#180 | Monday, October 1st 2001
I attend was walking to my 9:30am class at Eastern Connecticut State University. As I neared the building it was held in, I saw a mob of students congesting the small lobby and spilling out the doors. I made my way inside wondering why so many were packed together, and then I looked up at the TV mounted high in the corner that was switched on for the first time that I can remember.

I was seeing live CNN coverage of reporters quickly flipping through pages of information, something about the World Trade Center. I read across the bottom of the screen that an airplane had crashed into one of the towers. I wandered on through the crowd and up the stairs to class, perplexed at what I'd briefly picked up.

An hour and fifteen minutes later I made my way back through the lobby that was now thick with solemness. Dozens and dozens of heads turned upwards at the TV with emotionless faces. The second tower had been destroyed. I didn't know what to think or how to feel. I spent the rest of the day in a haze, trying to soak up as much information as I could and contacting family to make sure noone was hurt. I was lucky. My prayers go to those less fortunate.

Justin Beechwood | 20 | Connecticut

#143 | Sunday, September 23rd 2001
September 11th 2001-
I was actually in World History the hour it happened. A teacher was going to every room telling the other teachers about it. Our teacher walked back into the classroom with a look on his face as if he had just seen a dead body. We all knew something was wrong, he wasn't supposed to tell us but he did anyways. At first I didn't realise what was going on. It didn't seem like such a big deal. I didn't realise how many people had lost their lives. For the whole class period ( 85 minutes ) we listened to the radio, to fill us in on what was going on. When the bell finally rang, I stepped out of the classroom and heard everyone yelling " We're gonna die!!! " It was really upsetting. I wanted to cry. Some people left school because of love ones who were in the towers.

When I got home that night, I turned on the TV & That's when I realised how serious it actually was. On every channel was live coverage. It was really sad, and upsetting. My thoughts go out to everyone that lost someone. America will move on though, although this will always remain a part of the past. Though we do need to move on, to prove the United States is truly UNITED.

Jessica Butler | 14 | Connecticut

#136 | Saturday, September 22nd 2001
Tues September 11, 2001.
I was peacefully sleeping. I heard a faint voice calling..my name was it? It became louder, I realized that someone was calling my name from downstairs outside my window. I stumbled out of bed, not really awake yet, and when I looked out my window I saw a coworker. I was very confused. She then said to me "Something very bad has happened, but your Mother is ok. Turn on the television". I could not imagine what she was talking about. What could have possiably happened? I was panicking trying to find my tv remotes. In the short amount of time it took, I had many thoughts about what could have happened to my Mom that would have been working 1 block from Times square in New York City.Then the picture came on ...I couldnt not believe what I saw. The next thought was about my cousin that works in the city. I had no idea how close he worked to the towers. I found out he was ok also. But for the next 5 days I could not take my eyes off the television. I am not a person to get too emotional about things, but this has truely stabbed me in the heart. I feel so much sadness when I see the devistation, and hear the traggic stories unfolding every second.I am so proud to see our country united so strong.We will overcome this horriable tragedy.

Dawn | 33 | Connecticut

#127 | Friday, September 21st 2001
I was sitting in sportswriting class when they collapsed. We were writing stories about the season finale for the New Haven Ravens (minor-league baseball). So one of my classmates leaves, then pokes her head back in and says the towers collapsed. I had seen people crowding around the TVs in the building on my way in to class (around 9:30), but I was late and missed that class too many times already.

I sort of staggered around the rest of the day, skipping my third class of four that day at 2:00. As soon as I got back from my second class, I immediately tried to get a hold of my best friend, who lives in NYC. She would have been there and died if she hadn't overslept that morning.

Jason | 20 | Connecticut

#100 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I woke up with a start at 8:30 AM. I was running late to pick up my friend Tammy at work and I was speeding on my way to her workplace. I hadn't been on the road for very long when the DJ on the radio broke through to announce that a passenger plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, one of the twin towers. I was shocked, I almost drove right off the road... I slowed down, and I began to think of how I had visited New York in March... Then I heard the other tower had been hit... And I started crying... And turned on the news. And when I watched various parts of footage on TV, I couldn't believe my eyes. It all seemed so unreal. To see places destroyed where I had seen in person... Very unnerving.

I now hope that whoever is responsible for this is punished. I don't want him or her to be killed outright, I would like to see him suffer. I am not a person who harbors hate easily... But this person has ruined many people's very lives, torn apart families, and thrown an entire nation into turmoil... This person needs to suffer like we all will for years to come.

What this criminal has not done was count on our entire nation pulling together in our time of need. We shall overcome... We shall not allow this nation to fall apart. We are strong.

I want to offer my sincere sympaties for all those directly or indirectly involved with this horrendous attack on our fine nation. *hugs*

Andy Hicks | 23 | Connecticut

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