#353 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I am an air traffic controller at a large metropolitan airport. (I would prefer to keep my identity anonymous, as the FAA doesn't care for us to be talking about our role in the 9/11 events.) I had worked the night shift and was almost home to begin my "weekend" when I heard the initial, sketchy reports on the radio. My wife had been listening to the same radio station as I, but hadn't been paying attention. As soon as I got home I rushed inside and turned on Fox News. Moments later, they unexpectedly showed the second aircraft hitting the second tower of the WTC. We have a digital TV recorder, so we ran it back to see if what we saw was indeed WHAT WE SAW! My wife and I just sat there in shock. Later I found out what my co-workers at the airport and across the nation had to do to comply with the order to ground all air traffic, including those already flying (that was a smart decision by your friendly federal government). I'll never know what it felt like that day for those who were in my work environment, but I think I'm glad I was able to be home to grieve out of the view of anybody but my family.
C | 39 | United States

#351 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was at work, as ususal. I always have the radio on I could not believe what I was hearing. A plane just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. I thought to muself, what is going on? Was this a terrible accident? How could a pilot not see that building. Then they started talking about what really happened. I was in shock. How terrible an act is that? to take innocent peoples' lives. As the day went on, the news got worse. I was allowed to go home and i made sure my kids were ok and proceded to watch the television in horror.

It is a day I will never forget, thats for sure.

Lisa | 39 | New Jersey

#323 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was walking home from dropping off my Daughter Alli for her 5th day at Kindergarten. Her 5th day away from her home and family. Her 5th day without her MOMMMY! And, my 5th day without my baby! One of the neighbors told me to turn on the TV when I got in. I proceded to watch with extreme horror the events from about 9:10 on. I knew that she was safe at school but I wished I could bring her home so I could get my hands on her little body! I am a childcare provider so I broke out the playdough in the kitchen and watched in the living room. The kids don't watch TV unless there are cartoons on so they weren't interested. I watched on and off for the rest of the day, horrified because of the world changing implications. I didn't know anybody in NY, Pennsylvania, or Washington but I did know that this is not the kind of world I wished my kids to grow up in! Thanks for reading! Karen
Karen Croisetiere | 39 | United States

#293 | Monday, November 26th 2001
September 11th will be hard to ever forget. I was at my desk at work. I don't remember what I was doing, but I had Howard Stern's show in the background on the radio. I wasn't paying close attention to it, but at the same time, that I heard him speaking about a plane having hit one of the towers, one of my co-workers rang me on the phone. She said "did you hear what just happened?" She knows that I'm originally from NY and a "New Yorker remains a New Yorker" whereever they go so she thought of phoning me. I tried to sign on to the news sites on the internet and everything was down. At around that time, I heard Howard mention a second plane hitting the towers. Then I called my husband who was still home since he goes to work later in the day. Speaking with him was even more scarier than all I had just heard. He was sobbing on the phone (this from a man I have never seen cry), describing how he had woken up and turned the tv on in time to see the second plane hit and both towers engulfed in flames. I wanted to sob too but being at work I had to hold back my feelings. I didn't have a tv in my office but kept up with the news over the radio until finally the last tower fell. Tears streamed down my cheeks when I realized that the city skyline I had known all of my life was now gone forever. My boss and a few others came out of their offices, everyone with teary eyes. We went down the hall to another office that had television and watched some of the coverage. I finished my day of work at 5 and stopped at my church for their 5:30 mass. It felt like at least I was doing something to help, if only through my prayers. That night I was transfixed in front of the tv, watching that sad night in our history unfold, and knowing that nothing ever will be the same again.
Marlen LaBianco | 39 | Florida

#203 | Saturday, October 13th 2001
On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was almost one hour into my working day. Little Samantha (first grader), who always has sparkling joyous eyes and a smile on her face came running to me, with tears running down her face. She told me that planes were bombing New York.

Samantha, at age 6, somewhat understands how those who are personally mourning feels. She never knew her grandfather but she knows that her grandfather was killed by terrorists in the Oklahoma City Bombing. She has seen her mother and strangers shed tears for the loss of not only her grandfather/victims on April 19th, but now tears for those who lost loved ones/victims on September 11th.

My emotions were spinning. There are no words to describe how I felt. It was the same numb feeling I had on April 19th when I later watched those I knew be pulled out of the Murrah Building. I bent down and held Samantha, soothed her fears. I then picked up the phone and verified my father was not at the Pentagon.

We, the people of Oklahoma, have already endured a terrorist bombing. We have felt the loss of our loved ones, family members, friends and neighbors by the hands of men who believe cold blooded murder can stop our faith, hopes and beliefs. We, as Oklahomans, refused to give into their monstrosities then, nor will we relent to terrorisim now.

Terrorist will never learn that their chosen methods to attempt controlling others is NOT WORKING. Their actions of mass murder is backfiring, destroying their own initial goal. It is strengthening us, not only individually but as a whole.

God bless you all, unless you are a terrorist.

Sandy | 39 | Oklahoma

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