#869 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was laid off at the time. Had just sent the kids off to school and settled down with a book and sort of listening to the news.

I saw the second plane hit live and just started crying. I never did finish reading that book.

I will remember this along with the Challenger blowing up for as long as I live.

Teresa | 34 | Texas

#846 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
My wife and I were er-route to Orlando Florida for our annual vacation on September 11th 2001. We were at 34,000 feet above Newfoundland on a Virgin Atlantic flight. We made an unscheduled stop at Gander, where we were looked after by the Salvation Army at one of thier camps. We stayed at Twin Ponds for 24 hours and then flew back to Manchester in the United Kingdom. We were treated like royalty by the people of Gander and we were harldy alone. There were thirty nine other big aeroplanes and many passengers also 'stranded' at this time. While our hearts go out to those directly affected by the attacks , we feel we owe a debt of gratitude to the people of Gander and particularly the Salvation Army , who looked after us. Thank You to all of those involved. We are forever in your debt.
Barry & Tina Coomer | 34 | United Kingdom

#759 | Wednesday, February 13th 2002
Dear World,

I hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens again. I live in Australia, when the event occured I was asleep but my husband was up watching TV - he woke me up and said you have to watch the news - America is under attack. I got up and could not believe what I was seeing - when I first looked the two buildings were still up - I could just barely see the people throwing themselves from the building - I was shocked. I was crying and could not go back to sleep. The next day when I came into work everyone was watching the TV and there seemed to be silence in the air. We were all very unhappy.

Fatma Kosyer

Fatma Kosyer | 34 | Australia

#747 | Saturday, February 9th 2002
My husband and I were still sleeping at 6.45 am Pacific standard time when we were awoken by a telephone call. It was from my mother in India! She said in a frantic voice - what is happening in the US? Haven't you heard the terrible news? we are watching it live on CNN in Bombay!

we immediately got up and switched on the radio and heard with horror the live report. as we did not have cable tv, we couldn't see what was going on. i tried calling a family friend in brooklyn, NY, to see if she was ok but couldn't connect due to busy telephone lines. Later, we went to the lounge of our apartment leasing office to see the President's message on the TV there.

Shams | 34 | California

#697 | Tuesday, January 29th 2002
I was still asleep when the phone rang,
my brother said to hurry up and turn on the TV. What I saw changed my life forever.
I'm down here in North Carolina now,but I'm from NYC. Everyone except my immediate family is still there. I have a family member who's a NYC Firefighter, he was seriously injured. Another family member worked in the WTC, but the subway was running late that morning, she saw the first plane hit.
When I saw what was going on, I felt numb, was it an accident? How could that happen!? Then the second plane hit.... I cried. I NEVER cry, but that morning and for a long time after I cried. "My God, what did they do?" that was all I could say over, and over. I felt disbelief, my heart was broken,I was afraid, and then I was angry. I tried calling my family in the city, I couldn't get through. I called my sister at work in NJ. They had the perfect view of the WTC from their office. The receptionist answered, she was crying. Nothing seemed normal.Everything seemed sureal.
I cried, my heart was broken, "Look what they done to my home, my city, my family...all those people! Why God, how could they do it?" and I cried...
My husband is in the military he knew at that moment he had a job to do and would be leaving VERY soon...he was right, and then I felt resolve.
Here we are four months later, I still mourn for all that we lost. I mourn for the innocent, I mourn for the heroes, I mourn for all those families that are forever changed.
I still cry whenever I see news footage or read stories about that day, but now mostly, I'm just mad as hell.
God Bless America!

Diane Knight | 34 | North Carolina

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