#1382 | Friday, June 7th 2002
I had a 9:30 am Political Science class at Baylor University. Usually in the mornings I turn on Fox News while I get dressed and ready for class, however, this morning I woke up late and didn't bother to. When I got into class everyone looked upset and were mumbling among themselves when the Professor walked in and said, "Of course you have all heard the news by now of the world events unfolding, so I'll just take this class time to disucss it." I had no idea what was going on, until he started talking about it. At that point the the two towers were still standing as far as we knew, we knew the pentagon had been hit, and we thought the State Department had been car bombed. A girl walked into class late, and announced that the towers had fallen...it was a feeling that I hadn't felt since the Oklahoma City bombing. I spent the rest of the day in my dorm room absorbing the news and thinking through what impact this would have on our future. And I joined with the rest of the nation in prayer. God Bless America, the victims, God bless our President, and America.
Frosty | 19 | Texas

#1380 | Friday, June 7th 2002
I was on my way to work and was running
late. I work at a stock brokerage firm in Houston, Texas. When I got to my office I noticed the receptionist was in my office on my phone crying. I asked a fellow office worker what was going on and she said Hijackers had hijacked four planes and crashed 2 into the World Trade Centers & 1 into the Pentagon and a 4th was still in the air. She said she told the receptionist to use my phone so she would have some privacy because her brother worked at the Pentagon and she was frantically trying to find out if he was OK. About this time our Branch Manager came over the PA and announced that they had ordered the building evacuated. Our offices are in the Continental Airlines Building. I stayed behind so I could help our receptionist look for her brother. After calling for about an hour she finally got a hold of her mother and found out her brother was OK. I have always been an extremely patriotic person and I remember the feeling of rage that I had watching the TV the rest of that day. I remember at one point I screamed at my TV screen "Whoever your are you just messed with the wrong country". I will never forget that day.

Debbie | 41 | Texas

#1365 | Sunday, June 2nd 2002
On September 11th, I woke up around 9:30 AM and went into the community bathroom in my dorm at my university. A friend of mine said, "Two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center. Both of them (WTC) had collapsed", and after hearing it, I was absolutely shocked. It was like getting punched in the stomach real hard for me. Than I go to the front desk and ask someone if something bad had happened. He said, "Yes" in a calm, but shocked voice. As I left I heard on the radio that another airplane crashed in Pennsylvania. Than I go eat breakfast than go back to my room to watch TV. It was very bad. I could not believe that the World Trade Center was gone. It was my favorite building. It was like losing a close friend to me. I was also saddened to hear that many people were killed. Than I go to class. I felt school should be cancelled. I saw images of the World Trade Center collapsing and I was in absolute state of shock and nearly passed out. I was very nauseated by the sight of WTC collapsing. Than I go online when class is done, and see some people on an online forum laughing at the terrorist attack and some saying that America deserves it. I cannot believe people say that kind of trash, especially when everyone is in shock. These people who laughed at 9-11 were young people who are spoiled brats and sheltered. I saw this sickness the days following 9-11 and said to myself why say this kind of trash, when everyone is reeling from the attacks. Those kind people need to seek help. Blaming America is ignorance at its worse and just sends a message that oppressive governments in Middle Eastern and Third World nations that it is OK to oppress and kill their own people. I am firm believer in free speech, but there is times when you don't say bad stuff. Freedom is never absolute and comes with responisibilities. I was absolutely devastated by the attacks on American soil, more of an attack on humanity. To this day I am very saddened and devasted about the 9-11 attacks and the loss of the World Trade Center. I hope Osama bin Laden will pay the ultimate price for what he did. I have a message to all terrorist scum. America will never fall. God Bless America.
Raymond | 21 | Texas

#1284 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
I was in school...matterafactly I was sitting in a cafeteria chair waiting for the 8:10 bell to ring..when my friend came to me. She was angry because she couldnt go home. She said and I quote, " You know we should be at home...the world trade center just got hit!" I didnt know what she was talking about at first...then the news flashed on the screen and about that time...I realized that wasnt an accident. I was quiet that whole time...then the second plane hit and tears fell from my eyes. Ive never cried in school...I was terrified to think that us...United States of America could just be attacked like that. My friends started laughing and joking about it. I screamed and ran away. Why is it that when everyhthing seems like its going good something so tragic happens? Why does it always rain on the parade? God..Why did this happen...When i think about all those people laying forever more in the ruble...But i do think no matter how horrible this is...it could have been worse. Something some where was waking us up. We arent invinsible and we will never be. We need to remember that.
Carol Ellis | 13 | Texas

#1254 | Monday, May 6th 2002
September 11th is my daughter's birthday. We were planning for her party when I finally turned on the news and saw the horrific tragedies going on. I will always remember that day because it is my child's birhtday and that was the most terrified I've been in all my life.

Candice | 21 | Texas

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