyes a little wondering what he was doing. And there on the screen, in a horrific picture, was the WTC with smoke pouring out of it.

I quickly sat up, and not 2 minutes later did the 2nd plane come into view.

"What's that plane doing?...no...no it's not gonna...OH MY GOD, NO!!!"

And I was glued to the set all day. Until I went into work at Tower Records, which was pointless. We closed early. There were actually people in there buying music. I thought "why are you here buying britney spears!? don't you know what's going on?!"

But I guess, like most people...they wanted to get away from it all.

But we never will.

chaz donovan | 24 | California

#633 | Tuesday, January 15th 2002
I was giving myself a once over as my cat watched me from the window. I heard an earth shattering crash and my windows rattled and building shook (like a sonic boom of a landing space shuttle only bigger and louder). My cat was startled and so was I, but I shrugged it off as perhaps a car accident right below my window. I rushed down the stairs in my usual morning craze, relatively unstartled by the previous noise I heard and one block later I had forgotten it but not for the couple dozen people seemingly frozen on the street corner looking SW. As I looked up, I saw the sky filled with a thick grey smoke and what seemed to be millions of birds (I later realized these were not birds but papers). Suddenly a couple of cops from the subway station ran up and yelled "Naw man it was an explosion!!". My imaginaative mind raced with curiousity and a little bit of fear, perhaps it was a boiler explosion...yes thats definitely it, tragic tragic yes...hm...For one fleeting moment I hesitated to go into the subway (sometimes the subway gets whack if accidents happen above, you just never know) but NEVER NEVER was I guessing that it involved the WTC, let alone terrorists.
-I am sorry this is long winded but it is a part of my healing process to recall what happened, because I cannot get it out of my head, everyday I relive this and I hope someday soon, I can put it to rest-
I took the train to Broadway/Lafayette and transfered for the uptown 6 at Bleecker. When I got upstairs there were about a hundred people on the street corner, their mouthes gaping. Confusion, paralysis, seemed to have inflicted each person and we all just sort of stood there but I still did not know what happened. Getting the feeling it was pretty bad, I asked a lovely woman, "What building is it?"... She could hardly speak at all but she managed "It is the WTC, one tower was hit by a plane I just watched it on the news as I left..." I was shaking, I thought it was a joke but I knew it was not. I wass ssoooooooo confused that after five minutes of just standing there I got on the 6 train. I will never forget the train that morning. Everyone seemed on the verge of fainting. A grown business man looked close to death. Noone knew if it was an accident. noone knew anything. Noone could think about death because we were still stuck on the fact that a plane hit the building. I got to 86th street and saw a group of people huddled by a radio at the corner store. I tried to listen but it was impossible. All I heard was that another plane hit the other tower. It happened while I was on the train, in disbelief, still unsuspecting. When I got to work I could find noone. The phones were completely jammed and I could not reach my boyfriend. I was panicking. I could hardly see. My head spun and spun. I tried to do some work, but when I made a phone call, I was overcome with guilt for having made the call. I turned the radio on and a plane had hit the Pentagon. Now I was shot to another planet. The blows kept coming and with everyone I became more and more unsure of anything being real or fake or true or false. My boss arrived, likened it to Pearl Harbor, gave me a list of things to do and went out again expecting to do more work. I realize now she was in total denial...it was really freaky but everyone deals with shock differently I suppose. I finally spoke to my boyfriend who told me to meet him at his office. "I cant", I said, "I have to work " He said I was nuts, work could not be done and finally I agreedd he was right. I met him on 70th and we hoped to catch a cab, but it became increasingly clear that driving was not happening. We walked and walked and walked. Over one hundred blocks I walked that day. I have a scar on my foot to always remember it. It was warm and we held hands tight. We could hardly speak the two of us. We just tried not to let go of each other as the seaa of people grrrew heavier and heavier and deeper and deeper. Thousands of hundreds of ...tons of people. Indescribably amountts, like and exodus crossing bridges. It was harrowing. It was breathtaking, It instilled a fear like no other to see people flee this great city. As we walked the crowds never thinned. Some were already drunk in the bars we passed. We passed the blood bank with a line a block and a half long. We passed the hospital with about fifty doctors in full gear awaiting patients. The park was blocked off as a holding area with gurneys. Scary...Wee arrived home, twenty blocks away from the WTC, where I started that morning giving myself a once over and collaapsed in exhaustion. We couldnt watch tv........
I just wanted to write this because everyday since September 11th, I have relieved this scene in my head, Everytime I get to Bleecker on my waay to work I am reminded and I look South to see if it were all a dream, but the towers are still gone. Everyday as I give myself the once over, I wonder if another crash will occur. Everytime I hear a plan, a siren, or a loud noise, I relive it again. I am fearful of crowds, I am fearful of flying which I did two weeks ago but it totally spent me. I know it is not great to be scared because that is what they wanted. But I stood here that morning as the planed zoomed over my apartment building and was so unassuming and I never thought it would have been what it was and that kills me. My sadness is slow to emerge. I cant watch it on tv. I am not depressed at all, I have gone on as everyone else, I made the Deans list despite it all, but it hurts beyond belief and I just hoped that by telling my story in full, I might remove it from my sadness and move on to doing honor to those who died for our freedon in the name of America. My love and prayers to everyone on earth.

Emily | 24 | New York

#627 | Saturday, January 12th 2002
I was sitting at my new job when I first heard the news...My instructor was thinking that they were not serious when they came in and interrupted our class...he joked aobut going home and getting his gas mask...I was very unsure what was actually going on...but when I started to check some of the news sites and saw with my very own eyes a plane crashing into one of the buildings..I was stunned...I felt numb all over..I was't sure on how I was supposed to react....should I cry be mad, What was I to do? So I just sat there and cried and wondered why would someone want to hurt thousands of innocent people...so I just sat there with the hope that one day our country could stand for what it once had, FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FOR ALL! And wanted to get home to be with my family with the fear that I could lose them at any given moment...I just wanted to be at home with them feeling the comfort and joy that I still had them to be with. My regrets go out to all who lost someone who cannot be replaced...and in the event that Americans are getting thier revenge it still doesn't help to make what happened ever go away instead there is more pain and loss for those who overseas fighting this silly war....Although helping some people with their grief knowing that we are doing something about it...it still doesn't make it go away nor will it ever! LONG LIVE AMERICA AND AMERICANS!
April A.Sievers | 24 | Michigan

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