#1403 | Tuesday, June 18th 2002
MUMZY | 24 | Hawaii

#1392 | Wednesday, June 12th 2002
I had to be to work for 10 am that morning, so i had the televsion on PBS for the children. i had just come down stairs from getting dressed and was going to get the children ready for daycare. Caliou was on, and it was interupted by the news. I was in a rush, so i didnt pay much attention, only to my daughter yelling that her show was off. I seen that a plane had hit the WTC, but i assumed it was an accident. Then the tv started showing the second plane hit, but i still didnt know what to make of it. I brought my children to daycare, and went to work. it wasnt until i got there that i learned about what happened. it was like it wasnt real and it took me a long time to accept that it was. i called to check on my children and tried to loose my thoughts in my work. I kept going over to the tv in the lounge to see what was going on. Sept. 11 was indeed the scariest day and one that i will never forget. When i looked outside, everything looked normal and it was hard to belive what was happening on the other side of the state. For some reason, i feared that all of ny was coming down after the WTC's collasped.
That nite, i was never so happy to see my children and husband. I brought both kids into bed with us, and hoped to wake up the next morning. If anything was going to happen, i wanted to make sure i was with my children when it did. I couldnt bear the thought of anything happening to them and me not being there. One good thing that has came out of all of this, it makes you relize what is importnat in life. Somehow, how much overtime i can get or how much my paycheck is didnt matter. all that mattered was my family and being there for them. i have since quit my job(sept. 21st. being my last day) to stay home and raise my children.

Nichole | 24 | New York

#1389 | Tuesday, June 11th 2002
I was arriving at work that morning and as I passed through one cube next to mine a girl asked if I'd seen what had happened in New York. She said a plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers. I thought at first the weather must have been pretty bad or something. She said it was an airliner. Then I thought that there was something seriously wrong with the pilot but still didn't make sense.

Minutes later someone ran by saying the other tower had been hit. I knew then that it wasn't an accident. At that point in time know one knew what to expect after we heard about the Pentagon and then Flight 93. I was scared and confused and I was hundreds of miles away.

I work right outside the Atlanta metro area and left work early. I ride transit and was listening to people talk about it. One woman even said she knew another lady whose brother didn't go into work at the WTC because he was sick and now all of his co-workers were dead. She was crying and I felt terrible all over.

Before I left work I emailed my mother and told her that I loved her. I talked with my wife frequently by cell phone all the way home. Her job is right next to the metro area Airport and I feared something might happen but was relieved when I heard they shut air traffic down.

I'll never forget that day, I never want to forget it. I hope that no one forgets it. The day that we do is the day that we let our fellow Americans and Freedom itself down.

~Always remember and cherish every moment of your life.

Lewis | 24 | Georgia

#1372 | Tuesday, June 4th 2002
On the morning of September 11th I took my children to school around the corner from my home. Then when I came home I turned my television on and sat to watch the Today show. Then breaking news came on, a plane crashed into one of the towers. Local news was saying at first that it was a small aircraft. I called my husband at work and told him to turn the news on right away just then another explosion. Clearly I saw A large airliner slammed into the other tower. Then we knew America was being attacked. I live on the other side of the Hudson River and can see the City clearly from my back yard. I ran out and saw the towers on fire. I was afraid there would be more attacks then ran to the school to get my kids. Just as I got to the school there were many people by the school staring at the other side of the river in shock and disbelief. As we all stood there watching the horror it all of a sudden seemed as if the whole city was in smoke. We didn't know what happened. We thought there was a third attack. Everyone was screaming. The city was completely covered in smoke. I ran home with my kids and turned the television on and saw that one of the towers collapsed and the city was covered from smoke. I went back to my backyard and saw the second tower collapse with my own eyes. My knees then gave in and I fell to the ground. I was completely in shock. I had so many feelings at that time. I was full of anger and I was very sad at the same time. That night I had no sleep. I was glued to the news just as most of the world was. I got calls from worried family members all over the country. They knew we frequently went to the city and have gone to the Twin Towers many times. Ironically we were there only 3 days before the attacks. I thank God everyday that we were not there on that day and I pray for all that were. We must never forgot what happened that day. We must never forget all the children that don't have Mommys or Daddys anymore. We must never forget!
Isabella | 24 | New York

#1316 | Saturday, May 25th 2002
I was in a training class in Birmingham, AL for a new job. There were 15 of us in that class. We broke for morning break when one of my training mates received an e-mail from a friend of his about the attack. We all started calling people we knew and asking what they'd heard, since we didn't have a radio or TV at the time. We were all dumbfounded....shocked. Then, about 20mins later we got access to a TV and that's when I saw the footage. It was worse than anything I had imagined! I saw people jumping out of these enormous buildings, because they were burning, and then, the first tower collapsed. I just started crying. I couldn't believe any human being could be so heartless and cruel!!! How could anyone hate a nation so bad that they would want to destroy thousands of innocent people for no reason!
My heart goes out to those involved in the disaster, the victims, and the families & friends of the victims.

Jill | 24 | Alabama

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