#636 | Thursday, January 17th 2002
I was driving to my golf class at the wonderful Eastern Michigan University and I was listening to a local morning talk show on the radio and they were discussing the first plane that the building. It was hard to understand what they were talkingabout because they normally are pulling pranks sanf telling jokes. They then said a second plane hit the building and the pieces started to come together. I was shocked and confused and I had to go to class. I got there, and eveyone was watching TV and everyone was scared. Our intsrtuctor let us go and I went home and watched Fox news channel the rest of the day.
Jacob Taylor | 19 | Michigan

#593 | Monday, December 31st 2001
I was at home sleeping when I was awoke by the sound of the reporters hollering on TV. I had fell asleep the night before watching the news about Gary Condit.
When I had woke up only the first plane had hit but I instantly knew that something was wrong. I started to look out all the windows to make sure we were not all being attacked. A few minutes later the second plane had hit and then the news of all air traffic being halted and then hearing about of the other 2 attacks. It all had happened so fast that it was all very hard to register. It just didnt sense.
It was very hard to believe something so tragic could happen.

Matthew Crimmins | 19 | Iowa

#529 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I slept late that morning and woke up to the phone ringing. It was around 9:30am. I answered the phone, half asleep, and heard my sister-in-law on the other end. She was talking a mile a minute and I could hardly understand her. I finally figured out she was wanting me to turn on the tv, so I got up and turned it on. I could not believe my eyes. I remember thinking about all the people in the buildings and I knew there was no way everybody had gotten out. I was scared and upset. Even though it all happened so far from Mississippi, it still hurt me. My first thought was to go pick up my 2 year old son from pre-school. My Mom had taken him for me that morning. My sister-in-law came over a little while later and we sat and watched the news all day. I was basically glued to the tv for 4 days, watching the Fox News or CNN. Everytime I think about what happened that day, I get teary-eyed. It is so hard to believe that something like this happened on American soil. This is the kind of thing that happens in other places, not here in the USA. I doubt that I will ever forget that day as long as I live. I doubt anybody will forget that day. I pray for the victims and their families. I have no idea how they feel, but I know it must be awful.
Amanda | 19 | Mississippi

#528 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I was about to move into my own apartment, so my mom and I were in my college town buying furniture. I was stiring in bed while my mom went downstairs to get some breakfast. Just as I was getting up my mom came running in crying saying something about turn on the tv and the news and attacks. So I turned on the TV and we just watched for what seemed like an eternity. The first tower had already fallen, and we watched the 2nd tower fall. It was all so surreal. I didn't know how to feel or to act. I was so stunned and numb and upset. My dad was away camping, but I really wanted to talk to him. I wanted to see all of my friends to know that they were ok. It was very scary. I just needed to be around friends and family. The feelings came in waves. I would be very upset for awhile, and then I'd go kind of numb again. I watched the news non-stop for days. I couldn't get enough of it.

I wanted to support our country, to buy a flag and was so proud of how our country was handeling it. Until the attacks on Arab-Americans started happening. That was so incredibly lame. They chose to live in America for a reason, why can't people see that. There are millions of Arabic people, and the chances of them being a terrorist or even knowing one are slim to none. I can't stand that kind of ignorance and prejudice. I became very angry at the situation. I no longer wanted a flag because I saw these people with flags hurting others and I don't stand for that.

Then we went to war. I am very against this as well. I understand that we need to find who did this, and I'm all for that, but bombing the hell out of a war-stricken, poverty-ridden country?? What good is this doing except to feed our violence hungry society? This isn't justice. Justice will be when we find whoever did this and hold them accountable.

I also hate all this September 11 stuff mixed in with the war because the 2 really have very little to do with each other. Yes September 11 was what started it, but the similarities pretty much end there. Bin Laden is obviously alluding us, but that doesn't really matter because the US is pursuing bombing cities where they know he isn't more than they are trying to find him. Also the mixture of the 2 is like justifying this whole situation. Like America is the poor, defenseless victim. America has so much power in the world its hard to see how anyone could think of us as the victim. Yes Americans were unjustly killed, and I am very adamently against whoever has perpetrated these attacks, but I don't see killing innocent, uninvolved people as the solution. Not to mention that America goes around putting its nose in every other countries affairs for our own advancement, and when things go haywire for them, act like its not our fault. We have a very large set of problems that we are actively ignoring and pretending we didn't create, so this whole victim thing is a little bit disturbing to me.

I am very happy to be living in America, but I think that some things need changing. Like Americans' attitude that we're untouchable, and that we're so much better than every other country. Also, I think that we need to have better foreign interests...other than doing things solely for our benefit.

I also don't think that whoever planned the September 11th attacks should be put to death. Thats too easy. I think they should be put in a tiny little cell covered in paintings of happy people and bright colors. And music should play 24 hours a day with positive messages. And a television should play videos of people who were killed in the attacks at their weddings, births, videos of when they were children, at their birthdays, etc. And most importantly, I think prominent members of their faith (whatever that may be) should teach them every day about what their religion is really about. I don't think that they should be let out on good behavior, because these people are psycho, but brilliant and could fake it, but I do think that we may as well try something else because what we're currently doing isn't working.

I don't think that killing somebody is the answer because somebody else will just take their place. There is no one person that controls terrorism. It needs to be stopped in the minds of the terrorists, not just by cutting off their leader.

Julia Corcoran | 19 | California

#509 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I was just leaving the house to go to work when I saw that my brother was watching the news and a plane was crashing into the world trade center. I didn't know what to think at first. How could it be real? I don't think it really hit me until I was work listening to the radio (all day) and they said the towers were collapsing. It was unbelievable. I couldn't believe it. Stuff like that isn't supposed to happen. I think we must have had every radio on where I work, not wanting to miss a second of what was happening. On the internet I watched videos of what I had missed. I don't think you can forget such graphic horrible pictures. My heart sank when I watched the towers go down, but I think what hurt the worst was watching the bodies fall from the buildings. I don't think I've ever seen anything so horrible and I never want to see anything like it again. I can't imagine what it was like and what it must be like for people more directly connected to the tragedy. I'm about as far removed as you can get, but my heart ached that day and I can only hope like so many others that such things will never happen again.
Heather | 19 | Colorado

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