#1704 | Friday, September 6th 2002
As I was walking down the hall to class, I heard a few people yelling across the hall to others that something had happened to the World Trade Center. Not being able to understand what they were saying, I completely ignored the conversations. When I arrived in class, I forgot about the whole thing and started getting out the homework that was assigned to us the night before. My friend leaned over to me and asked, "Did you hear that a plane hit the World Trade Center?!" At first I thought that maybe a small plane like a Cessna had it on accident. I asked what type of plane had hit it and when she told me that it was a commercial airliner, a horrible feeling that I had never felt before permeated throughout my body.

As the rest of my peers began to enter the classroom I heard rumors that a car bomb had exploded outside the State Department building and that a plane had hit the West Wing of the White House as well. The class as a whole was not informed of the attacks until a few minutes later when another teacher entered the room and whispered something to my teacher. My teacher then asked the class if we had heard what happened in New York. The majority of the class was informed, but a few still did not know yet. As my teacher proceeded to teach the lesson, she realized that no one could concentrate on the lesson and asked us if we wanted to go to another classroom to watch CNN. It was when we arrived in the other classroom that we learned that the second tower had been hit, that another plane was still unaccounted for, and that the Pentagon had been hit as well. My friends and I spent our lunchtime in one of the classrooms watching CNN, unable to eat because we were so sickened by the news.

All after school activities were cancelled that afternoon so I was able to go straight home. When I arrived back home, I immediately flipped on the TV and just sat and watched CNN for the next few hours.

As the weeks ahead unfolded, a deluge of patriotism flooded my hometown. There were huge lines of potential donors waiting to give blood at the local blood banks. People gave an unprecedented amount of money to the Red Cross and the United Way.

September 11, 2001 will be a day that all Americans will remember. We will never forget the horrifying images of the Twin Towers collapsing, killing thousands of people. We will never forget the gaping hole in the Pentagon. We will never forget the heroism of the people on flight 93 who heroically averted a certain fourth attack. But most of all, we will never forget the heroic firefighters, police officers, EMTs, military personnel, and ordinary civilians that sacrificed their lives to save others.

We will defeat the terrorists who committed these atrocious attacks whether today or in 100 years! America, we will win, and most of all “God Bless America!”

Sam | 17 | Virginia

#1666 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
I can remember it like it was yesterday!! I was sitting in my 2nd hour buisness class when another teacher told my teacher to turn on the news!!! At first it didnt really hit me what was going on!!! I never really thought that something so drastic could happen to the United States!!!! Then I was in 3rd hour English when the second plane hit!! I can remember my teacher crying because of all the people on the planes, and the innocent standbyers who were hurt or killed!!! I trid to get a holed of my parents but the lines were all busy!!! School basically stopped for the rest of the day!! There were TVs setup in every room!!!! Even in the cafetira so that people could see what was going on!!! Ever since that day nothing has really been the same!!! They tried to hurt Americas pride and destroy our unity!!! But to me they failed!!! They brought us more United and made us realize that life can be taken in a minute........ to take advantage of your life now!!! I think Septemeber 11th will forever be ingraved in the heads of teenagers!! For this is the first war that we have fully gotten to experince!!! I personally can not wait until the people who did this fianlly get their pay back!!!! Until then I will pray for the families who lost loved ones in this unfortunate attack!!!! God Bless America!!!
T | 17 | Florida

#1648 | Tuesday, September 3rd 2002
I had just started my BTEC course in Media studies and the class were allowed to leave early, I went home, got some lunch, and as I always do I watch "Neigbours" on TV. That finished just after 2pm, just after the first plane crashed. I then turned the channel over to Sky Sports News, and flicked the channels and got to Sky News, where just as I got to the channel, I saw a plane fly live stright into the WTC, following that I was in shock, it was an amazing, and surreal afternoon. I do not agree with the views of Bush or Blair, but the main thing for this site is to make sure the events of 11.9 are never forgotten. God Bless the Victims.
Greg | 17 | United Kingdom

#1645 | Monday, September 2nd 2002
I was just leaving my law class in high school when I heard my teacher question what she heard. Some of the students in class had no idea what the twin towers were or what the world trade center was. As I was preparing to go to my next class, I made a stop in library for our school pictures. The television was set up and students gathered around to watch CNN Live. For the rest of the day I didn't move. I watched in horror as the tapes were played over and over. This was something that hadn't really struck as being anything too terrible. I assumed a plane had crashed because of engine failer. I did not understand the tragedy that hit that day.
Katherine McCarthy | 17 | Canada

#1629 | Saturday, August 31st 2002
I was at school in my computer class. Ironically we had just finished watching the movie "War Games." We were supposed to be writing a summary of the movie, but I was online at a message board I frequent when I read a post saying the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane! I then tried going to news sites, but all of them, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Yahoo, were flooded, so I couldn't get in. Finally I got to the Chicago Tribune site and saw the horrifying pictures. I was very scared that they might attack other cities. It was an awful, awful day.
Matt | 17 | Illinois

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