#1119 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
I was at my first class of the day and my friend told me that planes had hit the WTC but she said it as though it was sort of an accident. After my second class I over heard so many people talking about it I ran back to my dorm room to turn on the tv and just couldn't believe my eyes. That day will live in my head for the rest of my life.My dad said he can remember where he was the day JFK was shot. And this is something my generation will always remember where they were. Everytime I hear the songs with the clips from 9-11 it makes me come close to crying if not crying. I just hope that this will make people think about what they do before they do it. Peace forever.
Tim | 19 | Michigan

#1064 | Monday, March 18th 2002
I was in my first block of classes in Culinary school. My best friend and I had run to the bathroom before starting to cut required veggies. Upon our return, our classmates told us that two planes had ran into the World Trade Center. I felt sick because I had been to the center two weeks prior to that date. While I was there, my mother and I commented on how horrible it must have been in 1993 when it was bombed. It was mind blowing to me that we had questioned that and now this was happening. My classmates and I couldn't concentrate on our work as a student ran in to tell us of the pentagon being hit. Soon after, another student ran in to tell us that the first tower fell. I remember all of us putting our knives down at that point and running to the closest tv. We watched in horror as the second tower fell and the pentagon was surrrounded by a thick black cloud that not only lingered over DC and NYC, but over our whole country. I will never forget that day, as much as I may try or want to.
Karen | 19 | New Jersey

#1012 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
When the tragic events events of September 11th unfolded i has just gone to bed. Then all of suddenly my sister yelled to me from her room where she was watching television she said a airplane had collided into the NewYork trade centre at first we thought it was some sort of accident but as way we watched we dicovered it was not. When i wittnessed from the t.v those poor souls jumping from the building this feeling of helplessness and empathy came over me like nothing that i have ever experienced before. The images of thoses events will live with me until the day i die!
Richard Charlton | 19 | Australia

#1006 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I remember being in my boyfriend's car when I first heard the news about the WTC. We were on our way to school, and I didn't have a clue what the dj was talking about. Once I stepped into the classroom I realized what really happened. My U.S. History teacher explained how this was going to be one of those "Where were you when Kennedy got shot" moments, and I can just remember sitting in that big lecture hall while scenes of the crashings flashed over the the two screens in front of me. We were allowed to leave and call our parents and loved ones to see how they were doing. The first person I called was my mom, and she kept telling me to just pray for the families of the victims. Every time I think about that day I get a big lump in my throat, but I am proud that our country has pulled together and united since then.
Yolanda | 19 | Texas

#897 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I'm a college student majoring in photography. I live in Herndon, Va about 2miles from Dulles airport and about 15miles or so outside DC. That month I began a study of clouds, sunrises, and sunsets. I woke up about 8am. The clouds were cast beautifully across the morning sun. Rather than turning on the tv I grabbed my camera and began shooting roll after roll of film. After every shot I noted my camera settings as well as the time I took the shot. The best shot was taken at 8:45am. The same time the first plane hit of which I had no knowledge of. At 9:15am my phone rang and it was my mother histerically telling me to turn on my tv. I turned my tv on, saw the film of NYC and fell to the floor crying as she told me the Pentagon was under attack as well. My father is an Air Force vetern and government contractor at the Pentagon. His office was a couple corridors down from where the plan crashed. In a matter of seconds the most frightening thoughts ran through my mind. All my mother could tell me is that she received a frantic phone call from my father saying "don't worry I'm out,I'll be okay and I love you." From that moment on we didn't know if he would remain to be okay. All we could do is watch the news. So much uncertainy was running through our minds. Every 15 minutes or so I tried to call my father's cell phone while my mom went to pick up my little brother and my fiancee tried to comfort me. Thankfully the next time I picked up the phone to call my mom at home to my surprise my dad was the one to answer the phone. I had never been so happy to hear my dad's voice. I couldn't describe how I felt at that moment. All I could do is thank god that he was alive and safe. Later that week he had told us how he felt and how he ran throgh a cloud of jet fuel just to get out. He still couldn't believe what had happened. . . no one could. But through all that horror of that day I was a able to capture something beautiful. I showed my family that photo I took at 8:45am. We couldn't believe that at the very second terror was struck in to the world that something so beautiful was present at that very moment. All I can say is thank you. I love you dad.
Kristin Dunn | 19 | Virginia

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