#437 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was making my wife breakfast and the TV in the dining room was on, which I could watch from the kitchen, when I saw the first images of the first tower with smoke billowing from near the top. The reporter was giving a report about the collision when the second aircraft struck.

I was a Middle East expert for Army Intelligence for 23 years and I remembered that I had predicted just such an attck. I have followed Bin Laden's escapades for years. Just recently, I told a fried of mine that something was brewing.

I was disgusted with the way the intelligence agencies have been underfunded for a number of years. I was appalled that we didn't know ahead of time and I was particularly agitated with Mr. Clinton for allowing this situation to get to this point.

Most of all, I felt sorry for the families of the people who perished and, as for the people who died, I prayed that they did not suffer. My heart goes out to them all. To to police and firemen who died doing their duty, I render a heart-felt solute of one comrade in arms to another. God keep you. You are all heroes.

Sam Avera | 55 | Washington

#411 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
I was at home after having major surgery on the 8th so I was unaware of what had happened until my oldest daughter woke me up and stated that a bomb had gone off in New York city in one of the trade towers. She did not yet know what had actually taken place, just like the majority of the nation. I got out of bed about half an hour later feeling like I needed to go back and lay down for a while. But, I forced myself to turn on the TV. I was now in shock at this point on top of "not feeling well" after tuning in just as the first tower collapsed! September 11 also happens to be my younger daughters birthday - her 21st to be exact. We all felt the horror on that day in a different way.
Mike Glaze | 48 | Washington

#382 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was at the post office getting ready to ship something out to someone on eBay. My wife called me on my cellular phone and was crying - I thought she was going to be kidding around about something one of our young sons had done. I'll never forget her words, "Something really horrible just happened." At the time I didn't realize the magnitude of what had happened and thought it was an isolated incident. Reports were still sketchy about planes still in the air and the second WTC tower explosion (not sure if it had even happened yet). I'm not sure if even the terrorist organization realized what they had done. Thank goodness that as I write this they are on their way out.

I wish all people could understand that your rights end where mine begin. You have the right to love me, the right to hate me, but not the right to hurt or kill me. Ah, that simple Golden rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Dean Truax | 24 | Washington

#352 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was on my way to work. I turned on the radio expecting to hear the morning show on 96.5 KYPT Seattle, and instead, I was listening to someone from CNN. They were talking about a plane smashing into the World Trade Center. It seemed like a modern version of "War of the Worlds". I immediately called my fiance on the phone, and told her to turn on CNN and watch the news. We sat at work all day long listening to the news, dazed and confused, wanting it to not be real.
Dale Hirt | 28 | Washington

#118 | Friday, September 21st 2001
i was asleep, in seattle, having very odd, surreal, almost nightmarish dreams.
my mother called me at 6:45 am PST, from 8:45 central time in Texas.
she was upset, and my mother is generally a very cool and collected individual.
she told me i had better go turn on the tv that the pentagon and the WTC had been bombed.
i did not register this immediately since i was slowly coming out of dream stage, but i wondered into my living room, flicked on the tv, only to see the immediate replay of the 2nd plane hitting.

i was floored.

minutes later the first building to collapse did so live right there on tv.

nyc skyline that i know and love changed FOREVER.

i immediately called work, told my friend at work to turn on the news.
watched and cried and tried to make coffee, tried to get ready for work.
called work again, told to stay home. i cried. then cried some more as i was transfixed by the images on my tv.

eventually i stopped, got around to calling every person i know and love on the east coast.

then my friend came over to get me out of the house and we went and had a few drinks at a local bar where the mood was very somber and quiet, even the jukebox was not playing.

i hope the "people in charge" take heed to be extraordinarily careful in their actions. it will not fix the pain and sadness of all of the families that lost to make more families with losses on the other side of the globe.

lisa | 26 | Washington

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