#1034 | Friday, March 15th 2002
I was at work, in the lunchroom for 1st break (9am) when we first heard about the mess. the rest of the day was shot.
diane murdock | 57 | Washington

#1032 | Friday, March 15th 2002
My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Banff, Alberta. We had been without TV or radio for a week and a half, we had just checked into a nice cabin that had a TV the night of September 10th. In the morning my husband turned on the TV just as "breaking news" flashed onto the screen. We saw what had happened and were watching it when the second tower was hit, we were glued to the TV set through that tragic morning. Needless to say, we felt terrible and just wanted to get home, we packed up and left the next morning. It never felt so good to be back in America.
Ora Evans | 26 | Washington

#941 | Monday, March 11th 2002
First of all I work as a receptionist for Knight Ridder Newspapers. It was around 8:00am Sept. 11, 2001 when I walked into the office. I usually just go ahead and do newspaper distributions for the political reporters, and then do a run around before turning on all the TV's in the reception area. But this morning I went directly to the tube and turned it on. As the television screen faded on, I saw the first World Trade Center tower all smoked up with a hole the size of a plane in it. Forgive me for being pesimistic but I said to myself "Oh my God, they've done it again....". Not even 5 minutes went by and all the lights on the switchboard were lighting up. I was transfering calls, reassureing family members that certain reporters who were on location in New York were alright. I kept my eye on the television and saw the second tower being hit. I knew then we were going to war. Definately when the Pentagon got hit. My Office manager called to tell me she was in heavy Traffic on the 14th Street Bridge, here in Washington DC and that she saw the plane that hit the Pentagon, flying low and that her husband jokingly said "I hope that's not going to the Pentagon...." Not knowing minutes later his premanition would come to pass. After that....All hell broke loose in the Newsroom. I handle calls coming in every 5 minutes or so. For some the thought of that day may have died down some, for weeks even months of the aftermath, but for me and this newsroom it's an ongoing event.
David V. Bowers | 30 | Washington

#934 | Monday, March 11th 2002
On 9/11 my husband and I were on our 3 day of a camping vacation along the Oregon coast. That morning we were staying at Cape Blanco State park.I got up and turned on the radio,expecting to hear rock and roll, instead, I hear Arron Brown with CNN, reporting that a second jet just hit the WTC. My mind could not comprehend what my ears were hearing.My husband, still in bed was saying what,what.I was telling him to be quiet, and listen.He got up and got the TV out and he tried to find a TV station so we could see what was going on. At Cape Blanco,we couldn't get any reception with our small RV antenna.I thought this was what it like when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and people only had their radios to receive the news, and they had to picture in their minds what the scene must look like.it was frustrating for us, because we're Baby Boomers and grew up watching TV!
After listening to the radio for several hours, we went for a drive to see the sights further south on hiway 101. The first town we came to,we saw the American flag displayed all along the street, just like the 4th of July, but this wasn't the 4th, this was a day of an attack on America. My heart was breaking, but it was a great sight to see, a small American town showing their pride.
We stopped at Humbug State park and walked to the beach, the sun came out and I'll never forget being thankful that I have this freedom to do what I want when I want. Thinking how can there be such a great attack on our nation just afew thousand miles away and people are suffering and scared, and I feel so safe at this peaceful, beautiful beach. So many questions, and no clear answers. Please, God be with those who need you and give them comfort in the days to follow.
We went as far as Gold Beach that day and ate lunch, and then started back to our camp at Cape Blanco. On our way back, just a few miles north of Humbug Mt., we came around a curve in the road and saw a large turn out along the hiway, and there was a truck with a 5th wheel trailer attached, that had gone over a built up berm, and there was an elderly man and woman walking around around the truck. We stopped to see if they were alright. They were shaken up, but not hurt. They were so very lucky, the rear end of the truck high centered on the berm and that kept them from going over the cliff into the ocean. The Oregon State patrol had stopped by before we arrived, and called a two truck out of Coos Bay to come and pull the truck off the berm. We stayed with them to try and help, the man had a shovel and he and my husband tryed to dig a portion of the berm away. Another two very kind men stopped to try and help. They had a heavy work truck and tried to pull the truck and trailer off the berm, but it was just too stuck and too heavy. Those men were working men, and we sent them on their way, after all the tow truck was coming. After what seemed like hours, the tow truck arrived and got the truck off the berm. Everything look to alright with the truck and the couple wanted to be on their way. We told them that a state park was just a few miles down the road and they should stay there for the night.We hugged and shook hands and then we left. In the whole afternoon we never exchanged names, but we knew we would never forget 9/11 for two reasons.I think of this couple often and hope they arrived home in California safely. When 9/11 is mentioned, I always think of the sweet couple we spent the afternoon with. I hope they'er OK.
We went on with our vacation that week with no TV. We read the news papers evey day and that was enough for us until we arrived home in Washington State. I watched TV for days after we got home, and I cried so much and so often. I had to stop watching and get on with every day life. I will never forget 9/11 and I hope that some day the world can live in peace and learn to accept each other's differences, without hate. America's strength and freedom will always be alive and cannot be destroyed by anyone.
Donnie Burton,48
Olymipa, WA

Donnie Burton | 48 | Washington

#925 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was sitting in front of the Tv waching the news on "abc" and then all of a sudden they interrupted with a special report. I could not believe my eyes. All "HELL" was breaking loose. I thought it was some sort of a sick joke or a commercial plug for for a really bizarre movie, but it was 'real'. I kept waking my Husband up every five minutes to tell him all the goings on, but he was oblivious, because he prints one of the major newspapers in the state of Washington; The Tacoma News Tribune. I cried, when I watched, he got up and couldn't believe his eyes. We sat there thinking, "how could someone be so inhumane"? MY husbands newspaper did an excellent job of reporting every little detail that they could find, with help of other news sources. The New York papers, the Philadelphia papers, and the Washington D.C. papers. They all played a part along with the AS, AP, etc. My husband, I and our family will never forget these tragic events, nor do we want to, because it will make this country stronger against anything like this ever happening again. Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families. God Bless America ! ! !
Laurene E. Dougherty | 45 | Washington

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