#1523 | Tuesday, August 6th 2002
I was outside my orthodontist listening to the radio. My mum saw it on tv and thought it was a horror movie.
Miranda | 12 | Ireland

#1479 | Tuesday, July 16th 2002
I was in my band class,when the principal came on the P.A. system and told us everything. The news was on almost every station. It was devastating to everyone in the school. And on the way home on the bus, no one said anything. Watching the images was so terrible. So I stopped watching the T.V. for that entire week. When I went to bed I would listen to the radio(which I still do). I hope it never happens again
Ryan | 12 | Indiana

#1435 | Wednesday, July 3rd 2002
I was coming in from my school, Shotton Hall, England. Turned on the news as I always do and all I saw was smoke shooting out one of the twin towers!! I was wondering what had happened. I was worried. Then the reporter told of the plane crashing into it. I wondered who would do that other than;
A) Terrorists or
B) Russians?
Then my thoughts were broken when out of the blue, another plane crashed straight in!! Woosh! I didn't believe it. I went to tell my mam. After a while we saw the crash into the pentagon and the towers collapsing. That was it!! I went upstairs to punch my punch bag!! I don't drink, Chris Moyles Rocks!! Death to Bin Laden!!

Jamie Jones | 12 | United Kingdom

#1390 | Tuesday, June 11th 2002
In summer 2001 I was in NY. I bought a poscart of NY with the "tweens" on it for my friends wich are tweens. I gave them the poscart on September 11th without knowing what have happened half an hour befor. When I heared about what happened I could not belive that something like that could have happened especialy in NY. That story is wird.


Michelle | 12 | Israel

#1143 | Monday, April 1st 2002
September 11: just another ordinary day for a 12 year old girl. Just like every other Tuesday morning, I got up at 6:48, got dressed, did my make-up, and went into the bathroom to do my hair. I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't get it to go up. I was right in the middle of tying it up when my mom came in and said, “Come see this. This is something you are going to remember for the rest of your life.” So I ran into my TV room with my hair half up and was shocked that something like this could ever happen. The first thing I saw was “BREAKING NEWS,” then I saw the picture of the World Trade Center towers on fire. At first I thought that someone had accidentally caused a fire, but then I learned that a plane had crashed into it. Then I thought that there was nothing to worry about because it was just an accident. Then I saw on live TV another plane crash into the other tower. It was then that I realized that this was no accident. When the first tower collapsed, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then I had to go to school witch I really didn’t want to because I wanted to stay home and watch the news all day. There is no cable at our school, otherwise we would watch it there. Instead, all of our teachers were talking about it all day. We even had to right an essay about how we feel about it. That was the only essay I enjoyed writing. There was even an announcement on the loud speaker and they played the National Anthem. Everyone was talking about it and when I gout home, I learned that both of the World Trade Center towers had collapsed and that another plane had crashed into the Pentagon, and another is Pennsylvania. This was no coincidence. The news lady said that these actions were caused by terrists and I didn't find out till later that there was a specific group of terrists; there leader: Osoma bin Louden. My grandma and her boyfriend were over and we all just sat in amazement in front of the TV. It is so sad how so many innocent people died. I felt so bad, I wanted to do something about it, so my best friend and I decided to make little flag pins and sell them for a dollar each. 100% of their donations went to the World Trade Center Release Found. There were a lot of very generous people who put in a lot more that a dollar. Some people put in 20, 30, some even 40 dollars into the pot. People are now kind of forgetting about all this and I think we should be ready if something else happens.
Marcy Groves | 12 | California

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