#1500 | Saturday, July 27th 2002
The ride into St. Louis that morning was a normal one, the traffic was flowing and the weather was ok. My boss had the day off and the computers were down.it was business as usual at work. It couldnt have been a better morning. Untill the phone rang.

My frantic mother was on the other line, utttering about a plane hitting the World Trade Center. Reflecting about a time i remeber reading about a small plane hitting the Empire State Building, i quickly told my mother not to worry. I told her airplanes cannot cause severe damage to a skyscrapper, especially the twin towers. i hung up on my mom, thinking she was stressing over a single engine airplane. Boy was i wrong.

I stepped away from my cubicle to have a cigarette. As i walked back into the lobby i glanced over at the television. I could not believe my eyes. And then, with the very same eyes, i witnessed the second plane hit the towers.

I quickly called my mother back. She was on the other line with our relatives from North Jersey. I apologized for not taking her seriously and together we witnessed the rest of that tragic morning unfold.

By lunch time we closed the office and i was heading home. There was five o'clock traffic in the middle of the day. for thosewho said that the rest of the country could not understand what new york/new jersey went through should think again. myself as well as other drivers were in tears all the way home. There were people on the bridges and streets waving American Flags. They were both young people and old. Both white, black, hispanic, oriental and arabic. They were all Americans.

I went to donate blood but the line was too long so they told me to come back later. I stayed anyway.

Doug | 24 | Missouri

#1499 | Friday, July 26th 2002
I was honorably discharged from the Marines after a successfull 5 year tour and arrived back to my home town in southern Maryland in June 2001. I went to work for an asphalt company and rejoined my local volunteer fire department that I had joined in high school. On the morning of Sept. 11th I was awakened by a phone call from some friends at the squad house saying we were under attack. Thinking it was a joke I just rolled over. I decided to get up for the day and go to the station house and that was the first time I saw the news and could not believe my eyes. I can't remember a time that I was more mad, upset, and emotionally torn all at once. My first thought was that I was going to be recalled immediately and I wasn't going to be able to marry the woman I love so much in December. Then when the towers collapsed the station got quiet, it hit us that we just lost not only helpless civilians but hundreds of our fellow brothers and sisters. After talking it over with my fiance I decided to re-enlist into the Marines and go back to California. All of us wanted to go over and do our part in catching the people responsible but I knew just doing my job here in the states for uncle Sam was helping enough. Although to this day I wish I could join my fellow Marines in the search for the terrorists. I am happily married now and trying my best to accomplish a lot more during this tour. I plan on getting back out again at the end of this 4 year term and become a professional firefighter in San Diego. I think of the events of that day almost everyday, some days it reminds me why I do the job I do. I have made helping people a goal in my life. Until the day God removes me from this Earth I will be out doing what I can to help people as a Marine and some day as a firefighter. My heart and prayers go out to the families and to the people who lost a loved one that day. I want you to know that there are those of us that think about you all the time and will never forget the sacrafice your love ones made.
Ronald Michael Teller III | 24 | California

#1481 | Wednesday, July 17th 2002
...i live on the west coast and i could not sleep, i turned to the CBS news thinking that would put me to sleep, and the next thing i know they are talking about a plane that hit the World Trade Center, the last thing that on my mind was terrorism, i thought that it was just a plane crash, i felt sorry for those on board... Bryant Gumble is talking to a lady that witnessed the first crash and i see a plane hits the other tower, my mouth dropped and it stayed that way for days maybe even weeks...i then watched another news organization, they were talking to a man at the Pentagon and there was a crash there while he was on the air...at this point i was frantic because i didnt know if where i lived was next...i didnt go to my morning classes that day but i did have to go to my afternoon one because of an exam...the drive there was spent with me looking out of the window to see if something wwas coming my way...i cautiously went into the university because it is near the airport and i was so afraid...i took my test but i mostly sat there still dazed...i still hurt for those that died, the family members and all of the children that lost parents-----> RIP
Aisha | 24 | Nevada

#1473 | Monday, July 15th 2002
I had been to an all night party, and I'm never normally up that early in the morning, but me, and my boyfriend at the time, decided just to stay up. As we were leaving our friends house, and in the car on the way home, we heard a breaking news come across the radio station, and all we heard was "We are being attacked we are being attacked!". I had no clue what was going on, but we heard the mention of planes, and I thought they were attacking everything, in the usa, and I looked to the skies, and was just looking. We sped up to 90 miles, an hour, and arrived home, and turned on the tv, to see the see the second tower get struck, by a plane. It was horrifying, and I'll never forget, how scared I was, and how vulnerable I felt. It was a day I'll never forget, and it will remain with me forever.
Trudy Taylor | 24 | North Carolina

#1411 | Friday, June 21st 2002
The day I'll never forget!
I awoke early in the morning, earlier than I would of normally since I didn't start work until noon that day. As always I checked my email. I'm suscribed to the breaking news from cnn to be emailed to me when of course there is breaking news. It was jammed full. I took notice of this and the fact that I couldn't get onto cnn.com to do my morning news update. When I was about to give up to frustration a friend and co-worker called me and said can you believe it. I said "No why can't I get onto cnn.com" not knowing what had just occured. He said turn on the T.V. So I turned to headline news, as I have all the T.V.'s in the house to automaticaly turn to Headline news when they are turned one. There I stood dumbfounded. "World War III" I said to myself watching the horrific view. Newscasters were falling apart on live television, people were crying. I ran to wake my roommate who is also an employee for the company we work for. "Wake up it's World War III" I yelled to him. "They've flown planes into the World Trade Center builidings!" I exclaimed. He awoke and we sat infront of the T.V. in aww of what we were seeing. "O.K. maybe one plane flying into one of the biggest buildings in the world is a fluke but two." As we were watching the carnage unfold, as the rest of the country, the unbelievable happend, the first tower began to fall. what an unimagiable thing to happen. Such a disrigard for life. We both cried as we watched, with the rest of the country, as countless inocent people perished. I'll never forget seeing people jump from the building to take thier own lives, a better fate then being burned alive. These scoundrels have taken so many lives. These scoundrels have changed our country and our lives forever. Although I can't remember a time in my 24 years on God's earth that I've seen so many people come together. Petty differances a thought of the past. Black and white together in horror. Complete Brotherhood, at least for the time being. In closing I would have to say that I hope Jesus is in the life of each and everyone of you that may read this account, because of September 11th we never know when the end may be near, PLEASE BE PREPARED. We all see what believing in Christ get's us, but I'd rather die in Christ than live without him. Please if you have your doubt's and if your the type who says "I believe, but I'm not sure", be sure. There is only one solution and savior and his name is Jesus Christ. Do not let yourselves be decieved by the world. I hope that all religions find that Jesus is the Messiah. Wether Jew or Muslim or whatever, don't wait for the great coming, it's already happened, we are now waiting for the glorious reappearance of the savior. Please get you heart's right, don't be so stuborn, DON'T WORRY ABOUT BEING COOL OR ACCEPTED!!! There is no time for this, Get right with God and Jesus and do it now, for as September 11th has showed us there is no time to wait!!

Eric | 24 | United States

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