#1464 | Thursday, July 11th 2002
Due to time differences the events of September 11 actually occured on September 12 in New Zealand. That morning I woke at 6am to the blaring of my radio alarm clock. Through the "BEEP BEEP" I could distinctly hear the voice of an announcer utter the words "World Trade" *BEEP* "destroyed." Being something of a skyscraper fan I immediately knew that this was an absolute catastrophe, but I couldn't quite comprehend what it meant or would look like. So, I rushed into the living room and turned on the TV. At that moment it was showing the smoke rising from the Pentagon (this was 6 hours after the first plane struck). As I didn't realise that had also been a target I assumed I was looking at a picture of the New York skyline. For a few seconds I thought that New York had been flattened by a nuclear explosion. It was only when I saw the startling images of the second plane flying into the tower that I pieced together what had happened.
I had to get ready for work, and being a teacher it's a little difficult to pull a sickie at such short notice. All I wanted to do was sit there and stare at those images and find out more of what had happened.
Driving to school I picked up a paper which already ran the headline "US UNDER ATTACK."
I arrived at school and went to the morning staff meeting. Everyone was in a somber mood and the Principal advised us not to talk too much about it lest the students get upset. One teacher hadn't heard the news and went into a state of shock (she was an American).

However, I knew that this would be all we talked about that day. Some of my students didn't know about the attacks either so we all sat around and I explained what had happened. Even though none of them had really heard of the Twin Towers (they were mainly 11 year olds) they could fully comprehend the magnitude of the tragedy and empathised with all those who lives were affected by it.

Paul | 26 | New Zealand

#1419 | Monday, June 24th 2002
I remember standing safe at home in my pyjamas getting ready for bed leaning over the divider between the dining room and the living room when my dad said "Have a look at this, a plane has hit the World Trade Centre" to which I ignorantly replied "What the hell is the World Trade Centre?!". I know now more than enough about the history of the WTC, and I know that I will never forget the shock, disbelief and the utter sickening horror as we both watched another plane hit the second tower.
For the next three hours we watched along with the rest of the world as we all became aware of the horror of what had just happened. I remember the depression and fear that clung to me over the next few days as we were briefed by our security officers about the threat of possible terrorist strikes here in Australia thinking that this can't be happening, this must be some sort of bad dream, that if this can happen in America what hope is there for the rest of us to live in safety and security.
Today, nine months after the event I can still clearly see in my head that image that was beamed live around the world of the second plane striking the tower and the horror as the last of the free worlds innocence fell along with those two towers.
My deapest condolences to the families that lost there loved ones, every night as I have the chance to kiss my daughter and tell her how much I love her I can't even begin to imagine what amount of loss you feel but know that there are thousands if not millions of people around the world that cry along with you.....

Danielle | 26 | Australia

#1412 | Saturday, June 22nd 2002
I was at work, listening to the radio. I am a big channel-flipper and flipped past Q-101, where Mancow's Morning Madhouse was being broadcast and I heard Mancow shouting "OH MY GOD!" at the top of his lungs and something about the World Trade Center. Normally, I don't think much about what Mancow says, but this sounded important, so I figured I'd check the Web and find out soon enough. I logged on to CNN's Website and there was a tiny picture of the tower with a hole in it and a short news blurb. I ran to the Supervisor's office next door and shouted to him to check the website, then I ran into the breakroom and shouted the news to everyone in there and then went back to my desk and called HR and shouted the news out to them as well. Eventually, one of the Supervisors popped into the breakroom next door and got the TV working and we saw the footage of the second plane as it happened. I think we all sat glued to the screen for more than an hour and thanked our lucky stars we didn't work downtown.
Anon Y. Mous | 26 | Illinois

#1322 | Sunday, May 26th 2002
it was a normal day for me except this day just happened to be me and my wifes anniversary (2yrs), i was at work, i am a customer service rep. and i was at my first account of the day the girl at the desk ask if i heard what was going on??? She said she heard that an airplane hit the World Trade Center.I thought maybe a small private plane or something? I was clueless, so when i got back to my truck i called my wife. This was 8:40am and her and my son were still sleeping, so i ask her to turn on the news because i thought something was going on,I knew she had the news on because she was already crying. I ask her how bad and she said OH MY GOD!! What is going on? By this time i was already at my 2nd account and they had a TV and i watched the 2nd plane hit and just could not belive it,didn't want to belive it, still dont want too.. So thats how my anniversary started but at the end of the day i was still with the one i loved and thousands of people were not. And i never realized how much i had until that morning at 8:50 when i seen it on TV.
Brian Bowers | 26 | Indiana

#1115 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
I am canadian and I was sleeping when my phone rang. It was a friend of mine screaming inot the phone that NY is being attacked and world war 3 is starting. I jusped out of be dand ran downstairs to turn on my tv just in time to see the 2nd plane crashing into the towers. I can remember sitting there all day glued to the tv watching CNN hoping that everyone was going to be ok. It is a day that everyone will remember like the moon landing in 1969 (I was not born yet to remember that one)

Anyways it is a day that will go down in history.

Mike | 26 | Canada

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