#809 | Sunday, March 3rd 2002
i was feeding my two week old son, alex when a friend of my husbands called and simply said "turn on your tv.. it doesnt matter what channel.. its everywhere.." so we turned on the tv just in time to see the pentagon attacked.. i cried as i held my son, scared about what i had done, bringing him into a world on the brink of war.. now i know what it is.. ive brought him into a more compassionate world, a more peaceful family, a more aware country.. a more loving home
kristen | 21 | Massachusetts

#808 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I was in school when all this was happening. I am a intern with the attendance officer at my school, so I hang out in his room for a period a day, helping out with the attendance and whatnot. He left the room, like he usually does a couple times, and I just sat back and watched the office. 5 minutes later he came running in and said "a plane just hit the world trade center!" I didn't think anything at first, because I couldn't. But I honestly thought it was a little private jet or whatever. We tried to log on to the internet but there was very little info to get. So he left the room again to find out more information. Again, he came bombing in 5 minutes later and said "they just hit the pentagon!" From that moment on, my day was changed. The principal made an annoucement over the P.A. stating NY was under attack but not to panic. From then on out, the school was in shock and disbelief. A day I will never ever forget.
Tim Osgood | 17 | Massachusetts

#791 | Tuesday, February 26th 2002
I remember 9/11 too clearly. I was in French class when my teacher came running in and told us the news and how her relatives(now safe) worked at the WTC. She said one had called and said a plane had hit, but right after this the connection went off. Leaving us to work on compositions, she went outside to frantically call her relatives. After this period, we were all led into the library to watch what was happening, getting there just as the first tower collapsed. I remember clearly the teachers hadn't told us about this earlier and so when we found out, both planes had already hit, leaving us to think, up until third period, it was just a normal Tuesday. But it wasn't, as we had assembly after assembly, tests canceled, auditions canceled, everything canceled. I also keep a journal, and I read my September 10 entry just now about a test on 9-11: "I'm dreading tomorrow! I don't want to go to school..." and it went on, but those two sentences stuck in my mind. I'm sure many people, had they known, would say the same about going to work.
Sorry its long.

janie | 15 | Massachusetts

#775 | Tuesday, February 19th 2002
I was at work when a friend called at the same time someone instant messaged me "a plane flew into the WTC". I was dumbfounded. Had to be an accident. Had to be. So, a few of us went into the gym, where there are tv's. There is was up there on the screen. There had to be 30 to 40 of us in there. Then as we watched in total horror, the 2nd plane hit. How could this be. Now there had to be about 100 of us in there. Crying, hugging. No one could believe what they saw. Then news that the Pentagon was hit. No one could work. No one could believe this could happen. The things that were so important at 8:40am suddenly did not matter one bit. Then as time went on, news that 3 of our technicians were on the 100th floor of Tower 2. No way. This is a bad dream. Disbelief turns to dispair. But, it would not end there. They next day news that friends were on flight 11. This is just too much. I will always remember where I was and who I was with. It feels like yesterday. We will never forget. And we shouldn't in memory of those we lost.
T. Keene | 39 | Massachusetts

#726 | Monday, February 4th 2002
on september 11th 2001 i was sitting in my 3rd peroid science class, doing a worksheet. i had no idea what was going on in our country until about 12:30 in the afternoon. i didnt know what actually happened. all i knew was that something happened in New York. i still have the worksheet that i was doing when the first plane hit the world trade center.
Lynnette | 13 | Massachusetts

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