#951 | Monday, March 11th 2002
When the attacks happened I was at school. Our principal came on over the PA system and told all teachers with access to cable in their classrooms to turn on their tv's cuz 'something important happened'...he didn't say what it was (of course my teacher didn't have access). That night I went to my grandma's house like I do every day after school and my grandma told me the news. I was so totally suprised I couldn't even belive it untill I watched the tv broadcasts. Then the next day I was at my friends house studying for a test when her aunt ran throught the door (not even knocking...it startled us) and was screaming "turn on the tv turn on the tv!!!" so we were all sitting there staring at the tv and that's when I was informed of the attacks coming from afghanastan...which I had never heard of untill then. me and some of my friends had tryed some ideas to raise money to send to the red cross...unfortunately the principal turned down EVERY idea we had. then our school decided to raise money by having the entire school make donations then the teachers each had to give $10 and they promised to double the amount! I think we came up with over $1,000!!! also my best friend and nextdoor neighboor's father is a fireman who traveled all the way from pekin Illinois to new york to help! And I want to say one more thing to all my friends and family... you know who you are...I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND HOPE YOU'RE ALWAYS SAFE AND NOTHING AS HORRIBLE AS THIS WILL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU! I HOPE YOU ALL LIVE A FULL AND HAPPY LIFE!

Nichole | 12 | Illinois

#873 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm in seventh grade. I woke up at about 6:30 and as usual, stumbled around, plugging in my curling iron and getting dressed. I turned the radio on and heard the announcer saying, "A plane flew into the World Trade Center!" I thought to myself, Yeah, right, and I figured it was a joke. I went downstairs and told my mom to turn on the TV to make sure it was a joke. But it wasn't - it was horribly real. I watched, shellshocked, as the second plane flew into the towers. At school, we watched the news all day and I heard someone say "Who cares?" I was disgusted. Later that day, I got a migraine headache and had to leave school. I felt better a few hours later and went onto a Harry Potter messageboard that I go on often. There were a ton of people talking about it - people from America, England, Canada, and hundreds of other countries. In the next few weeks, I was scared and angry. My best friend was scared too - her grandparents had flown from Boston to Las Vegas on September 10. I'm still scared, still angry, and things have changed.
Dana | 12 | Nevada

#825 | Wednesday, March 6th 2002
I think that september eleventh was good because it braught everyone together closer to god. I hope that it doesent happen again though because i do not want of my family members to get hurt. I was at home when it happend. I was sick. My grandma called me when it happend,she said have you been watching the news i said no so i turned on the t.v. and I saw it I started crying and thaught the world was going to end because it said in the bible that the world will end by one great world war and I hope it isn't in my time because i dont want to die i want to live my WHOLE life to be free.
Laura | 12 | Virginia

#670 | Friday, January 25th 2002
I was switching from industrial tech to math class when someone in the hall told me that this was happening. I felt so sad and worried and i have become very patriotic.
Jeff | 12 | Ohio

#613 | Sunday, January 6th 2002
It was the day of our middle school retreat but I don't think any of us realized just how important that day was. When the planes hit the building there was an anouncement over the P.A. system. Looking back I realize how much that retreat helped all of us deal with the shock. Our families weren't there so we comforted each other. I'll always see the tears running down my friends faces and the sight of students gathered around the visiting preist. For it isn't that one religion is could and the other bad. It isn't that Muslims are evil and Catholics good. It's not even the beliefs or theology of any specific religion. Religion is a miracle, something that grows out of people's need for compassion and love. You may sometimes doubt God, but never doubt the strength and purity of love.
Deanna Love | 12 | United States

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