#161 | Tuesday, September 25th 2001
my mother came in my room around 9am or so and yelled "we are going to war". my mother is the sort of person who over-exaggerates so i told her i was going back to sleep. at 9:30am i turned on the news and saw four words that made my heart stop "new york city attacked". i started crying because my bestfriend lives there. and he had just gone into the city the day before. so i was really worried about him because he did not live too far from it i was worried sick. i tried calling him and i recieved this message from the operator "we are sorry. the area you are trying to reach is unavailable at this moment due to the tornado warning". i was really really confused. i will always forever remember this day and the affect it had on everyone. i finally did get a hold of him. he was pretty shaken up by it. seeing the wtc the day before.. and now it never being there again. all those people.. all the horror. it felt like a really really horrible nightmare. if only it would have been..
jessica lenee'. | 18 | California

#150 | Monday, September 24th 2001
My brother and I were in Ireland, trouing in a town called Kilkenny, just finished with a tour of the amazing castle there, and shipped some souvenirs back to the states for our friends and family. We were tossing back and forth whether or not to stay in Kilkenny another night, or to mozy on down to Blarney. At 2:05 PM Ireland time, we hopped in the rental car to drive to Blarney, and the first thing we heard was "a plane has crashed into one of the twin towers in New York". My brother and I just looked at one another, and kept driving. About 3 minutes down the road, the announcer comes back on stating that a second plane hit the World Trade Center, and that several more planes were considered hijacked. At this point, bro and I decided to pull off the motorway, and find a place to watch CNN. We stopped at the closest town, in the closest pub, and walked in just in time to see the first replay of the second plane hitting the twin towers. We sat in this pub for over 3 hours, crying with the Irish owners and regulars of this tiny pub- in complete disbelief of what was unfolding. As a sidenote, the Irish are wonderful, welcoming people- they didn't just have a 'day of mourning' or a 'moment of silence'- on September 14th, the entire Republic of Ireland closed down for the day. All petrol stations, pubs, stores, etc. closed down for the whole day- there were multiple masses and church sessions held all day long- I never once felt like my brother and I were alone in the tragedy, even being overseas.
-Renee LaBarge

Renee | 25 | California

#120 | Friday, September 21st 2001
I remember waking up for no apparent reason at 5:45am (pacific time...8:45am eastern) and having this weird feeling settle over me. Soon after I fell asleep and then around 8:15 was awakened again, but this time by the phone.
My friend, Brendi, said in a panicked voice, "Are you watching this on t.v.???". Of course she knows I don't have a television, so my obvious reply was "no".
As she began to explain what had happened over the past few hours, I sat in shock wondering how someone could be so cruel to such an amazing country like ours.
It is unbelievable how many people have come together and shown the world how powerful we all are, no matter the city or state.

GOD BLESS AMERICA...home of people that won't let such tragic acts affect them, they only grow from them. :O)

Emily Kauffman | 20 | California

#60 | Monday, September 17th 2001
Around the early hours of the morning my home phone and mobile phone rang a few times. I ignored them, not giving it a second thought. I woke up to NPR news this morning, as I do every morning, listening to a newscaster talking about the World Trade Center being destroyed. I thought they were recounting the original bombing of the World Trade Center. As I became more conscious I realized that's not what they were talking about. Soon the picture started developing as I started getting ready for work. I went to my phones and had messages from family and friends informing me about what was going on. I didn't have time to look at the television before I left my apartment for a doctor's appointment. I stood around debating whether or not I was going to go to work after my appointment. Living in a major metropolitan area and working just south of Los Angeles International Airport, I decided to stay home. God forbid something happen at LAX, I wouldn't be able to get home. I decided to stay home, and was glued to the TV and the Internet and phone all day and evening.
Brad Barrish | 27 | California

#51 | Monday, September 17th 2001
I was asleep in Los Angeles. Wherewereyou.org didn't exist. The world seemed much more fun.
dvg | 109 | California

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