#712 | Friday, February 1st 2002
I was in my Organic Chemistry lab isolating caffeine from iced tea at the time and hadn't heard right away...and I thought I was going to feel better when I finished and left.
Andy | 19 | Pennsylvania

#707 | Thursday, January 31st 2002
At 8:30 my alarm went off, I had a 9:30 class. I got up, turned on the television, a habit I had only just picked up, got dressed, then sat at my computer to check my email. I was not really paying attention to the television. At about 8:55 I heard of a fire at the World Trade Center, so I stood to see what was going on, and saw the smoke billowing out of the top floors. As they were talking the newscaster kept mentioning that a plane had hit the building, and at this point it still seemed that it was a rumor or a small plane, they did not know for sure.

As I finished getting ready I listened to the television and turned to it as they were saying that it was defiantly a plane that hit the building, and it was a large commuter jet. As this was being said I noticed to the right of my screen another plane coming into the frame. As I stood there I thought that the plane was going to hit the building again. I watched in shock as the plane turned and aimed for the second building. I started shaking and did not stop. I knew I had to go soon after that and I finished getting ready. At my 9:30 class not many people had heard about what happened and I could not say anything I just sat there and pictured the plane hitting the building. When I got out of class at 11:00 I went to the campus center and learned that the towers had fallen, the Pentagon had been hit, and a plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

I could not cry that day; I just sat and watched the news, fell asleep and had no dreams. I woke up not thinking about what had happened. About a week later I had a couple nightmares, finally turned off the news, and began trying to get back to normal. This is not an easy thing to do since there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about it at least once.

Melissa Miglaiccio | 19 | Pennsylvania

#703 | Thursday, January 31st 2002
I remember going to bed on the 10th and thinking “wow I don’t have class tomorrow and I’m off from work, all I’m going to do is sleep”. I then turned off my alarm clock and went to bed. On the morning of 9/11 I had awoken at 8:25 a.m. the time of day that I dread, the ironic thing is that I never wake on time when I have to work or go to school and on my day off I did. I tried to go back to bed but couldn’t so I turned on the television, and saw a picture of a building on fire; I first thought it was a movie so I turned the channel only to see the same picture with the caption on the bottom of the screen that read (World Trade Center buildings collapse in terrorist act) then seconds later to see a picture of the Pentagon on fire and hearing Bryant Gumball say “America is under attack” my heart hit the floor I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach. Being hundreds of miles away from the catastrophe I felt scared and vulnerable. I then immediately called my mother to see if she was okay. After checking the whereabouts and safety of friends and family all I wanted to do was to go back to sleep hoping to wake up again to have all of this been a horrible dream. But it’s not a dream it’s our horrible reality.
Lorenzo | 19 | Texas

#673 | Saturday, January 26th 2002
I woke up that morning and had a Chem class at 8. I hit snooze on my clock and decided to skip it for one day. My roommate did the same. She got up within the half hour and went into the lounge to watch tv. A few minutes later she comes running back into the room. "Someone flew a plane into the world trade center!" she exclaimed. After that moment I was awake. UNC canceled classes for the rest of the day and then revoked it but I had already missed all my classes that day. I sat in shock infront of CNN and tried to think about what awful reprocussions this could have on how americans treat anyone of arab decent. My boyfriend, 3rd generation american like me, is, unlike me, arab by blood. I got really scared for his life/safety. Retaliation is good...hate is not.
TheInamousJ | 19 | North Carolina

#655 | Thursday, January 24th 2002
I walked towards the mess in His Majesty Kings Guard (military,Norway), when a guy came shouting to me that two planes had hit the WTC and one had just hit the Pentagon... It felt like a punch in my face, I thought "now is the time when the whole world is at war.. and I just had to be in the military this year!" I also felt like it was my own countrymenn being hit. I have had an american fiance, and I feel like an american. It was a terrible shock and I felt so bad for everyone on the planes, their families and the entire nation. "I`m glad I have my security in Jesus!" was my second thought when I first heared about the attacks...
Finn-Erik Wathne | 19 | Norway

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