#634 | Wednesday, January 16th 2002
As I sat with my coffee, watching the Today show, there was a breaking story, I was praying it was not another "school shooting", being a mother of two young kids, 9 and 6 that is always my "fear". Then to see the actual story, the World Trade Center.
I sat at the edge of my couch and prayed. At that time, we didn't know what the "problem" was, only speculation. Then I called my sister to tell her to turn on the t.v. As I sat there praying for survivors and the answer to HOW this had happened, the 2nd plane was aiming itself to the next building. I stood up & screamed "NO"!
I knew at that moment, THIS IS NOT RIGHT! THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!! Just hearing Matt Lauer's voice drop and hearing his words, so somber and lost. I again called my sister, crying and yelling at her! I then called my husband, a Milford MA. Police Officer. He was working a detail at the time. He was later removed from his detail, as were all the police officers in town, for a "meeting". Then waiting to hear the rest of the news, the Pentagon had been hit! Then the Pennsylvania crash. I have a dear friend in the Marines, not knowing if he had moved yet to Washington, I needed to contact his mother to find out. Thankfully, he was safe, but yes, in Washington working at the Pentagon. I remember going to my back porch, looking up at the blue sky and crying out loud. Thinking of little children on the plane or their mommy's and daddy's at work, thinking of the people just walking or driving to work in NYC and watching, witnessing that plane! I just cried. I then went out to my flag pole and brought the flag at half mass. Crying as I'm doing this. I remember, just sitting for the rest of the morning, watching in disbelief the news and updates. Waiting for my children to come home, I got them off the bus, I sat them down and trying to hold back the tears, told them what had happened to our country, editing alot of the actual information. My son, being 6, was upset, but more so because mommy was upset. My 9 year old daughter realized on that day what her daddy's job description entailed. I told them that we needed to pray for all police and firefighters and so many innocent families that night and to bless the hero's who saved others, but went to heaven themselves. It was a brief talk, because I didn't want to scare them, but I DID want them to understand what was happening from me, as opposed to kids at school. After our talk, my daughter went upstairs to change into her play clothes, she came down and was wearing her NYC t-shirt I got her just 4 months before September. She said, "I'm wearing this for the people of NYC, so I can think of them!" I sobbed and hugged her so tight. She understood. That weekend, we donated money, my kids went to their piggy banks and also donated their money. My husband and I went to NYC Sunday, Sept. 23rd. He needed to extend his condolances to his fellow police officers and I needed to, as the wife of a police officer. No words can and will NEVER explain how it was like to "see" the rubble.
NO WORDS ..Their simply are no words.
I pray for all the victims, families, and our country! GOD BLESS US ALL!

LYNDA POISSANT | 35 | Massachusetts

#516 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
When the terrorist attacks took place, I was at work. I heard the awful news from my co-worker. I was totally stunned and in shock. I was also very, very upset. I felt numb, didn't know what to think. A good friend of mine goes to school in New York. All I could think was, 'Is he OK?' I also wanted to understand more about what had happened. I was so worried about him when I heard the news. I also thought, 'The World Trade Center has been attacked AGAIN?', referring to the 1993 bombing. I could not believe what I was hearing. The whole thing was just such a nightmare, I wondered if I was dreaming. Then I realized that I wasn't. This had really happened. I had so many emotions in me at that time.
Melissa | 21 | Massachusetts

#468 | Wednesday, December 12th 2001
On September 11th, 2001 I was at work in the shop called Dreamscapes. My boss Theresa was in Europe. Only one colleague was there with me as we listened to the morning news as usual. I was creating a valance at the time the reportage begin. We both stood there shocked as we slipped stitched or did herrenbone stitches to prepare the drapes, I now can't remember where we were in the process, but I recall feeling too stunned to focus and continue. We listened intently about the on-goings listing each event and the next two hours after the first attack was hell, but we continued sewing those drapes. We called a few relatives to see how they were affected and prayed no one we knew were victims, but we were hurt just the same. I left from work early and came home and watched television for the next two days, practically in awe for the next 24 hours. I cried and never felt more patriotic in my life. I did not go out because I was in too much pain. I called my friends in New York and they were alright, but they all had friends that weren't as fortunate. I went to New York one week later and took photos of the damage, and created a fundraising photographic poetry book entitled "I answered for myself" by Michael G. Penn which is now a part of my fundraising project for the people of New York and Washington who suffered through this horrific incident. It's about peace and forgiveness. Forgiveness is divine.
Michael G. Penn | 41 | Massachusetts

#462 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
It was exactly 10:30 AM. I was sitting in my Spanish class. There was 4 minutes left in class. The only thing I was worried about at the time was the long 4 minute wait for the bell to ring. Then the principal came over the loudspeaker. He said: "We have some breaking news, a national tragedy has just occured. Two planes have crashed into the World Trade Centers in an apparent terrorist attack. This is a horrible tragedy. Anyone who has fear that a relative of theirs has been involved by this, please come to the office so we can contact a relative." Now I was worried if Boston was going to be bombed or attacked. Class let out and I went to my History class. We watched the news on TV and I started crying. it's amazing how quickly my veiws and thoughts changed.
Leanne | 14 | Massachusetts

#433 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was leaving my office to go home. It was my oldest son's first day of pre-school, so my wife and I were going with him. As I stepped out of my office, the guy across the hall told me that a plane had hit one of the towers, and that they weren't sure if it was an accident or terrorists. He had a photo from CNN.com loaded and I saw it and then left.

When I got in my car I tuned to WBZ in Boston and heard that there was another plane that hit the Pentagon. My first thought was, "Oh my God, the country's under attack!" My mind started to wander too far and I thought about Washington being attacked and then LA and how any center of power would be a target.

When I got to my house, my wife and my mother (who had come to watch our other 2 sons) were there with very distressed looks on their faces. We didn't say anything because we didn't want to alarm the kids in any way, but our faces spoke volumes.

I ran upstairs to try to get some info from CNN on the television in the bedroom, and I saw the video of the tower collapsing. I've never been to NYC and have never seen the towers in person, but it sent chills down my spine to see that huge building fall to the ground.

The car ride to pre-school was very quiet, and luckily we had Raffi playing, so we didn't talk about it. It was a very unfortunate event to associate with my first son's first day of pre-school. The image of that tower going down is forever etched in my mind.

Joe Traverso | 33 | Massachusetts

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