#1370 | Tuesday, June 4th 2002
I was sitting at my computer when it happened. I had TechTV on in the background.

I was surfing around a bit, when my Fiance called and told me to turn on the news.

I fliped it over, not quite sure what I was looking at for a momment.

Once everything came into focus, I had about half a second before I saw the second plane hit. I believe there was about 10 minutes of phone silence.

Quite a emotional momment.

Jah Bless

mike | 20 | Washington

#1152 | Thursday, April 4th 2002
Hello everyone!
I am from the Pacific Northwest, but was in North Carolina with one of my daughters attending a seminar of hers. (She lives in Grand Junction, Co.) The night before 9/11, I had visions of a dark haired man grabbing a woman by the forehead (he was behind her), jerking her head back and slitting her throat. I "saw" this many times in my minds eye. My daughter was out with some friends that night. Away from home, and with her as my only point of reference, I was sure someone was going to do her unspeakable harm. I even had the security guard try and help me find her. I told him my story, but was almost unconsolable and told him when I have had visions in the past, they have come true. We found her, and that night I had a fitful sleep. She went to breakfast with her team. Immediately after it happened, she came back into the room to turn on the TV and tell me...."Mother...this is why you were so upset last night". As events unfolded and I saw the face of Atta, I KNEW in my heart he was the one pictured in my minds eye! Everyone was in a turmoil and people were renting U-hauls to get home in. We were ABSOLUTELY DRIVEN to get home. We rented the LAST car allowed to go West and drove 2,000 miles in 1 1/2 days. All we could think about was getting home to our loved ones, and praying for everyone in New York and Pennsylvania.
I have often wondered what the poor security guard thought when he heard of 9/11. We thank God for President Bush and his stand for God and country!
Thank you for letting me tell our story.

Shirley Jean Coker | 63 | Washington

#1130 | Thursday, March 28th 2002
I had gotten up at 5am (west coast time) and turned on CNN, my usual routine before work. I was getting ready when i heard a reporter cut in to say something had hit the world trade center. I rushed to the t.v. and phoned my mother. I then saw the 2nd plane hit and knew this was terrorism.. I was sickened, recalling a business trip i had taken years ago to NYC and i stayed at the towers. I sat glued for another hour and then forced myself to drive to work.

As I was heading towards downtown Seattle, the radio broke in that the Pentagon was on fire, I noticed other cars driving very slow....

I looked up and saw a plane flying overhead... I felt panicky.... should i turn around and go home? should i go to work? I continued to watch that plane fly over downtown......surreal.

I went to work but no one was working, I went home and pulled out my pictures of the wtc..... remembering eating at the Top of The World Restaurant...

Definately the worst day of my 35 years of life

Monica | 35 | Washington

#1123 | Wednesday, March 27th 2002
On the morning of the 11th of September, 2001, we have just arrived at our older daughter's house in Minot, North Dakota. We have traveled there from Olympia, Washington, about 1,300 miles away. My wife Suki, and I, my sister Eva, my wife's brother Song Yim and my mother-in-law took this trip together to vist our daughter, Shirley, her husband Beau, and their recently born son, Benjamin Cole.

This was to be a very historic occasion because my mother-in-law and my wife's brother traveled here from Korea to visit us and our children for the first time in 24 years. The last time my mother-in-law saw my older daughter was when she was 18 months old. The was also the first time for all of us (except for my wife) to see Benjamin Cole, our first grandson.

The reunion between my daughter and her grandmother was a 'significant emotinal event' as it could be expected and of course we all marveled at our grandson. All of us were at a heightened emotional state when the phone rang and our younger daughter, Michelle was on the phone. Michelle lives in Los Angeles and at first we thought she just wanted to connect with us and vicariously be a part of a very happy occasion. But as soon as Beau picked up the phone, she immediately asked him if we have heard what happened. Beau had no idea what was she talking about and so Michelle told him to turn on the TV immediately.

As soon as Beau turned on the TV, we have learned what those diabolic creeps have done to our country and about the very high number of casualties. All of us were numb at the sight of all that destruction done by these releigious fanatics. We were glued to the TV and just could not believe what a lethal combination of evil and ignorance can produce. We have also learned about multiple acts of heroism and found those stories most inspiring.

Little more than six months have gone by since the 11th of September. Our fervent hope is that so much godd will and actions will come out of that tragedy that the good results will outweigh the the pain and suffering caused by the events of 11 September. Our great military forces have already destroyed thousands of very bad people in Afghanistan and thereby effectively prevented them from doing more bad things. We have replaced an oppressive and brutal regime with a much more civilized regime. We have witnessed countless acts of kindness and heroism and the country as a whole had come together like we always do in times of crisis. And this is just the beginning.

The US was sucker punched and as any fighter knows, that can be painful. The first round started pretty good for the bad guys. This is going to be a long fight. The bad guys will use every illegal punch, every trick in the books and some that have not even made it to the books. Some of the countries in the crowd will root for our enemies. Some of the countries will act as if they are rooting for us when in fact, they will be helping the enemy and will root for them. Most of the civilized countries will rally behind us and will root for us. On the long run, we will prevail. We would like to think that good will overcome evil but that is not always the case (see Holocaust for example). Our perseverance, economic might, technical superiority and ingenuity however WILL prevail and the terrorists will be defeated!

Paul Hardy | 51 | Washington

#1036 | Friday, March 15th 2002
I heard my alarm go off at 6:43a.m with reports of a plane hitting the Pentagon.I raced downstairs, turned on the "Today Show" and then was "glued" to the chair all day watching the horror of it all. It was surreal and something never to be forgotten. I remember the day JFK was shot, John Lennon was shot and exactly where and what I was doing. This will always be a memory for me, one that will never leave my mind or heart. God bless America and also the country allies for the help in trying to bring world peace.
Laurie Marshall | 48 | Washington

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