#1273 | Tuesday, May 14th 2002
I was sitting in a Navy Lodge on Atsugi Naval Air Station with my parents.
I was stationed onboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63), forward deployed out of Yokosuka, Japan. My parents had flown in to visit me and see my ship for the first time in the three years that I was there.
On Sept. 10 a typhoon warning drove us into the safety of Atsugi's Lodge. The typhoon cleared Tokyo Bay mid after noon Sept 11. Keeping in mind that Tokyo is 16 or so hours ahead of the US, my late after noon was your pre-dawn hours.
I had gone out with a few friends to the onbase bar, Club Trilogy, for a quick drink.
When I arived back, my parents had passed out so I did the same.
I had been on leave for 15 days at that point, and like many Sailors on leave before me, I don't shave for as long as I can get away with it. That morning I did so that I could even get on my own ship.
We ate and preped for the day my parents were going to have as burned in there minds as the day I stood with a 3 inch thick rope in my hand down on the peir waiting for this WTC sized ship to do the strange dance a few hundred feet out.
We went down stairs without turning on the TV as we need to get an early start on the day. The front desk was empty. I knew of one cab company to call, none of us had cars (way to expensive in Japan) and we didn't want to walk the 3 miles to the train station. The Japanese cab driver told me he couldn't come on base. Which was odd, they always came on base. Went upstairs to look for the number of another cab company. My father turned on the TV just in time to see footage of the second plane. We sat there stairing for hours at the TV.
Four days later my Chain of Command told me that we had made preperations to get underway and I was being recalled from leave. I walked my parents to the gate, kissed my mother and told her how to get to the airport via the train. I watched until they cleared the gun implacments that the Marines had built up over night. I turned and without a second thought made all haist getting back aboard, the Warship Kitty Hawk. 12 hours later, nothing for miles around but deep blue water.

JOSN James Zike | 23 | District of Columbia

#1200 | Monday, April 22nd 2002
I was hard at work, typing away, when someone came by my desk and said an airplane just hit the world trade center. At first, I was like really? Then the longer I sat at my desk, the more unbelievable it became. I kept thinking, why would an airplane hit the world trade center. It was all over the news, so we turned on some televisions and watched in horror. Around 10:30 we were dismissed to go home. All the way home I listened on the radio, once I got home, I watched on television. I was in complete shock. I still am.
Susan Bray | 23 | Massachusetts

#1197 | Monday, April 22nd 2002
On the september 11th i was hospitalized in Laniado hospital in israel, and i remember i didnt have a t.v, but suddenly my boyfreind called me and told me there was a bombing in the twins, i was shocked, and i asked my mom to bring me a radio a.s.a.p
when she brought it i was already in the E.R. so i heard that the twins collapsed only after i came back to my room.
the next few days were one huge tragedy i remember each time i heard the news the no. of bodies & injuries was higher and higher, untill it was Too hard and i closed the radio.

i want to wish all the victims families be strong, and dont stop belive.
i m sure your beloved ones would like you to be strong enough to keep their memory alive with you.


SHIR MINIELY | 23 | Israel

#1147 | Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
I remember getting out of the shower, wrapping myself in a towel and sitting on the couch. I lit a cigarrete and flipped on the tv. This was about 8:40 am so news of the attacks wasn't on all the channels as it would be later in the day. I watched a couple minutes of the local news and decided nothing interesting was happening in Michigan so I flipped to CNN. This may have been just before the second impact or just after. I don't remember which. I sat there and stared and stared. I didn't cry but I just remember thinking that it wasn't real. I'll tell you that even after all was said and done, it never became real to me until days later. I called my mom and she was crying, screaming into the phone at me about how this could have never happened. I said little but I understood her sentiments exactly. I skipped my college classes that day and just drove around town smoking cigarrettes stopping at stores and just watching people go about their business as usual. Of course, people were talking about the morning's events but I felt like nothing was ever going to be the same again. I guess that in some ways, maybe more ways than we now know America will never feel as safe as it did on September 10th.
Sorry, rationalizing a little bit there. Please bear with me. Anyway, that driving around was one of the few things that made me feel better that day. Smoking a bunch of cigarettes helped too but I paid for that the next day by coughing my ass off.
One thing before I go: I hope to never again see that level of hopeless destruction, loss of life, and horror again as long as i live.

John Rethamel | 23 | Michigan

#1132 | Friday, March 29th 2002
Hi, I'm Lisa Morris. I live in Adrian, GA which is a town with approx. 700 people. I was sitting in my living room on September 11, & had just decided to walk to a neighbors house when a report come in over the television about the first plane hitting. I felt helpless. I did not want to be alone. I went on to my friends house. She knew nothing about it. We turned on her television, & we both just cried. I said "this has to be delebrate." "Someone wanted these people to die." About that time the second plane hit. My kids were in school but I had to go and get them. If something was to happen here, I'd want the last face they seen to be their mommy's, I thought. This proved that it can happen anywhere. I really don't know what else to say, but I know for the next two days, I did nothing.

May God bless the souls that were lost.
Thank you for letting me share this...

Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris | 23 | Georgia

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