#582 | Friday, December 28th 2001
I am a Security Guard in a High School. We are on Long Island in New York. We are near an airport and I heard a jet noise that I never heard before. I got so nervous thinking to myself, is this plane going to hit the building? (later I would find that it was a fighter jet). Ten Minutes later a student came out in the hallway and told me that one of Twin Towers was hit by a plane. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I said no way, must be a mistake or a small plane that ran out of gas. I immediately went to my car to turn on the radio and the news was true. The scary part was that it kept going. Second plane than the Pentagon and PA. I had to work the front gate at the school and so many parents came racing in crying and picking up their kids. It was so scary. I was wondering if I was supposed to go get my kids. I decided to stay because all along I was telling the students not to worry, you are safe and trying to keep them calm. I will never forget the student "Anthony" as long as I live. Nor will I forget September 11th.

God Bless America. God Bless our Troops

Debby | 39 | New York

#545 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
Iwas just getting up with my kids when my husband called and said to put the TV on. When I turned it on I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought oh my god what a tragedy. How could an airplane crash into a building...thinking of all the poor people in the plane and in the building. Just as I thought to myself what a horrible accident... another plane comes crashing into the building next to it. I sat glued to the TV with tears running down my face and alot of fear. I was so scared! My sister called me... Then I called my mom who is 81... Then I called my brothers and sister in laws. My sister in law who works at xerox didn't know a thing. When I called she put the radio on and then told everyone... they somehow got a TV. We kept calling back and forth crying and exchanging thoughts of what happened. When the second plane hit we knew it was an act of terror. When the plane hit the pentagon I really started to panic... How could this possibly be happening, especially to the pentagon. Somewhere that is supposed to be such a protected area. Then another plane down... this one close to home. I started to panic and fear how many more will there be! Is this the start of a war. While all this was going on my whole family keeping in contact with one another. My brother dropped my mother off to my house before he had to go to work... My mother so upset and crying we were all worried about her. My sister came home... to my house. My husband who works in downtown Pittsburgh came home. My sister in law who works by the airport at Xerox is sent home. Her office closed because of being so close to the airport. All airports closed. I stayed glued to the TV flipping channels for days. So sad...what a black day! I wanted to do something so I found a website that gave directions on how to make these angels to send to the people who lost loved ones. They were going to have a special service in New York and give them to the people. If I could of gone to New York.. The Pentagon... or even to the site by me in Pennsylvania and done something... anything to help I would of. All of the firemen.. paramedics.. and police.. God bless them all. Sept 11, 2001 made me a different person... made me cherish life so much more... from that day on I have expressed my love so much more for everyone. My children were shown alot of love before but so much more and told how much I love them and my husband the same. My Mom...Sister...and Brothers...Sister in Laws... Nieces and Nephews...Friends...everyone now says I love you more often. When we are on the phone before we hang up we now say bye talk to you tomorrow... I love you!
JLB | 39 | Pennsylvania

#406 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
A friend of mine and I were on vacation in Spain. It so happens that we were in route back home (Alexandria, VA) when this tragedy ocurred.

Three hours into our flight, the aircraft suddenly turned back without warning. Shortly after, the pilot gave us the news. It was an eary feeling. And of course it did not help that we were in the middle of an international flight.

When we arrived back into Madrid, the airline, Spanair, who deserves mentioning, took it upon themselves to get us transportation, bording and meals during this period, which happened to be for 4 days (the airlines are not responsible to provide any kind of accomodations as it was no fault of theirs), and got us back safely the following Saturday once they were allowed to fly back into the states. I've heard of other people who were on other airlines who had to look for themselves for all their needs.

While we were at the hotel, we got to see these horrendous events. It was a very mixed emotions of feelings. We cannot, and probably will never, understand how can human beings be so capable of such things.

These events was transmitted on many TV and radio channels in Spain, who were agreeing with us on the horror of it all. We even received in our hotel room a gift from the city of Madrid. It was a very nice photograph book and with it a letter giving us their support and best wishes for our safe return back home.

But September 11 is a day that I have always remembered as it is my father's birthday. So, from here on I will have two major events that I will always remember.

Now, we are back home. I go by the Pentagon every morning to go to work and my thoughts through the commotion of those first days were that we have come to realize how vulnerable we are, and how much of a sheltered life we have lived.

However, as we have seen, even through these perils, and even with all the problems and pains that this country goes through every day, we have overcomed these tragedies and our lives have resumed, if somewhat different from where we left off, but we are living, we are together, and we have demonstrated to the world that we are strong and can and will go on.

It is still extremely hard for those who did loose someone to this tragedy and I feel for them, and pray that God will give them strength, peace, and hope, to go on in life and celebrate the memories of their loved ones. Our bodies may, in time, leave this world, but our memories will always keep us here.

Alex Rodriguez | 39 | Virginia

#390 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
It was a normal Tuesday morning for me. My husband had left that morning on his run to Ashville, my daughter was up and demanding breakfast, and my mother-in-law was asking for coffee. I was not awake enough to face the day, only thing on my mind was coffee and a cigarette. It was 8am where I live. I picked up the phone at 8:05 to call my friend to see if she wanted to go shopping. I hadn't had the TV on yet. To early for that. When she answered the phone I said "good morning" she said "not really". Ok, (I think she's foul because of no coffee too). Then she says to me, "have you turned the TV on yet? I said no, and she said you need to. I will never forget that moment in time. I didn't see the first plane hit, but I did see the second. I was dumbfounded. Within minutes they say the Pentegon was attacked. I knew we were under attack. I watched about 15 minutes of it, then hung up the phone with my friend and was back on the phone in and instant trying to locate my husband and my brother. My husband was on a trucking run to Ashville, so I called his cell phone to see if he was ok, and begged him to come home. He couldn't because he had just started to unload. But he promised as soon as he was done he would head back. My brother on the other hand was a different story. He works and lives in San Francisco. He works in the second tallest building there. The BankAmerica building on the 15th floor. I was panic stricken. I finally got hold of him and told him "their picking us off Marc!!" He said no they aren't it'll be ok. After a time they did a evacuation of his building. I made him call me as soon as he got out and then again when he got home. I have never in my life felt so totally helpless and scared. I was afraid I would lose my entire family. Thankfully for me, everyone got home safe and sound. But I will never forget the shock, of seeing it all happen right before my eyes. And knowing I couldn't help.
Karen | 39 | North Carolina

#377 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was sitting in my living room having my morning coffee, when I decided to flip through the television channels. All of a sudden I saw the first crash...
I was covered with a wave of chills and utter disbelief. I ran into my roommate’s room and woke him up. I was screaming and shouting come here, come here!! I can't believe it; we've been attacked! Then the second plane hit and we both turned to each other "What the hell?" Who would do such a cold and heartless thing to innocent men and women whose only crime (that day) was going to their jobs? The remainder of the day we both sat in total silence and disbelief as the horror unveiled.

Luke Peters | 39 | Arizona

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