#1498 | Friday, July 26th 2002
Sitting through the normal English class, working on a project about the Holocaust, somebody surfing the internet on a computer said that there was news on usatoday.com that a plane had crashed in New York. I had remembered something from the week before about a parachuter who got stuck on the statue of liberty, and thought nothing of it. I was picturing some stunt plane that ran off-course.
Then the History teacher from next-door came in and said that another plane had crashed into the WTC and it was intentional. It finally hit me - and scared me.
The next class started and I had to go to History. On the TV there we saw the collapse of both buildings unfold. It was just unbelievable to sit there and watch - just watch live and two whole buildings tumbled down, and not be able to do or say anything. Then, as they announced the Pentagon's crash, I got worried about my brother who lived in Washington DC. He turned out fine, after many phone calls. Others weren't so lucky.
That night at home was the first time I cried. I couldn't imagine what the relatives of victims were feeling right then. Everything still seemed so surreal.
The newspapers didn't stop running the story for weeks.
I kept every newspaper.

Sally | 15 | Pennsylvania

#1470 | Sunday, July 14th 2002
I would normally be at work that day, but I had taken my wife to the ER 10pm Monday night and she didn't get admitted to the hospital until 4am Sept 11th. After she was admitted, I immediately called work and left a message saying that I would be in around 12pm so I could get some sleep. At 8:30am, her father called for her and I let him know how his daughter was doing. I told him that I was just trying to get some sleep and that I would let his daughter know he had called. I had just got up at 11am, when the phone rang and it was my wife. She was crying and trying to tell me what had just happened without sounding like she had just lost her mind. Until she heard my voice, she thought that this was the rapture and all hell had erupted and she was alone. My wife and I had stayed at the Marriott at the WTC and had eaten at Windows on the World for our first anniversary. We go to NYC every year for our anniversary. Our hearts go out to the wonderful people of New York. May God Bless each and everyone of you.
Michael Spencer | 30 | Pennsylvania

#1433 | Tuesday, July 2nd 2002
when terror struck america i was st work,like most americans.the first thought was of my sister at school in new york city.icalled her on my cell phone.she assured me she was fine and miles from the site.unfortunite a lot of her classmates were not.i like most americans cryed for the dead and injured. their family and friends.we just could not believe it could happed here.we were not ready for it to happen to us.this brought most of us togeather and united a nation that took freedom for granted.unlike most nations we have a voice in our nation .we elect the power in office. we have a say in the future of our great nation.they made us cry, but they didn't win. were still the greatest nation in the world.
kathleen m. hamon | 54 | Pennsylvania

#1424 | Wednesday, June 26th 2002
I normally don't watch TV in the morning. On Sept. 11th, someone I knew was going to ring the opening bell of the NYSE. So when I got downstairs before 9:00 am, I turned on the tube to MSNBC to see the opening. I saw the North tower burning. It was being reported that a small plane had hit it. I was suprised, but like most everyone else, I thought it was a terrible accident. Then I saw the second plane hit live. I was stunned. On the first replay, I saw that it was a large commercial jet. Then I was horrified as the loss. Shocked at the depth of evil a person can do. This was the mass murder of thousands of people I saw.
Alex Wilson | 37 | Pennsylvania

#1405 | Wednesday, June 19th 2002
I was taking off school to go to my Great Uncle's funeral...while my mom was getting ready to go and I was sitting here on the computer, my dad was in the dining room watching TV and that's when it all happened. It was even more scarier when the second one hit...and that plane crashed right in my state. It was all too freaky...
Crystal | 18 | Pennsylvania

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