#1950 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
Tomorrow is Sept. 11th my 13th birthday. I remember how now a year ago I felt that day waking up and Thinking "wow it fells great to be 12!" I went into my living room only to be faced with a horrible fact; terrorists were attacking America. Thoughts raced though my mind," Are they coming near us?,"Are we safe",Was any one Killed?". For a moment I just stood there stunned that there was such evil in the world.
Although no one in my family was hurt by that evil my heart and my prayers go out to those that were.

Catherine Holston | 13 | Minnesota

#1880 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was 12 years old and at home in bed. When mum woke me up and told my I just kept saying "no way. ha, no I cannot belive it" when I was watching it, it was like I was really there and I just cried. All those people gone like that with not even a chance to say goodbye. They could have been fighting with the one who they loved and never got a chance to make up, and the buildings, never to be replaced that just vanished and left a mark and ground 0. I am at my home watching the T.V with the memorial on and I still cannot get over all the people who were on the ground just looking up at the burning towers wondering why all this had to happen. I think it was the worst day in history.
Alice Marie Hunter | 13 | Australia

#1847 | Monday, September 9th 2002
September eleventh was very strange. I still went to school, and by third period we were all questioning what in the world was going on. The school insisted we go on with another day, but we were all talking about it, anyway. My teacher was having her 30th birthday, but there were a bunch of black streamers that made the whole experience very different. I remember my friends walked in that morning saying what's up? and walked out saying the same phrase a TOTALLY different way. On September 11, I had homework. I ate dinner. I fell asleep as more perished under the collapsed section of the pentagon and the ruined towers. I still don't understand it. I never totally will. But I konw I will always remember it.
Erin | 13 | Ohio

#1783 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
September 11 was a day of fear and confusion for me. I did not even relize what was going on until i was watchin t.v. for a while. I was in school. We just got finished with math class. we took a restroom break and when i was walking back down the hall to my classroom i saw my teacher in the other classroom watching something on the t.v. i really didnt pay much attention to it and so when my teacher got back in the room she turned on the t.v. the whole class just sat there in amazment. When i got home i hugged my parents and brother and my whole life was changed. I will never forget that day and i am proud to be an american!!
Alysha | 13 | Ohio

#1742 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I live in england and i am only thirteen. I think it is one of the worst days of my life which i will always remember. I was going on a school field trip for 5 days, we had just arrived at the hotel we were staying at. The bus stopped and one of our teachers told us all to be quiet. We all new something was wrong. We were told that America had just had a terrorist attack and thousand of people have been killed. We all got together and sat in the cinema room with a widesceen tv. It was the latest news. We all saw the first plane crash through the first tower, silence overwhelmed the room. Then came along the second plane. We were all devastated and terrified. My friends and I couldn't understand why or who would do such a thing. That day will be in my memories forever.
francesca thomas | 13 | United Kingdom

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