#608 | Thursday, January 3rd 2002
I remeber I first heard it on the radio in my car. It didn't hit me for a few hours what had really happened. I was sitting in the living room at my granparents house watching the buildings fall when it finally hit home. I started thinking that it wasn't just buildings falling there were people in there. I then got really scared and nervous. My husband is in the military and was on a rotation at the time of the bombings so I wasn't able to talk to him for about 3 days after. I lied awake nights wandering if the planes flying overhead were going to crash into our home or nearby. I wandered how I would protect my 3 children. I prayed for all the people victimized and that this would never happen again. Our forefathers built this country on what they believed was right. GOD. One nation under GOD! It's sad that it takes an act of evil to bring this country back together.....praying together.
Shondell Purvis | 25 | Louisiana

#578 | Thursday, December 27th 2001
In this world.. with so many worries everday...
War and hatred among us... our only hopes to pray...
Jesus lift us up... keep us strong throughout the fight..
Bless us with your love.. and guide us with your light...

Strengthen us and help us to be humble in our lives..
Teach us to be men and lead our children and our wives...
Lord.. when we are weak... comfort us and give us rest...
Teach us to be brave... help us to not regress....

Shine upon our soldiers who are fighting for our beliefs..
Help us not pass judgement... let us not be naive...
Mark our path to victory with the lights to heaven's gates..
Justify our actions with the hand of our lords grace...

Lord please make it swift... let the fighting cease tonight..
Send your Angels lord... guard the children.. ease their fright..
Blessed be the king... Lord of Lords.. Host of Hosts....
Shine upon the earth... mercy on evil men who boast....

anoymous | 25 | Oklahoma

#560 | Friday, December 21st 2001
On September 11, 2001, shortly after the first plane hit the second tower, I woke up to the answering machine. It was my sister-in-law, crying. My first thought was “ Something is wrong with one of the kids.” I rushed to pick up the phone and my sister-in-law told me to turn on the TV. I asked her what channel and she said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s on every channel.” Sure enough, I turned to a local news station only to see Brian Williams practically speechless for the first time. I remember waking my husband only to see the first tower fall on live TV. I cried. All of those people, gone, forever. I still have a hard time fathoming the number of people lost. I did not see a building fall though. I saw children, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, and loved ones fall. I thought about all of the family that would not have someone coming home that night. When the Pentegon was hit, I could not move or think. It felt as if we were being invaded. I kept thinking, "What target could they have next?" I clung to my husband as we lay on the couch and watched history unfolding. My husband could only shake his head in disbelief. The next thing I did was to call every one of my family members to see if they were ok and to tell them how much I love them. My families employers’ were, one by one, sending them all home and the only thing I wanted to do was be with them. But my employer said we had to stay and come in at our scheduled times. I was in the middle of teaching a 2-week training class and we were behind. We had to work 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm that day and my whole class was upset that any of us had to be there. We took the first 30 minutes and just shared our thoughts and feelings. I could understand why they could not concentrate. I was finding it hard to concentrate myself. We then sat in a moment of silence and then tried to focus on the task at hand. It all felt different somehow though. Nothing would ever be the same and we all knew that. We got off track a lot that night from the training book and eventually just sat and listened to the radio. When I dismissed the class that night, we could not leave fast enough. I am not sure where everyone went that night, but I rushed home to hold my husband and call my family one more time. Two things are for sure though,if we do not appreciate the value of a human life after this, we are no better off than before this happened. And second, no matter who did this, we will not let them run our lives with fear. We will stand untied and we will fight back. We stand untied and we will not fear!!! I have faith in America and I am proud to have been born in a country where we have the rights that we do. Please don't forget the men and women who have helped us maintain these rights since our country was founded.
I did not know anyone personally in the towers that day, but I feel like America, in some small way, knows all of them. They all, along with all of our veterans, now stand for the very freedom of which this country was founded and they did not die in vain. We will see to that.


Amy Fulks | 25 | Ohio

#550 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
Even though I didnt hear anything about it till 2 days later I was hit and hit hard I had been away from the states I had been in Hawaii but now that I think back I do remeber some people talking about something ike that I remeber when I got back home to look at the news how thats all I saw it scared me I thought it was the start of a war
B.R.Sanders | 25 | Louisiana

#541 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
i was at my doctors office,i had to go to the hospital to be induced.i was 38 weeks pregnant.when my husband and i came out of the doc. office his mother called on our cell phone.it was like 9:00 am.she had told us that an airplane crashed into one of the towers.we were in shock.well we got to the hospital and all over the news was the plans hitting the towers,pentagon and in pennsylvania.i heard from many nurses saying ive got to get my children out of school.i was so scared i wanted my 1 year old son.later in the afternoon i had a baby girl 3:26pm. after seeing her being born i just thought to myself. how can i bring a baby into this world. my heart goes all out to the victims,families,firefighters,policemen,all who have died. christine
christine | 25 | New Jersey

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