#188 | Saturday, October 6th 2001
that was my first thought.
then came the tears.
i was watching it ALL on TV.
my friend called me in the morning to tell me what was going on. I didnt even bother going to school. i knew they would close down our university. hell, they even closed down my job location. the big ol' Bank of america clocktower in San Francisco.

I love my country. i just became a citizen. i would die for this country, for what it represents, for what it stands for, and for the simple fact that it is a nation founded under God.

carlo orozco | 20 | California

#184 | Thursday, October 4th 2001
I had played a music gig on September 10 that had gone especially well. We were all in high spirits, and I in fact had too many spirits and awoke the next morning not wanting to go to work. With no sick days left I called my boss to buy a half hours extra sleep with the "subway is backed up" excuse. As I write this I am starting to feel the hurt and distress build it's way back to the surface, knowing now that was the last "normal" moment I have had since. It was shortly thereafter that my phone starting ringing. My girlfriend asked if I'd heard about the WTC buildings collapsing. Like so many, my assumption was that the word "collapse" was hyperbole. If only. My boss called shortly thereafter to tell me not to come to our office downtown, that the financial district of San Francisco was shut down. I got my sick day to recover from a hangover after all, and the next day too. Unfortunately, I haven't felt healthy since.
Mike W | 29 | California

#171 | Thursday, September 27th 2001
what happened to this country on september eleventh is unspeakable. the tragedy and suffering alone is to much to comprehend, especially to someone so far away. this event has made us all more aware of the world as a whole, by tearing our eyes open. but we as a nation shouldn't be screaming for revenge and blood. why kill more people so they can also feel the fear and pain we do now? at this time we need to unite and prevent future attacks by awareness and peace, not fear instilled in the hearts of "non-americans." wake-up america!
Andrea | 18 | California

#164 | Tuesday, September 25th 2001
i was at the stop sign by a gas station and my friend jarod was getting gas and i rolled down my window to say hi and he yelled "they attacked us! they bombed us pretty freaky shit huh?!" i didn't believe him so i went on to school and i was like 30 minutes late to first period and when i came in the news was on and everyone was locked on the screen and i just stood there for a minute and then my friend daniel called me over and said " i think we're going to war..they bombed the world trade centers" i almost cried..
imy | 17 | California

#162 | Tuesday, September 25th 2001
I was on the bus on the way to school at 7:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time and overheard someone talk about it on the bus. I thought they were joking, and it was not until I walked into one of my teacher's classrooms did I hear the news from her. But she didn't have a radio in her room, and the Internet was down throughout the school that day. I only heard snippets of radio broadcasts throughout the day and that was it. Then when I got home, I saw the destruction for the first time. I didn't know that the World Trade Center was the Twin Towers until I saw.

It was so devastating. I used to live in New York when I was little.

Lancelote Leong | 16 | California

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