#1779 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I will never forget September 11, 2001. What began as an ordinary school day turned out to be the day the world changed. I was in chemistry class when the first plane hit the WTC and my teacher turned on the t.v. We all watched in stunned silence as the second plane hit and the towers collapsed. People were running around school crying hysterically, and phone centers were set up so we could get in touch with our families. The one thing I will never forget is walking out into the hallway and seeing a guy i didnt know standing there hugging his father and sobbing. His mother had called from the Trade Center saying that a plane had hit the building and she didnt know if she would make it out. She didnt. I still cry when i think about it. For as long as I live 9/11/01 will be engraved in my heart and in my memory. GOD BLESS AMERICA
bonnie | 18 | New Jersey

#1767 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was in my senior English class at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School in Whitman, Mass, when a student who had been at the nurses office came in and told us to turn on the TV, we did, just in time to figure out what had happened. Immediately after, we saw the towers fall...

I later found out (almost a whole year later) that my best friend, an Australian, was supposed to be on the flight heading to LA... thank goodness she did not get on that plane.

Another ironic thing that I was told almost a year later is that my really good friend, who happens to be from England was at the top of the WTC on Sept. 10 and has pictures and her ticket of admission, they were the last admitted to the top of the trade center towers... she also has pictures of the towers on that day from the top of the Empire State building.

Ironic, yes, but I am more than thankful about these close calls.

This will never be forgotten...

Danielle Mooney | 18 | Massachusetts

#1747 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
Senior year had just started and I was in Psychology class 2nd period. Someone had told me that a plane hit the Empire State Building. I breathed a sigh of relief as i thought, "Thank God it wasn't the World Trade Center." A few minutes later, my godmother (who happens to be a teacher at my old high school) pulled me out of class to tell me that it had been, in fact, the Trade Center and there were 2 planes, not one. As I collapsed, crying, she made me think of whether or not my parents were on time for work that day... I couldn't remember. Their cell phones were out... My grandparents hadn't heard from my mother... All I could do was beep my dad constantly with a phone number at school. After a few hours, my mom finally called me and I found out that my mother, father, and stepmother were all late for work that day. I have never been more fortunate.
Samantha Del Priore | 18 | New Jersey

#1744 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
On 9/11/2001 I was just starting my senior year of high school. Second period had just begun and we were patiently ignoring the teacher in our American History class. Little did we know that day was not going to be a review of American history but a day of making it. I had a portable personal tv on waiting for things to calm down in class when a news special report came on. The picture switched to the twin towers with smoke coming out of one of them. I tell my teacher to turn on the classroom tv. As we watched in confusion then horror our principal comes over the P.A. system telling all teachers to tune in and that, 'It seems a terrorist attack has been unleashed on the World Trade Center.' Once schools had been released in Philadelphia we all noticed how erie and quiet the skys were without air traffic. That was my account of the horror of 9-11.
David Zoltowski | 18 | Pennsylvania

#1729 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
At the time it happened I was 17 and was in 12th grade.

I was in my first period class and for some reason somone turned on the TV while the teacher was out in the hall.
We saw/heard something on TV concerning a plane "crashing" into the WTC. At the time the reports were very vague and the situation didn't sound too serious. So we just turned off the TV and started our work.
At the end of the class period, before I had even gotten out the door, a friend of my ran up to me and said the the Pentagon had been hit by a plane. I told her it was the WTC not the Pentagon, she said they had both been hit. That was when I realized that something horrible was happening. I was suddenly wired, like I'd just drank a few dozen cups of coffee. I bolted up the stairs and ran into the Chemistry room, people were running down the halls, standing in groups whispering, crying and looking confused. Someone turned on the TV there and for the rest of the class period we watched as the towers fell and the situation progressed. I don't remember a lot more than that.

Cat | 18 | United States

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