#1154 | Friday, April 5th 2002
I was in my dorm room, sleeping. My roommate burst in around 10:30 asking me to turn on my TV to the news 'cause she had just heard. Scrambling for the CNN channel, I was just able to wake up before the first tower collapsed. My roomate was a transfer from NYU, she was frantically calling her old friends for the next couple hours.
Melinda Rhoadhouse | 21 | Ohio

#1122 | Wednesday, March 27th 2002
the T.V. alarm woke me up that day and the first image was "breaking news" and then i heard what had happened, i didn't believe it at first so i changed channels because i thought it was a hollywood movie, anyways after about 5 diff channels it finally sank into my mind what a tragic day this had become...
Mike D | 21 | Canada

#1114 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
I was in my psychology class at college when a fellow student entered the room and told us that a plane had crashed in the top of the World Trade Center in NYC. Initially, I thought it was a horrible accident. However, by the time I had reached my car and turned on the radio for the drive back to my apartment, the towers had already fallen and the Pentagon was in flames. I was appalled and aghast by the images on television that day. My thoughts and prayers are with all families and friends of those who were lost as well as those who have survived and are on the road to recovery. May God bless and keep you for all of your days.
Ali | 21 | Kentucky

#1089 | Thursday, March 21st 2002
I was with my wife at her doctors appointment. The due date for our son was approaching and that was all that was on my mind that day, and then we heard a nurse begin to sob. Both my wife and I had been going once sometimes twice a month to this office and had begun to get to know the nurses fairly well, so I asked her what was wrong and she said her husband might be dead and ran past us.. turns out her husband worked in the pentagon ( as many people in my area do), luckily he turne dout to be very lucky that day and survived unscathed. thy had a small television in the doctors office, however I did not get to see much of it because my wife and I were in the patients exam room hearing our sons heart beat. when we walked out of the office we saw footage of the second plane flying into the world trade centers. We reached our vehicle and I immediately turned on my favorite rock station ( 98 rock in Baltimore, Md) where the normal programming on at that time was the morning comedy team of kirk, mark, and lopez. anyone who knows this program knows that these guys normally make a joke of everything, and this time nobody wa sluaghing.. they were giving up to the minute reports on what was happening... my area was panicked.. Baltimore being so close to the d.c. area was in a state of panic, everywhere in Maryland was in a state of panic. I remember us just pulling into our driveway, and just turning on the television.. just watching the footage of the carnage in D.C. /Arlington Pennsylvania and NY.. I just kepy thinking.. what kind of a world am I bringing my first born son into?? The fact my son was born on the same day that Anthrax was realeased into the senate office building in D.C. has not made me any less concerned about the world my wife and I brought my son into. One thing is for certain, our country will never ever be the same again.
Joe | 21 | Maryland

#1051 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
I was getting ready for work, as usual. My husband had earphones on, as he usually listens to sports talk before work. Before we left home he informed me that the station reported there being an explosion at the Pentegon. I regret to say my only thoughts were "wow, that sucks." He turned off the earphones for our ride to work, and he dropped me off at my job before continuing to his.

Usually my fellow employees are wandering around the store getting things ready for opening. I found them all crowded in the break room, staring at the small TV that never gets good reception. That day it was getting good reception. They all had tears in thier eyes. And that's when I saw the clouds of smoke on the TV. That's when I learned what had happened. Even the jokesters and insensitive ones that worked with me were fighting the tears.

Minutes after I got there, a tower colapsed. A few of us left, not wanting to watch any longer.

Shortly before 8am one of my coworkers usually gets on the intercom and tells a witty joke. That day she said a prayer. All of us in the store stopped what we were doing, and bowed our heads.

We opened the doors for business, although hardly anyone came that day, and the ones that did were quiet, with tears in thier eyes. The whole day we took turns in the breakroom, watching the latest. Even customers would wander into our breakroom at the sound of the news station.

No one seemed to want to work. It was if our jobs were all of a sudden meaningless. I tried to find something to do, just to make that day go by faster, but nothing made it go away. It's a day I will never, ever forget.

Bonnie | 21 | Arizona

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