#1524 | Wednesday, August 7th 2002
Our 9/11 flight was schedualed to depart from Akron/Canton airport in Ohio headed for Dallas and I was running late as usual as my husband called me to the T.V.
We all gathered around and watched in horror as the first plane hit.
The weird thing about 9/11 for me was that I am a very religious person with a great fear of flying and when I set out on our vacation on the 7th I forgot my rosary in which I NEVER travel without. I got a severe pain in my stomach and told my husband something bad was going to happen. To my amazement it did. A few weeks prior to our vacation my husband and I were talking one evening and we were asking each other "what if" questions and I asked him if it were possible to be invaded by air. He replied with a grin and said no way... As a writer, I always dig for the worst case senerio and when the events of 9/11 happened - I was in awe.
To top it all off, my husband who knows about my fear of flying joked with me on the plane as two arab looking men scanned the isles of the plane. He said, uh-oh we have terrorist aboard... Now to this day, I sit here and wonder if the two men I saw that day on the plane were involved...
They were not sitting together, however as a watcher I pay close attention and they were making eye contact. They scanned the isles for no reason, as they never went to the bathroom.
I will always wonder, however at the same time I will always thank the lord above that my family - my husband and our two children were not aboard a plane that day. My heart goes out to all who have suffered and my prayers are eternal.
God Bless and always keep the hope and faith alive!

Michelle E. Sheetz | 26 | Texas

#1514 | Thursday, August 1st 2002
I know its a little late, but what the hell, here goes. That day changed my life as it did the whole world. I thought maybe we are living in the end times only because I had never before seen or imagined anything like this to ever happen. My first reaction was, "Send them all (Muslims/Arabs) back home." I remembered a discussion I had with this BandlaDeshi guy named Raqib, prior to 9/11. We were talking about World History, one of his favorite subjects. I told him that I was once told that Italians have Black/African in them. He said that Italy was once conquered by the Moors, who were Black Arabs and that Spain was also conquered by them too. I said, "It's a good thing they didn't
succeed." Raqib said proudly, "They should've taken all of Europe." I got mad when he said that and he later apologized. I told him, "If you foreigners can't stand America so much, then why the hell are you here."
So on Sept. 11th I thought about Raqib and all of his other Muslim friends who probably have similar thoughts about Americans, and how easy it is for any foreigner to get in. Is there any way to prevent them from getting in. The only way I could think of is if they do away with the open door policy. No more immigrants of Arabian descent. I know its prejudice, but I have to admit after 9/11 I am a little prejudice against Muslim/Arabs. I am of Mexican descent, but first, I am American, and I know that by saying words like "No more immigrants", that means Latinos as well. I am fourth generation Mex/American, so I don't know Mexico. But from what I do know, I sure am glad that I wasn't born there. I know that what I am suggesting will never happen, its virually impossible. I guess thats whats so scary about the whole thing. The realization that America is not safe from foreign attack. Foreigners will still come, and then one day "BOOM!" It will happen again.
I was 4 months pregnant on 9/11 and wondered why I was bringing a child into this crazy world? The answer I came up with was, "It was already crazy to begin with."In the words of the great Billy Joel, "We didn't start the fire.....It was always burning since the worlds been turning."

J Jaime | 23 | Texas

#1494 | Wednesday, July 24th 2002
Dallas, TX - The most horrifying memory I have is driving into work listening to the radio. There was a frantic caller asking Kidd Kraddick (local deejay) to confirm the flight number of the first plane that had hit the WTC....apparently she had a loved one on the flight. Usually people call radio stations around that time in the morning to win concert tickets or something.

You could tell that he had the information, but was searching for a way to tell her. I mean, how do you tell someone that live on a radio talk-show? His voice just broke a little and he said "ma'am...our prayers are with you" and she understood.

Patty | 25 | Texas

#1462 | Wednesday, July 10th 2002
I'am a paramedic and was still in bed sleeping that tuesday morning after a long night when my relief called in saying he was going to be a little late so i just rolled back over and closed my eyes. After awhile the door to our station slamed open and my relief turned on the t.v and woke everybody up when I finally got up and walked to day room just in time to see the second plane hit and my jaw just hit the floor,When the first building fell my thoughts where the firefighters. Its strange I cant remember wher I was just last week but I'll never forget where I was sept.11,2001.GOD BLESS AMERICA.
MIKE MARTINEZ | 32 | Texas

#1432 | Tuesday, July 2nd 2002
I was in my college dorm, letting myself wake up slowly like I usually do. I was partially dressed, sitting at the computer with VH1 on the television in the background for 'noise'. When I heard a break in the music I turned and saw that they were reporting on a plane crash to the WTC. I remember switching over to CNN in a daze and actually seeing the second plane crash into the tower. By this time I had to leave for class so I picked up my walkman and turned it on. My favorite music station had been replaced by CNN radio and it was in the middle of class that I heard about the second tower's collapse. I had to work that night, and I remember how all the televisions in the store were turned to the news, and that it was virtually empty. I didn't sleep that night, just watched the television until class at eight that next morning. It was horrible. I never cried, but I could feel my heart break.
Shannon | 20 | Texas

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