#1240 | Wednesday, May 1st 2002
On the morning of 911 I awoke by my alarm. It was around 6:00a.m. About to turn off the radio to go back to sleep, I heard that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. My eyes wide open eager to know how did this plane crash into the World Trade Center. I got up and ran to the living room to turn on the t.v. Mostly all the channels were talking about this. They kept on showing it and showing it. I was so shocked and surprised that this had happened. As one of the reporters were talking in the background i could see another plane crash right into the other Trade Center. All these thoughts have jumbled in my head, how did it happened, there must be a lot of people who died in that plane...etc. As i was getting ready to go to school I turned my t.v. to the fullest. A few minutes had past and i had to go to my grandmas house. As I was going to be droped off at my grandmas house I turned on the radio to know what was happening. I had found out that it was a terroist attack. As soon as I got to my grandmas house my grandma and grandpa were also wathcing it. A couple of minutes later two more planes had crashed one into the pentagon and one that just fell to the ground. This plane that fell to the ground didnt hit its target because there were heroic people who attacked the terroists. These planes were hijacked by some afghanistan people or people who belonged to Osama Binladin. Osama Binladin is the main supect who had planned this attack against america. The more I watched this tragic moment thoughts and thoughts kept flashing in my head. Especially when i thought about my mom and my family because one of the planes that crashed was United Airlines and this is what we ride. I pictured my self being in that plane about to die. As the two buildings were burning you could see many people jumping off the building falling to their death and many people screeming. Then all of a sudden these two tall buildings fell down and my heart stopped. Though there was this one thing that bothered me, I was wondering that why didnt these people who died in the plane try to stop these terroist. All they had was a box cutter or some kind of kinfe. They should of at least try to beat them up if they know there gonna die anyways. Like that plane that didnt reach its target because they had people who tried to stop them. If your gonna die might as well try. But you know I feel for those who had lost their lives. Also in school many teachers were letting there students watch the news and to know whats happening. To me this Tragic and horifying event had made everyone sad and angry but it kept us together. To be strong and beat this terroists. UNITED WE STAND. Nothing will break our pride as AMERICANS.

My heart goes out to all those who had lost their lives and those who are trying to re live life with their loved ones death.

---------DAMN YOU OSAMA!!!!!!!----------

Randy | 17 | Hawaii

#1234 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
I found out about what happened to 9/11 when i got up in the morning and I saw my mom watching tv. That's weird because it's too early. So, I went to the bathroom wash my face then I went straight to the kitchen and eat my breakfast. Then suddenly I heard my mom she was yelling and calling my name so I was so scared and I start running then I asked her what happened then she said that two airplane crashed into the twin tower and even to the pentagon. So, I decided to go inside my room and turn on my tv because I know that their going to show what actually happened that early morning. I was shocked when I saw what happened because a lot of people was inside working. I feel sad for all the people who lost their love one's. Let's pray for them......
Venus M. Vinarao | 17 | Hawaii

#1231 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
i was in a psychology lesson at school. a firend txted me sayin the pentagon hade been bombed. at first i laughed. im a very patriotic person and im not a big fan of america. i got home and saw the damage done to the buildings and your country. watching you all band together and get up from this amazed me. it could have bene so much worse. i respect your country and the people of new york. respec'
Ben Elder | 17 | United Kingdom

#1226 | Monday, April 29th 2002
Where was I? First of all I did not know about the attack when I saw it in the morning news when my dad turn on the t.v. And I felt sorry for those who died in the biulding and also I felt sorry for the families who lost their love ones. But I'll pray for those who are sad or unhappy of what happen. I want to thank the fire fighter for helping...and for those who donated money.


Thank you

Josie Faamau | 17 | Hawaii

#1190 | Wednesday, April 17th 2002
To bylo straszne . Kiedy Nowy Jork zostal zaatakowany bylem w moim domu w Warszawie . O zamachu dowiedzialem sie z radia . Wlonczylem telewizor i zobaczylem widok , ktorego nie zapomne juz do konca zycia . Mam nadzieje , ze podobna tragedia nigdy wiecej sie nie wydzrzy .
Piotr Sliwinski | 17 | Poland

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