#1267 | Saturday, May 11th 2002
The events of September 11th have affected me on so many levels that I cannot fully explain how I feel. I live in Washington DC, I go to school next to a Naval Base and Hospital, I live a half an hour from Dulles Airport. To know that this happened in my backyard scares more than anything in the world. I was in school when it was announced that the WTC had been hit by an airplane and I didn't understand the magnitude of those buildings and the damage it would do. I assumed someone in air traffic control had made a horrible mistake. When I heard that the Pentagon had been hit, I was slapped in the face by the realization that this was an attack. For me, this was not an attack on my country; this was an attack on my friends and family, my friends' fathers and mothers. This was not some ideological betrayal, this was my home and my life. Not knowing what was going on was probably the worst part. My school was closed and I remember trying to get in touch with my parents and not getting anyone. All of the cell phone circuits were busy and no one knew where their family was. I had a friend whose mother was in the White House that day and was just told to run. I have friends who lost loved ones. I lost friends as well. The image of the Pentagon in flames will never leave my consciousness and I can still see very clearly the second plane crashing into the WTC. I do not live a single day without thinking about what happened and about how I will never be the same person. I do not know if I will ever go for too long without waking up crying. I will never forget what I saw and can only hope that one day I can block from my consciousness the pictures burned into my memory for a week, a day, an hour even. My entire generation has been robbed of an innocence that I will do everything in my power to protect for my children. God Bless.
Sam | 17 | District of Columbia

#1258 | Tuesday, May 7th 2002
I was sitting in the commons of my school in St.Louis, and a friend of mine came into the commons screaming that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. We looked at her and thought she was joking, no way could that happen. When we finally believed her, we went to go find the nearest TV. Every channel we turned to had NYC on the screen. I remember sitting on a desk and watching in awe, who would do such a thing? When I went to my next class, no one else knew what happened so the only thing I could think of was turn on the TV and say, "look". We were all just standing around the TV saying nothing, just watching until someone said, "I think the building's falling!" The site was unbelievable. The pictures still bring tears to my eyes. How could this happen? We're America.
My father's generation had the "where were you when Kennedy was shot?", now my generation had the "where were you when the WTC fell, and a whole nation fell silent?"

Elizabeth Smith | 17 | Missouri

#1246 | Thursday, May 2nd 2002
On the morning of September 11th,I was woke up by a phone rang.I started to get up tob answer the phone and it was my older brother in North Carolina. He started with a confuse question that I didn't know about it.He said,are you guys watching the news? It's the world trade center in New York.So i turned on the tv with a confuse mind.But I was socked when I saw the world trade center got ruined. And all I can see is smoke coming out of the twin towers.But I'm sad for all those who works in the world trade center, and all those who was in the plane. But my love goes out to those who have lost their love ones and families also. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
Kalea Papali'i | 17 | Hawaii

#1244 | Thursday, May 2nd 2002
I had just come out of college and I was in the bank with my Mum when I first heard about the September 11th attacks. Someone phoned us and said 'Something big is going on in the USA. I think they may have blown up the White House or something'. We got home quick and we turned on the TV and all we saw was smoke billowing everywhere in Manhattan. We couldn't see anything and then everything started to come together. The next day, in college, the TV's in the canteen were on and we watched everything. Shedding tears and our sorrows with each other.
Jenna Katie Driver | 17 | United Kingdom

#1241 | Wednesday, May 1st 2002
I woke up early this morning at about 6:00 a.m. I came out of my room and my family were already up. They were watching the news without me knowing what's going on. So, when I went to use the restroom, I came back outside. I heard my Pastor telling my Grandma to come and watch the news of what's happening at New York. So I decided to go along with my Grandma. I was so shocked when I saw the clip when the plane crashed into the twin tower. I felt so emotional for those who lost their loved ones that was on that plane, and for the people that was in the tower also. I like to send out my love to those who died. I am a junior from Waipahu High School in Honolulu, HI.
Elenoa Petelo | 17 | Hawaii

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