#511 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
We are a very trusting & vunerable people to think that what happened could never, ever happen on US soil. I, for one, thought that myself.

I was at work when it all happened. When I fist heard that a plane hit the WTC, I thought that maybe it was a horrible accident of some kind. But, when there was another plane that had hit, I knew we were in trouble.

I know that it has really made me open my eyes to what can happen and we are not exempt from this terror just because we live in the U.S..

I think though, the one thing I hope we all understand....this is not about any religion or race. It is about what hate can do and how it can really not only effect a few or a million, but it has effected the whole world.

Sarah | 25 | Kansas

#481 | Friday, December 14th 2001
It was my day off. My wife came and woke me, yelling that the WTC had been bombed. I flipped the TV on and saw what was happening. Saw what was happening to the WTC, and to the Pentagon. I sat on the end of the bed, holding my 16 month old baby girl close to me. I was horrofied. I kept thinking, is this the world I am raising my daughter in? I drew my flag to half staff. I cried. I was nervous. I was scared. I was never more proud to be an American. I saw hero's everywhere.
Joshua Lair | 25 | Delaware

#441 | Monday, December 10th 2001
שמי עופר מישראל וביום הנורא הזה הייתי בעבודה בDHL תלאביב
כמה מעמיתי שלא הכרתי נהרגו ביום הנורא הזה

ofer | 25 | Israel

#435 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was at my office in Cannonsburg, PA. Just south of Pittsburgh. My manager came out of his office and said to look at CNN to see some plane had hit one of the towers. We marveled at the picture and wondered how that accident occurred. Later we were told the second hit and more and more unfolded. No work was basically done that day. I spent the day on newsgroups(since the news sites were unresponsive) and on the phone getting updates. I downloaded multiple videos and announced updates to people huddled around my cube.
David Foose | 25 | Pennsylvania

#387 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was at work in the cafeteria of one of the many tall buildings in downtown Chicago (not too far from the Sears Tower). I was going about a usual day, planning on meeting my Mom for lunch, it was her birthday, at her building which is also downtown. I overheard two of my customers talking about something happening to the WTC towers. I immediately went into our office to try and find something online, finally reading that not one, but two airplanes had crashed into the twin towers. I was in shock for most of the morning and then the fear set in after we learned that the Pentagon had also been hit. I went to get my Mom from her office building and we went to her house and sat with our eyes glued to the TV. We spent the afternoon and all evening watching in shock, horror and disbelief. I still think about it everyday. I know that it is true, Americans will never forget.
Kim Jones | 25 | Illinois

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