#1098 | Saturday, March 23rd 2002
I was teaching my fifth grade class in Northern Virginia( within view of Dulles Airport. I was on my way to dropping them off at Music. I stopped by the office on my break and saw the office staff watching the TV. I watched as one of the Twin Towers was on fire(thinking what an awful accident) then out of nowhere the other plane hit. Next thing we know there were rumors of the Pentagon being hit. My class had no idea all morning, even when kids were getting checked out like crazy. It was a mass exodus. My class did not catch on until lunch and then they started to ask questions. That was the most difficult time I have had as a teacher. Because I was just as scared but was noit allowed to show it. Especially when we heard the f14s flying about 100yds directly above the building. The room shook everytime. Our Principal came down and talked to the 5th graders and explained that we are safe here. It was very emotional and for the next day or so it felt like house arrest since I live 3 miles from Dulles. I went out driving that evening and the roads were empty except military out and about.

That is the day I was tested as an American and a Teacher

Jeff Haynie | 26 | Virginia

#1082 | Wednesday, March 20th 2002
Where was I...

arriving at KCI (Kansas City International Airport on my way to Seattle, Washington.) about 7:15 am CST.After getting my boarding pass, I just sat down to wait for my plane when I saw a TV. The first Tower was on fire. I could not help to think what a horrible accident. Then, the second plane just crash into the second tower. The passengers and I were all watching in disblief. The 8 o'clock flight was boarded by then and they took off. I was standing in line for my flight when the First Tower collapsed. I watched (in line) as the second tower came down. I knew then the NY Skyline, America , and I was never going to be the same. By then, the FAA closed US Air space. I watched as passenger coming off grounded flights wanting to get to a TV, wanting to see what was going on. I left the airport in a daze, thinking if it was an hour later, I would be in the air. I would be one of the confused passenger stuck in a strange city wanting to be with family. I called my family to tell them I never left KCI. I did not find out til that night about the Pentagon or the other flight.

Since 9/11, I am trying to live for today. tomorrow may never come. Life is a precious gift. It can be taken way in a second.

Tiffany | 26 | Missouri

#1081 | Wednesday, March 20th 2002
I was on my way to therapy for anxiety. As each piece of news came in, the therapists kept telling us to focus on other problems, the problems that we were there to deal with. Which was odd. That whole day was a "little odd." It did take my mind of my own problems and those problems haven't bothered me much since.

Jeremy | 26 | Illinois

#1032 | Friday, March 15th 2002
My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Banff, Alberta. We had been without TV or radio for a week and a half, we had just checked into a nice cabin that had a TV the night of September 10th. In the morning my husband turned on the TV just as "breaking news" flashed onto the screen. We saw what had happened and were watching it when the second tower was hit, we were glued to the TV set through that tragic morning. Needless to say, we felt terrible and just wanted to get home, we packed up and left the next morning. It never felt so good to be back in America.
Ora Evans | 26 | Washington

#1007 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I had just taken my son to school. The car radio interrupted with the story that the 1st plane had hit the tower. I didn't know what to think at that point! I returned home and turned on my tv, just before the 2nd plane hit. At that point I became very interested, I knew that this was no longer an accident. I watched until a short time after the pentagon was hit. At that point I decided that it would be best to turn off my tv. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with our daughter and knowing what was going on and the stress that it was causing me, I took a nap. My husband is a legal specialist for the Army and my friends, fearing that he may be called to a war, called me to see if I was alright.
I ended up getting very sick that day. Something was wrong, I didn't know what, just that I didn't feel well. I went to the hospital and had to have an emergency c section, because my blood pressure had gotten too high and they feared for the baby and for me. My daughter was born 6 weeks premature and in need of alot of help. She needed to be sent to a hospital nearly 2hours away from our home. They had to take her by lifeflight, well due to the fact that air space was closed that day virtually all over the world, they weren't going to take her. Finally they did agree to let her go, otherwise she would have died. She was the only lifeflight in Iowa that day!
She is doing well now, a happy and very healthy 6 month old! I look back at all of it now with questions that I will probably never have answered and with a great deal of anger. I wasn't in the trade center that day, I had never even been there, nor was I anywhere near the Pentagon, but my family was affected in our own little way!
That day our lives changed forever! We saw the horrific evil that is here on this earth, but for my family there was good too. We will celebrate our daughter's 1st Birthday on the Anniversary of the attacks, but we will also mourn for those lost.
To all of the families of those lost we will never begin to know your pain, and cannot pretend to. And even though I don't know anyone who lost a loved one in the attacks, know that I do think of the families that did lose loved ones. I pray every night that God grant you the courage to go on! May God be will you all! And may we never forget that perfect morning that turned into an unspeckable tagidy!

Donielle | 26 | Iowa

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