#2281 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
September 11th was a confusing day for me. I wasn't really told what was going on until the next day. I remember my mother waking me up just before she left for work, at 6 am, telling me that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. I had never heard of the World Trade Center before September 11, 2001. I remember getting up that morning, walking into the living room and seeing the horrible state that New York City was in on that tragic day. I sat down and watched CNN in horror as terrorists attempted to destroy our country. I was picked up for school at about 8:45 AM. My friend's mother picked my friend and me up about 2 hours later. We went back to her house where we sat in front of the television for nearly six hours, while we watched people jumping out of buildings, firefighters and police risking their lives and people fleeing the scene of the disaster. We were all afraid that we would be the next target of the Al Queda. All of us are still scared, but as a country we will unite and conquer. God Bless America and don't lose hope in the Land of the Free!
Charlotte Russell | 14 | California

#2279 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On September 11, 2001 I was at home. My aunt called our house at about 6:30. I heard my mom saying, “What, what?” Then she turned on the TV. I came into her room to see what was going on, and why my aunt had called so early. When I came in the room, I saw a tall building on fire, and chaos. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that a plane had run into the twin towers. At the time I had no idea how huge this was, and that people would be talking about it forever. It didn’t take long for the first tower to collapse, and the second following its twin. I remember reporting the news to my mom, and her saying, “Oh my god! Oh my god, we’re going to go to war...” It doesn’t scare me that it’s been a year since September 11, 2001; it scares me that it still feels like yesterday.

sandy | 14 | California

#2276 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On September 11, 2001, I woke up and heard about the world trade center from the radio. Then I went to school. I went inside the classroom, and everyone was watching the news, eagerly waiting for more information. In class that day, we were supposed to be doing the SATs. A couple of hours later, parents had come to pick us up and go home.

My dad took me home, and I saw that my Mom was home along with my nephews. My sister was not able to come home because her boss informed her that they were not involved or in danger. I was very worried that day, but at least I was able to spend time with my family.

Joyce Balingit | 14 | California

#2274 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Last year, September 11, 2001, I was at school taking my SAT’s. My parents were really worried about my sister and I safety. Since they had so much concern, my dad had left work and came to pick up me n my sister white we were taking a huge test. When we got home my grandma had been there watching the news. We were just all in amazement when we all heard that the twin towers were gone. We were trying to call our relatives who live in New York, but the call would not go through. Then a few hours later we had heard that my auntie and grandpa could see the actual twin towers fall. Everyone in my family was safe. When my mom came home, she was so glad that we were all ok. At dinner we were all on the phone calling our loved ones. Also at dinner time, we prayed before we ate… for the victims who were in the tragedy.

clarice crisostomo | 14 | California

#2221 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
It was about 6:30 in the morning when I heard what had happened. I had come down stairs and my father was watching the TV. It was still early and they thought that the plane that had flown into one of the towers may have been a freak accident. As I was sitting getting my backpack ready another plane had hit the other tower. My father had said it might be terrorist but I did not believe him. I went to school and had two classes. During advisory, they made an announcement that we were all going to be sent home. The mayor had told the school that since we were so close to San Francisco International airport it was safer for us to go home. We also learned that the towers had collapsed and that another plane had flown into the Pentagon. We all called our parents to come and get us. During the day we watched clips on the news of what was happening in New York. The scenes looked like they were out of a horror movie. That is the experience that I had on September 11, 2001.
Marie | 14 | California

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