#1147 | Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
I remember getting out of the shower, wrapping myself in a towel and sitting on the couch. I lit a cigarrete and flipped on the tv. This was about 8:40 am so news of the attacks wasn't on all the channels as it would be later in the day. I watched a couple minutes of the local news and decided nothing interesting was happening in Michigan so I flipped to CNN. This may have been just before the second impact or just after. I don't remember which. I sat there and stared and stared. I didn't cry but I just remember thinking that it wasn't real. I'll tell you that even after all was said and done, it never became real to me until days later. I called my mom and she was crying, screaming into the phone at me about how this could have never happened. I said little but I understood her sentiments exactly. I skipped my college classes that day and just drove around town smoking cigarrettes stopping at stores and just watching people go about their business as usual. Of course, people were talking about the morning's events but I felt like nothing was ever going to be the same again. I guess that in some ways, maybe more ways than we now know America will never feel as safe as it did on September 10th.
Sorry, rationalizing a little bit there. Please bear with me. Anyway, that driving around was one of the few things that made me feel better that day. Smoking a bunch of cigarettes helped too but I paid for that the next day by coughing my ass off.
One thing before I go: I hope to never again see that level of hopeless destruction, loss of life, and horror again as long as i live.

John Rethamel | 23 | Michigan

#1119 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
I was at my first class of the day and my friend told me that planes had hit the WTC but she said it as though it was sort of an accident. After my second class I over heard so many people talking about it I ran back to my dorm room to turn on the tv and just couldn't believe my eyes. That day will live in my head for the rest of my life.My dad said he can remember where he was the day JFK was shot. And this is something my generation will always remember where they were. Everytime I hear the songs with the clips from 9-11 it makes me come close to crying if not crying. I just hope that this will make people think about what they do before they do it. Peace forever.
Tim | 19 | Michigan

#977 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I was at work and listening to my favorite morning show on the radio.When a song ended, there was dead air. I figured that the station had gone off the air and was reaching over to change the dial. The radio personality came back on the air and advised that if we could....we should turn on the nearest TV. They had been watching footage of where a plane had hit the WTC and while they were watching, a second plane hit the other tower.I went to my nearest coworkers and told them to switch to a news station on their radios becuase it sounded like a terrorist attack. They thought I was joking.It was amazing to hear, not see, what was happening. You could hear in the radio announcers voices how shocking it was. I saw still footage on a nearby computer with internet access.Probably the oddest thing was going outside at break. We are near an airport. It was surreal to see no airplanes going above! What was even more surreal was when the airplanes were again allowed to fly. We looked at them like we'd never seen one before.Also....the gas lines on September 11 were hard to believe. I actually needed gas and was afraid I'd run out waiting. We fnally found a small non-chain station. It was amazing how friendly and polite everyone was.
Linda | 44 | Michigan

#887 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I woke up about 10 minutes before the first tower collapse. I walked out of my room just as my roommate was coming in from classes. He had a very shocked look on his face and he immediately started repeating over and over "it's hit! it's hit! the world trade center was hit with a plane!" I was still in a sleepy state and couldn't comprehend what he was saying until he turned on the TV. I don't think I have ever had a worse awakening in my life. I eventually tore myself away from the television and went to class. Not a single person in class could concentrate on anything, but we went through the motions. The shock was tremendous. Thankfully they canceled classes for the rest of the day, and I went home and spent time with friends and struggled to deal with the tragedy.... Never forget!
Tristan Jones | 20 | Michigan

#879 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
im a 15 year old kid fromsouth lyon and i was just shocked at what happened. im watching this thing on tv and the things im seeing are hurting but i just cant turn it off. i was at scholl when the plane hit and it was ironic but the class i was in was american studies and i dont remember what we were talking about but the way my teacher found out was her husban called and told her what happened and she turned it on and everyone went quiet. it was the craziest thing ever. i remember wanting to do something but i had no money and there was nothing to do but worry and pray. for the first time ever i prayed. i havent gone to church in about 10 years and i prayed. i remember not being abel to go outside for lunch and i thought about calling my mom but there was a line of people waiting to call from payphones and the office. i had a relative that was in the towers and he said that there were bodies and body parts everywere falling ............................ im sorry i just cant write anymore my name is jon lanczak and if your a firefighter cop medic or anything thank you for what you do
jon lanczak | 15 | Michigan

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