#577 | Wednesday, December 26th 2001
This act of terrorism is like a story that happen to my father you see my grandmother heard of the bombing of pearl harbor and got upset, she immediatly went into labor and gave birth to my father. I hear her story every now and again and it makes me cry. On 9/11/01 I was working for a construction company surveying on a construction site in Central Illinois. I was at the corner of (Ironically) Wall street and U.S. 51 in Macon Illinois. Setting up a total station, surveying the intersection when a mechanic came by and said that the world was going to hell. I was wondering what he was talking about when he told us that a Jet had crashed into the WTC. I didn't know the full spectrum of what was going on. we kind of took a break to listen to the radio. Just then the second plane hit the building. They immediatly talked about terrorism. About fifteen minutes later we went into the gas station there was only one in town, to get a cup coffee and see what was happening. On the way there we noticed that a jet was making a 180 degree turn apparently going back to St. Louis. we decided to go back to the work trailor and see the T.V.. When we got there our project manager was telling us the whole story and then it happened. The building that was hit second began to collapse. My heart sank with it. I have never had such a feeling of heartbreak in my life. I started to cry and all I wanted to do was drive to NY and help in any way I could. All I seen was people running from the buildings and trying to get out of the area. I will always see the picture of the plane hitting the building in my mind. It was then that I thought Of my Fiance' I told my cooworker that I couldn't concentrate and I had to get to my fiance' and tell her and hold her. he said go. And I did. The next few weeks the nation came together in a way I don't think any other nation can. I pray everyday for the people in those buildings and the others that were killed that day. On 9/12 we drove to another site and for the first time in a long time I REALLY noticed the sunrise I see it nearly everyday in this line of work but never really noticed it. And I cried just about all the way there. My heart just felt comatose. I caught myself looking the whole day and not seeing a airplane. You see you take it for granted when sometimes you look up and see a jet trail in the sky. But I didn't see one until they let them fly again some days later. Well that's my story about what happened that day and I will tell my children and my grandchildren someday about that day. And tell them how my heart broke. And not to ever take something for granted especially your freedom. I suppose that one day I will forget many of the details. but on the other hand I hope I never will. They not only killed thousands of people. They made a country come alive again with the spirit of humanity and patriotism. Thank your for this site and letting me tell someone else my story. Clint A Hymes
Clint A. Hymes | 31 | Illinois

#477 | Thursday, December 13th 2001
My name is Rich Wiet and I live in Elgin, Ill. I work in Addison Ill. for UPS as a PC technician. We had just started our day like we always do, listening to the radio. We first heard that a small plane had crashed into the WTC and we didn't think much of it. Of course, events unfolded rather quickly after that. Since we were technician, we had all kinds of access to the Internet. Work kind of stopped that day, and my friend Ken and myself pretty much surfed the web looking for info while we kept the News Radio station on. I remember commenting on how slow Internet connections were getting. This could only mean a huge increase in traffic. My boss knew what we were doing but he just closed his office door. I imagine he was doing what we were doing. We noticed a lot of false information coming out of our various sources. News travels fast, but not always accurately. After work I went home and watched CNN until I couldn't stay up any longer. I felt very depressed for days, for a lot of reasons I won't get into here. I was outraged, and saddened. I hope we can get the world we were in back or win this damn thing against Terrorism and get on with life. On our side we let Terrorists get away with far too much for far too long. On their side, I understand that your way of life may not be the best, and there is nothing wrong with wanting more, but, historically, Terrorism has never really worked. It just produces a lot of dead human beings.
Rich Wiet | 42 | Illinois

#431 | Monday, December 10th 2001
Waking up late started the day bad enough. I was getting ready for the day when the radio station announced that a plane had hit the WTC. At first I thought of a small private plane. I ran to the tv to see what the news was offering. When I switched it on, I witnessed the second plane hitting the second tower. I could not believe what I was seeing. I called my husband at work to let him know. He was very quiet and calm. He knew what had happened. He reasured me that we were ok and not to worry. On my way to work it was announced that the Pentagon was also hit. The only thing that crossed my mind was for the first time I understand what people felt the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.
Denise Kaptain | 41 | Illinois

#425 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was working from home on 9/11. I had just gotten my wife & kids out the door and had jumped in the shower. I got out and was drying off and glancing at the tv when I saw them broadcast the 2nd plane hitting. I pretty much spent the rest of the day glued to the tv.
Andrew Hargreave | 36 | Illinois

#415 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
I was training in a Security Control Center with my coworkers. I heard the news on the radio and then viewed the event on a news internet site.


What can I do now? I guess I'm helping right here in my current role. I will do more to help America in my own way. God bless all.

George | 38 | Illinois

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