#1375 | Thursday, June 6th 2002
Early on September 11th my 17 month old daughter woke with a bone chilling scream NO! NO! NO! I thought she was having a nightmare, she couldn't and wouldn't be comforted but after five minutes she went back to sleep and so did I. She happened to sleep in later than usual so instead of turning the tv on to Sesame Street at 8 am I was checking my email. As I scrolled down my start page I didn't even stop at the news section I headed straight to the stock market report and couldn't figure out why the Market hadn't changed. It was a Tuesday and no holiday I could think of. As I scrolled back up the page my eye caught the picture of the smoking Towers , I immediatly turned on the tv and the horrible reality hit me full force and suddenly inside my head was the echo of my daughters early morning screams...NO! NO! NO! Still to this day I can't shake that feeling whenever I see pictures or hear stories. In retrospect my daughter woke up screaming about the same time the first tower was hit we live in Las Vegas, 3 hours earlier than New York. I now wonder if it was a coincidence or if it was that wierd 6th sense little children seem to have early on. Whichever it will certainly be a very live memory in my mind forever.
Valinda | 23 | Nevada

#1341 | Wednesday, May 29th 2002
I was at work at around 8:30 on September 11th. I was leaving early that day to drive from Virginia where I live to Atlanta because I had Braves tickets for the next day. My job is collections over the phone so I call people all over the country and this one guy said a plane hit the World Trade Center. I thought it was just an accident. I had no idea at first how big it was. Then another lady told me a plane had hit the Pentagon so everyone around that time had gotten off the phone and was listening to the radio and all kinds of reports were coming in. People were telling all different stories. pretty soon my whole building was in the cafeteria glued to the television. I had recently bought the movies "Thirteen Days" about the cuban missle crisis and thats how I felt. People crying and staring in disbelief, not knowing what was coming next. Well I still went to Atlanta that day and the whole trip down there was surreal...just listening to the radio. I felt like the entire day was just some big movie, and though I wasn't directly involved with anything about September 11th, I was still greatly affected by it like every American. I just want to say I feel for everyone who lost family and friends that day. I have felt anger, sadness, asking myself why over and over....all those people who didn't have to lose their lives and did. I know that I'll never be the same.
Eugene Carrier | 23 | Virginia

#1297 | Sunday, May 19th 2002
I was in my apartment in DC. It wasn't really mine, just rented to me by the people I was interning with at a journalism center. We didn't have a tv, just a radio, so I first heard what happened when my friends mother called. He was squatting at the residence with me. We grabbed a bike and a skateboard and went over to the bar I spent the summer, almost every night at. We watched the tv there and spent the rest of the day hovering about the capital taking things in. The last thing I did was go see a house we were thinking of renting. Our careers in journalism begans only days afterwards. I remember trying to call home in NY and not getting through, finally settling for an okay message to family through email. I remember feeling alive.
Brandon Spun | 23 | District of Columbia

#1295 | Sunday, May 19th 2002
I was up on the morning of September 11, 2001 getting ready to go to school (at the University of Florida, aerospace engineering dept.) with the TV on a local channel when programming was interrupted after one plane had struck the WTC. I was horrified at the live video footage, but thought it must have been an accident. I continued to watch and saw in real time, as it happened, the second plane strike. Then I knew this was no accident. The event made my heart sink to the bottom of my feet, especially as I continued to watch and the first tower collapsed. I called my parents to make sure they were OK and my girlfriend in Texas to make sure she and her family were OK. It was completely devastating that morning and for months to come. Being that I had visited the Trade Centers several times and knew of their enormity, it was hard for me to believe they could actually collapse killing so many innocent men, women, and children. I will never forget the morning... I can still see it as clear as yesterday.
Zac Schinz | 23 | Florida

#1283 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
Me and my Mum didn't watch TV or listen to the radio that day because the weather was so nice and we decided to spend it in our garden, out of town. In the evening I took a train to Wroclaw, the city where I study, and my boyfriend met me at the platform. I was very happy to see him but he was pale. He was staring at me and asked me if I heard what happened in the US. As I was totally ignorant, I almost started joking about anti-globalists and so on. Then he asked me if I knew what the Twin Towers were. I'm studing the English and Amercian Philology so I knew very well, and then he said that they weren't there anymore. That they were attacked with passenger planes and collapsed. Then he said about the Pentagon. I thought this WAS serious now. The sky was grey and the birds wouldn't sing. People on the street were talking only about what hapenned in the US that afternoon (3 p.m. CET). But it still didn't sink in (I suppose after just hearing this noone could visualise these horrors!!!) and I still wanted to go to a party we planned for that evening. We did go and after we came back we turned the TV on. I was so shocked that I didn't want to sit down. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was surreal and horrible and it was something I never imagined... I was very, very scared. I started to feel embarassed that we went to the party. For hours to come, we were speechless. For weeks to come we were trying to think "why?!".
Ania | 23 | Poland

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