#806 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I was in bed just waking up to a hard nights work when I turn on the television and listened to Katie Couric interview someone ( don't remember who because I was just barely waking up). Then I press play on my vcr (which ironically had 'True lies' playing) and I went back to sleep for a few minutes. When I woke up it was still playing and I turned it off to watch the today show when I saw the most horrific site I had ever seen in my 24 years of life. It was the first building on fire with a gigantic hole and paper flying. I knew, honest to god I knew that this was a terrorist attack and not a accident.Then I watched in horror as the second plane struck and my believes were confirmed. I called my mom to ask her if I was dreaming or was this real. and she was sleep also. I told her to turn on the t.v. because it looks like people are flying planes in building in New York. She called me back to tell me that I was not dreaming and she was watching the same atrocity I was. In the aftermath this unforgettable attack, I hope that we as Americans learned to love one another not matter what skin color, religious belief or whatever is different. We learn to drop the ethnic background from in front of American (example African-AMERICAN ,Asian-AMERICAN, Mexcian-AMERICAN) because we are all Americans and most important we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of god, no matter who your god may be. I WILL NEVER FORGET 911. Nor will my children or grandchildren. 911 will be the day that all America exhaled and came together. Please America Don't make me a liar to me children.
Angela Rochelle Kohn | 24 | Michigan

#738 | Thursday, February 7th 2002
I was at work doing my duties as a young network engineer when a co-worker said that a plane just flew into the World Trade Center.

"Ok Sal," I said absentmindedly. This was coming from the office prankster, and 8:30 in the morning I was in no mood for a prank.

It wasn't long until someone else was over at his cubicle, and I became curious and decided to go to a new site. Every new related website was down, swamped with users.

With the only TV in our building, our entire department watched as the Trade Centers burned. When a plane flew into the Pentagon, I walked away and called my father at his office. "Dad, I think we're at War." I'm not sure why I called him. I think it was simply to have the safety of talking to my father, the man that as a child I turned to when things went wrong. I began to cry a little in the privacy of my cubicle before going back out to the TV.

The rest of the day is pretty much a blur, but I remember the fear and the immense sadness that I felt for most of the morning before numbness took over.

It took a few days to get out of shock, but eventually I did recover. But I will never forget the sadness.

Chuck Firment | 27 | Michigan

#733 | Wednesday, February 6th 2002
I was at work in Lansing, Michigan. The boyfriend of my coworker called her and said that someone had crashed a plane into the World Trade Center. I said some smart remark about being a stupid pilot. I had no idea that a GIGANTIC plane hit the building. I had thought it to be some Cesna or something. After that, I went to CNN to read about it. I seemed to be the only one able to get ANY news as the entire internet seems to come to a stop. We had no TV. I gathered news and forwarded it onto my coworkers. Everything. Every rumor. Every truth. It went out.

That day was amazing. Amazing at how people can think that killing this many people would serve any point to anyone. And, amazing at how one nation can unite. And even more amazing, that the world was in complete solidarity with that single country.

Jeff L | 25 | Michigan

#642 | Monday, January 21st 2002
On September 11th, I was coming back from my consortium class, from another school. I heard on the radio while on the bus ride that there was a plane crash, and I didnt think anything of it. I walked into my home high school and saw on the TV in the counseling office that the world trade center was hit by an airplane. I watched for about 10 minutes, then I saw live the second plane hit the 2nd tower. It hurt inside to watch, and ever since then, I've never been so patriotic.
Matt Perlove | 17 | Michigan

#636 | Thursday, January 17th 2002
I was driving to my golf class at the wonderful Eastern Michigan University and I was listening to a local morning talk show on the radio and they were discussing the first plane that the building. It was hard to understand what they were talkingabout because they normally are pulling pranks sanf telling jokes. They then said a second plane hit the building and the pieces started to come together. I was shocked and confused and I had to go to class. I got there, and eveyone was watching TV and everyone was scared. Our intsrtuctor let us go and I went home and watched Fox news channel the rest of the day.
Jacob Taylor | 19 | Michigan

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