#598 | Tuesday, January 1st 2002
I was sleeping when my husband woke me up thinking it was something that happened here in my home town. I had to point out that where it happened at was daylight and we were still dark here. My eyes just like everyone else was fixed on what was going on on the tv. My heart sank deeper and deeper and then I saw the second plane hit. I couldn't believe it. How and why was all I could say. I sat and watched the tv knowing I had to go to work but not wanting to. When I got to work we had radios on all over the store. No one was shoping it was so silent. One person I worked with couldn't keep it together at all, I knew what happened was terrable but could not understand this persons actions then I found out they had lost 4 family members there.My hurt for everyone turned into such anger.My friend this person I worked with had gone threw so much this year already. He lost his mother and father only 3 months apart this year, and 2 uncles also and now this. How much burden can one carry on their shoulders.Im angry Im hurt and I hurt for all of the victims.Thank you for letting me say my thoughts
Alicia Cass

Alicia Cass | 35 | Washington

#568 | Sunday, December 23rd 2001
On Sept. 11, 2001, I was on my daily 90 minute bus commute to work 20 miles south of Seattle @ 8 am pacific standard time...when I arrived after 9 am @ my work office a few people were walking in hushed tones between 2 adjacent office bldgs @ our company's work site but they seemed to be quieter than was their personal norms @ work.
I thought something big or unusual is going on but having just gotten off a long commute with no one saying aloud yet what had happenned to me personally I watched & waited from my small work cubicle inside 1 of the aforementioned 2 office bldgs to find a chance to ask what IS IT that is being talked about...
At first the thought shared was that the airplanes were crashed due to accidents but soon after to allay panic among coworkers management hushed up talk until the authoritative news reports came in closer to noon pacific standard time...ohhh no...it was a terrorist attack and many innocent lives were lost etc etc...I thought of the time in 1963 as a 10 yr old school girl I'd seen my 5th grade teacher come in tears to collect students from our playground while an unusual unscheduled recess bell rang to alert ALL Students to return to classrooms IMMEDIATELY for an announcement about the assassination of then President John F. Kennedy...this day will be as it was on 11/22/63 a day that many will recall EXACTLY where, what & why they were doing specific daily activities when a act of major significance caught the attention of a large portion of the American public simultaneously and even quite a sizable portion of the global eye as well...ie Great Britain, France, etc. I now am more committed than ever that Freedom is never Free and vigilance is important if we as a free country are to retain the privileges and rights we enjoy as listed in the American Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution of the USA. With our freedoms come responsibilities as well as awarenesses of who we are in relationship to others in the world. Knowing our place as Americans in the world at large we can better appreciate what we have as well as how non-Americans view us...this knowledge must be used wisely to preserve our way of life for generations to come as well as befriend our allies and admirers in other countries! Although I was born a citizen as were my parents I love the USA and cherish the life it has made possible to me to live so far...there is no better place to live on this globe! I pray that other Americans will not take it for granted what we enjoy as citizens in the USA now.

Helenann L. Hansen | 48 | Washington

#525 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
On September 11 2001 I was At home in Washington getting ready for school when I heard the news was so sad. I was glad that we all took time out in te middle of the day to remember the people who died. I just dont kow why those people did such a think I think it was horibly. They had no reason to do such a think no reason is a good reason to kill hundreds of people. I hope they catch those people and make them pay for what they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Duarte | 13 | Washington

#515 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
My name is Michele Wurzer. I live in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, WA. On Sept. 11, 2001 I was taking my morning shower when my youngest son, Chad (15 years old), knocked on the bathroom door, with a message that I had a phone call from my oldest sister Kathy telling me to, "Quick, turn on the TV!". I jumped out of the shower, pulled on my robe, ran to the living room, and saw for myself the horrors of 9-11 in action, on my local news. And I was forever changed.

I literally felt the pain and loss that day; just as people all over the world did. The souls of those loved ones in Washington D.C., New York City, and Pennsylvania swept across our nation that hour; like a mighty wind across our land.

My brother-in-law, who lives near Sacramento, CA called me on the phone that day, and said that a fierce wind had swept through his area at the exact moment the towers fell. He said it was stronger than any Santa Ana wind he had ever experienced, in his lifetime of living in California. He also said it carried with it a feeling of loss and deep sadness. Or so that's the impression he got, when it blew over his area.

About seven hours later, while I was outside my home trying to find solace for my pain, amidst the flowers in my garden, an extremely strong wind sweep across my own hometown, north of Seattle, Washington, over 900 miles away from Sacramento. I am 100% convinced it was the same wind my brother-in-law felt, and told me about earlier that morning; as I too felt a deep sense of pain, grief and loss being carried along in the wind.

It was eerie...the whole experience. Like souls sweeping by. Thousands of them; all at the same time.

I know it sounds far fetched, but it's true. I have never felt anything like that in my entire life, nor do I ever hope to again. A loss so great...so hard to understand, consider, or even have to bear. My heart still grieves, and angers over that day. And I shall never, ever allow myself to forget.

I am only 40 years old, so don't have the personal history some do, of the same type of horrors at Pearl Harbor, that cold December morning, 60 years ago. But there are thousands of other Americans still living, who will never, ever forget that day in American history either; as long as they have breath in their souls to remember.

I am saddened, and yes, angered that I, as well as my children, and our current generation of Americans, now have our own "America Remembers..." moment in time, just like those veterans of WWII always will. :'o(

As the surviving friends and family members of the victims lost Sept. 11, 2001, in New York, Washington D.C. and a grassy field in Pennsylvania, approach thier first Christmas and New Year's without those sorely missed loved ones, I pray that somehow they may be able to discover renewed hope in their hearts, minds, and souls for a better, brighter, and fulfilling future for themselves and their children. And may they also find the strength and courage to reach out in love, and be able to trust once again.

God's peace to one and all this holiday season of 2001.

Michele Wurzer -
Everett, Washington; U.S.A.
Dec. 18, 2001

Michele Wurzer | 40 | Washington

#479 | Friday, December 14th 2001
I had just gotten to work at a jail I work at, and while I waited for “roll call” I could see many fellow Officers watching the television intently, I looked up and watched “live” as fire was coming from one of the Trade center towers, everyone was saying a plane had hit the building but I could not figure how a plane could be so off line on such as beautiful day. While we all speculated as to what must have happened the announcer became frantic as a plane came from the distance and struck the second tower… at this point I knew we were at war. As I looked around I watched fellow Officers Officer’s and civilian staff in total shock.

After “roll call” we all went to work, but I found every opportunity to find a TV to see what was happening, later when I heard one or more of the towers had fallen I could only say ”My God… they’re filling heaven”

Glenn R. McGloughlin | 43 | Washington

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