#317 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I woke late morning and got prepared for my class. I don't usually check my email before going out and I was just checking a mail from a US joke list I had been joined to for a while.
The list contains various stuff, and sometimes jokes in the form of a story.

That morning, I was reading about a guy who had gone into work and heard some terrible news, so him and his co-workers surrounded the tv.
I laughed when he said that he was still getting McDonalds though on the way home. (Good 'ol Ernie).

By the time I had finished reading I had to hurry to get to my course.
I always grab a coke before my course and walked past a news headline saying something about attacks on the US.

It's all pretty blurry now.

I had read the email while still waking, and now I was seeing something that was connected to a 'joke mailing list'?

The first thought at all this was.. "what the f**k?".
This had to be some weird coincidence.
And now I had to pinch myself to check if I was actually awake. I've never had to pinch myself before. Maybe I had drove into town still asleep. Maybe I *was* still asleep.

It wasn't until I entered the course's building and spoke to someone I knew, asking if it was real, that I started to tie together what was happening.

I got shown a newspaper. -This was several hours after it had actually happened, so there were already tonnes of pictures with the articles.-

Utter shock, disbelief and emptiness ran through me.
"What the hell is going on here?!" and "Great, here comes WW III".

All I knew at that moment was that I had a huge desire to be at home.

It was one of the most horrible days I have ever known and that this generation has ever seen. It may be compared to Pearl Harbour, but there wasn't any way that I could comprehend any real feeling and understanding with just seeing old history books and tv.

WW One may have been called 'the great war', but now I believe it never ended.
It's all about power and religion.
And it sucks!

InDeSkyz | 21 | New Zealand

#314 | Friday, December 7th 2001
I was in my studio apartment in lower Manhattan on Sept. 11. My friends across the hall ran it and said "Are you seeing this?" On turned on CNN, it was right after the 2nd plane hit the WTC. We went on my balcony and could see the smoke and flames. I remembering thinking "what the hell is this, WW3?
My friend heard on the new s that one crashed in the pentagon. we were so shocked, and worried because one of my roomates had a father who worked in the WTC. He literally ran out down stairs to get tto the WTC, and his Dad was standing there, thanking God he decided to go to work late that day.

tolkein | 21 | New York

#310 | Wednesday, December 5th 2001
its amazing how many of the descriptions of things on this site are so detailed. most of the day was a complete blur for me so i will recount things as i remember them. my mother woke me up and was telling me to turn on the tv and we are being attacked and just generally freaking out. i had no idea what was going on so i turned on the tv and at that moment i saw live footage (i believe) of the second plane that hit the second building at the world trade center. all day after that i was glued to the tv and dont remember so much as moving until much later that night. shortly after i turned the tv on, my girlfriend who is from australia called me on the phone, i wasnt really expecting to hear from her cuz it was like midnight there but she had seen all the stuff on tv and was calling to see how i was. we ended up having a deep conversation about all the possible implications that this could have. after i got off the phone with my girlfriend i really dont remember much except hearing all the details of the plane that went down in pennsylvania and other possible threats occuring. it was definitely the scariest day of my life and probably will remain as that for the duration of my life. i hope so. thankfully no one that i know personally was injured or killed in the attacks.
Dylan Farrell | 21 | New York

#280 | Saturday, November 24th 2001
i was a few days away from my wedding day. we (my husband, at the time, almost husband) and i had walked into my parent's house, and heard the tv.

we stopped everything. i don't remember where we were headed, but it could wait.

sat. watched the news. cried. prayed.

we were married september 15th. the days before were filled with shock and horror. i was getting married, but that wasn't what was on my mind.

we said a prayer at the ceremony for everyone. those directly involved, and those not.

Kimberly | 21 | Ohio

#276 | Friday, November 23rd 2001
I had gone to bed early on the 11th of September, so i knew nothing untill my clock radio went off.
The annoncer said "due to the crisis in america all airports are closed, disnyland is closed if you have relitives in america we will soon have a number you can ring to find out if they are okay"
I rolled over and said to my boyfriend "Whats going on?"
We jumped out of bed and turned on the telly as the 7 am news started and they replayed events as they had happened, i can remember standing in my pj's watching the tv and my legs sort of giving way. That afternoon i had to go out and a plane flew overhead everyone in the street jumped and look scared even though we are soo far away we still felt the impact.

Amanda | 21 | Australia

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