#1004 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I was snoozing away when my roomate busts into my room and starts ranting and raving about a terrorist attack. My mind too like 5 minutes to figure out what he was saying
Timothy Shepherd | 21 | Nevada

#809 | Sunday, March 3rd 2002
i was feeding my two week old son, alex when a friend of my husbands called and simply said "turn on your tv.. it doesnt matter what channel.. its everywhere.." so we turned on the tv just in time to see the pentagon attacked.. i cried as i held my son, scared about what i had done, bringing him into a world on the brink of war.. now i know what it is.. ive brought him into a more compassionate world, a more peaceful family, a more aware country.. a more loving home
kristen | 21 | Massachusetts

#766 | Sunday, February 17th 2002
I was in college when a tutor told us a plane had hit the WTC. At first I thought it was a single engine Cessna, then one of my class mates got a phone call telling him the WTC had been destroyed and they were evacuating the Pentagon. I left college that day and found a crowd of people in an electrical goods store, standing round a T.V. I remember turning away the first time I saw the second plane hit. I went home and watched Sky News for two days, praying they would find some survivors.
Stephen | 21 | United Kingdom

#761 | Thursday, February 14th 2002
i was walking through the university of arkansas student union when a saw a huge group of people gathered around a television, I asked a fellow student what was going on, and he said "a plane flew into the world trade center" at first i thought he meant like a little self piloted plane, but when i saw the screen for the first time, was just bout the time the first tower collapsed. I couldn't believe my eyes, i felt like i was watching a bad action movie or something. it didn't seem real. i was glued to the television all that day, and the events of that horrible day still cling to me.
David | 21 | Arkansas

#734 | Thursday, February 7th 2002
i woke up to leave for school (i was in boston) and noticed that i'd left the television on all night. all i saw on the screen was chaos. only one tower had been hit at that point.

all i know is that people are being absolutely phony about this monumental occurance. i hear plenty of people grieving about how this has spiritually effected them, etc., but they're still the same assholes that cut people off and make fun of people via stereotyping. what will it really take for everyone to fucking wake up? probably nuclear holocaust.

mark | 21 | Connecticut

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