#1046 | Saturday, March 16th 2002
It was about 7:00 in the morning and i had just gotten out of bed, usually in the morning the radio in the kitchen is on and my parents are drinking their coffe, but on the 11th they weren't. I walked in to the kitchen and my dad was standing there with tears in his eyes. He hugged me tight and the first thing that he told me was that he was sorry, and somebody had done something horrible. Then he told me that 2 planes had crashed into the world trade center. At first I didn't get the velocity of it, I figurerd that a small, private plane had hit the corner or something. My mom was in her room watching the news, also crying, my grandfather on her side lives in NY and works about 10 blocks from the WTC. All morning as i was getting ready for school I was listening to news on the radio, then they announced that all schools were closed. It wasn't until my grandmother called to say that my grandfather was ok that I really started to worry about all those people. The next day at school teachers were hugging and crying and comforting each other which made it even scarier, none of the adults knew what to do either. I'm not sure when it all really hit me, but I don't think that I'll ever forget that day.
marissa | 13 | California

#1005 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
On September 11, 2001 at 7:25 I was watching cartoons on tv while I waited for my bus. All of the sudden, a picture came on in the middle of the show, I almost turned the tv off, but then the tv guy started talking. He was kind of crying, so it was a little hard to understand him. Even though I couldn't understand him, I will always remember the image of the plane smoking on the side of the World Trade Center. Then I had to turn the tv off and go to school. At first I thought a plane had accidently ran into it, but when I got to school all the teachers were talking about it and crying. Our history teacher answered all our questions about it, our english teacher had us write an essay on it, and our science teacher had us listen to the radio. The news didn't really sink in until the next day when the tv was showing the videos that people had gotten and they were also talking about how many people had died that day. The terriorists meant to tear our country apart, but they ended up bringing us closer together. I have started trying to be nicer to my friends and my family. We were raising money from our school but I don't know how much we raised. I am really Proud to be an AMERICAN!!!!!!
Myndi | 13 | Colorado

#838 | Saturday, March 9th 2002
I am a 7th grade student. I can say one thing September 11th changed my life forever. I woke up that day and did what I usually did, got ready for school. I remember turning on the news that morning and the newscaster had said "Today is National Emergency Day..911" It kind of gave me a weird feeling. I never would have guessed that 9-11-01 would be such a horrific, tragic, unspeakable day. The time I got the news I was sitting in my 4th period class. I was shocked. The rest of the day I was upset and speechless. Classes were pretty much cancelled, we didn't do any of our real work. I had heard so many different things and I didnt think any of them were true. Finally, the school day was over. I got off my bus and walked as fast I could down my driveway to my house. For once in my life I was scared of being outside and walking to my house. I immediately turned on the TV. Every channel had the terrible, horrifying images. I saw more and more, I cried. I was so scared. How could someone do that? How? Why? Every minute those thoughts ran through my head. Ever since September 11th I have displayed anger, sadness, and pride. As a teenager, I was deeply affected by these tragic events. I will never forget it and I will NEVER take the people who were saving people for granted again! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Linsee | 13 | Ohio

#824 | Wednesday, March 6th 2002
What happened was something so devastating and horrible. I remember I just woke up and was getting ready for school when my mom came into the room and said "You need to see this." I was so overwhelmed by it all.
Everybody was affected by it. I noticed how my teachers weren't the same. So my school to help we donated money. It was over 4,000 dollars but that was still not enough. So we held a dance and I couldn't attend so I just donated the money anyway. But nobody is the same after what has happened. I walked through the hallway at school and bump into this person I never meet before and now I talk to her almost ever single day. The on thing I am afraid of the most is the what ifs.
I could not be able to live with myself so to the families of loved one's lost I wish you the best and always remember their in a better place. Also to all the soldiers everywhere good luck and god's speed. To Osama Bin Laden you can not hide forever we will find you because you are human and you are bound to make a mistake.

Jamie Cudd | 13 | California

#781 | Thursday, February 21st 2002
My name is Itay and i'm 13 years old.
I'm from israel and I'm not so good at English.

When the first plane bump into the first building i was in my way back from school.
when I came into my house, my brother told me "a plane bump into one of the "Twins"".
I didn't Knew very well what is the "twins" but I go apstairs and turn on the TV on "cnn" and I saw one of the twins burning. In this moment i remembred what is the "twins".
I ask my brother "this is a terror attack or some of the pilots lost control" (I thouth that maybe its a terror attack because in Israel we have a lot of terror attacks) We see the other plane bump in and we knew, this is a terror attack. Then the third plane bump into the Pantagon and I didn't realize what happen.
I think that the passengers that crashed their plane in a forest was brave because they save a lot people maybe.
then I had wouth movenent some kidd screamd "the end of the world the end of the world"
I think that you should be united.
and i saw a sticker "Am' Israel cry"
its meen the Israelies are cry.
That it

Itay Golan | 13 | Israel

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